Wonder of Wonders! – Barbados Nation News Covers DLP Integrity Legislation Speech

Barbados Media Had Ignored DLP Integrity Legislation Announcement

Last Sunday, DLP candidate and executive member Chris Sinckler spoke at a DLP rally and delivered a major policy position – promising that the DLP will institute Integrity Legislation and ongoing audits of public expenditures.

Although their reporters were present, neither The Nation Newspaper nor the Barbados Advocate chose to even mention the Integrity Legislation policy, and so the people of Barbados – including yours truly – remained unaware that last Sunday, the DLP publically declared that Intergrity Legislation will be a major issue in the forthcoming election…

…Until, of course, the Barbados Free Press published DLP Leader Gives Major Speech – No Mention Of Integrity Legislation, Conflict of Interest Rules etc… on Monday, and then a second article also on Monday, Barbados Free Press Reader Says DLP Meeting Started With Integrity Legislation Speech

Now, after three days of the Barbados Free Press and our readers talking about what happened on the weekend, The Nation News has finally decided that the DLP’s Integrity Legislation might be worth mentioning.

Golly… wonder what happened over at the Nation’s newsroom? Did they just wake up… or like so many others, are the Nation’s editors starting to smell something new in the wind this season?

Barbados Media Ignores Ongoing BLP Government Integrity Scandals

Do you suppose that the Nation News might now start sending some reporters over to the Land Registry to see how a certain Minister of Government came to live on government-expropriated “public housing” land?

Nah… probably too much for the citizens of Barbados to hope that their big old media might actually do some investigative digging about conflicts of interest and such.

Oh well… at least the guys and gals over at The Nation News are starting to smell that new breeze…

From The Nation News (link here)

Dems Promise “Better to Come”

A NEW Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration will be placing greater emphasis on transparency and accountability.

This was the word from Chris Sinckler, who led off his party’s public charge during its political mass meeting on Sunday night in Quakers Road, Carrington Village, St Michael.

He said the DLP would be focusing on measures to combat wastage and squandermania, much of which he claimed had taken place over the past 12 years under the incumbent Barbados Labour Party administration.

Sinckler, a member of the DLP’s executive council, listed projects with problems ranging from GEMS, the flyovers coming for the ABC Highway, to Government’s office complex at Warrens.

He also pointed to both the Urban and Rural Development Commissions as areas where there had not been an efficient application of resources.

It was against this background that Sinckler, who is expected to be the party’s candidate in St Michael North West in the next general election, highlighted three specific things which the Dems would introduce to eliminate these problems.

They would be integrity legislation, an audit for public services (different from the one done by the Auditor-General), and expenditure surveys.

He said integrity legislation was particularly necessary for leaders, while the public services audit would allow for accountability on how resources were spent.

This is a system in place in several African, Asian and Latin American countries. Sinckler added it also helped to build accountability since it would involve both the politicians and technocrats.

With the expenditure surveys, also used in a number of developing countries, there was no need to wait on the Auditor-General to do an annual report, he said. Departments must follow and map expenditure of their various programmes to know how money was spent and if services were delivered.

Since it was not always an issue of money but how service was delivered, Sinckler added it was important to look at procurement rules to ensure transparency.

He said the entire system needed an overhaul – not just a case of throwing more money behind a project, but efficiently allocating resources.

Sinckler, who unsuccessfully contested the St Michael Central seat in the 1999 general election, told his audience that the Dems were on a mission, promising that “better can be done, better is to come.

“This is no time to fool around. I’ve decided to re-enter politics at this level, not to stay in Opposition, but to win.”


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30 responses to “Wonder of Wonders! – Barbados Nation News Covers DLP Integrity Legislation Speech

  1. John

    Have you seen what is happening in St. Vincent with Owen’s buddy Ralph?


  2. rightvwrong

    here is todays news about the riots in Hungary

    “Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, whose taped and leaked comments admitting his government had “lied morning, evening and night” about the economy had provoked the fury said he intended to weather the storm.

    “I’m staying and I’m doing my job. I’m extremely committed to fulfilling my program, fiscal adjustments and reforms,” Gyurcsany told The Associated Press. “I know it’s very difficult for the people, but it’s the only direction for Hungary.”

    well at least in Barbados if you don’t tell the public anything and don’t produce audited statements of Gems etc and talk in generalities, government assumes they are not lying—but make no mistake about it the serious fiscal reform will have to come and it will be bad tasting medecine for all but a select special few who have been salting their unearned money in offshore accounts for the past number of years.

    While it is a good start by the DLP to talk about integrity legislation, will they put real teeth in their platform ie; term limits on the PM, full declaration of all assets directly and indirectly owned by them or their families or friends and more importantly will they promise to diligently and actively pursue, all those politicians, bureaucrats and their friends who have been unjustly enriched by their actions or inactions?

  3. feliz b

    And repatriate the stolen funds now in overseas bank accounts and assets.

  4. Robert Dee

    Excellent speech from Sinckler. He is one of the bright stars of the new DLP line-up of candidates. A regional Trade Specialist he is well positioned to play an important role helping the DLP to win the next election.

    The Democratic Labour Party is demonstrating through its policy positions, spokesmen and women that it can indeed form the next government.

    Thompson and his team are also united in a common purpose to make Barbados a better place to live.

  5. Jihad?

    Repatriate STOLEN funds?
    The wealth of Guyana resides in numbered accounts held secret by The Gnomes of Zurich – or Caymans.
    ALL de thief money from the Caribbean islands remains unaccounted for, and no-one ever seeked its repatriation.
    Nor will it ever happen!
    That simply isn’t how we do it, here in De Wess Indeez.

    Pols steal our stuff, and the best we can do is get them outa office,
    and bring in de nex-nedder set of thiefs!
    Repatriation is simply not on the cards.
    It’s just not how we ‘do Government’ here, sorry.
    Try something else.

  6. felix b

    Jihad?, what happens to the stolen money?

  7. Jupiter

    Guess what readers.Today in the Jamaican Gleaner there is an article on Harold Hoyte publisher of the Nation Newspaper telling the Jamaican media representatives present that they should push for a change in the libel law.While I find that acceptable,shouldn’t home drums beat first.
    What about you clamouring for this change here in Barbados Mr Hoyte.You seek folks it’s in the interest of certain politicians to keep the libel laws as is,because they can then phone up radio stations and newspaper editors and threaten lawsuits and get large ‘out of court’ settlements.

    Not only do we need integrity legislation ’bout here ,but also a Freedom of Information Act,changes to the Libel Law so that in the case especially of the latter media houses can persue their craft breathing easily and without looking over their shoulders,that is if they really wanted to do investigative journalism.

    That’s why I’m not so overjoyed in giving the Nation Group of companies a T.V. license if it is going to mean more of the same of what we are getting ie,a lack of investigation,an ignoring of major issues of corruption concerning the BLP, etc etc.

  8. Jihad?

    What happens to the stolen money?
    What do YOU do with money?
    It gets used to buy stuff, houses, cars, whatever.
    What a silly question!
    I’m not sure I’m even getting what you’re getting at.

  9. ross

    Jihad?, I think Felix B is making the point that the houses, cars and stuff rightfully belong to Bajan taxpayers who paid for them dearly while some of them may have seen their families suffer because of the state of the QEH, had their cars damaged on the bad roads etc. etc.

  10. Robert Dee

    Jupiter, the DLP promised all of those things in their 2003 manifesto and Thompy reaffirmed their intention to enact Integrity legislation, a Freedom of Information Act and review the libel laws.

    The DEMS are on the right path.

  11. Thompy had very little to do with that Manifesto. Thompy had very little to do with the election in 2004. Typical coo coo bird. I am not expecting a new charter, i look forward to the same manifesto but in a less glossy cover. I got my copy and will be comparing it.

  12. John

    It is well known that nobody in Barbados reads the manifestos.

    Peter Wickham’s surveys say so!!

  13. ha ha ha i sey so on many occasions, maybe this is why the David’s Labour Party is thinking of reusing it.

  14. John

    I was just chuckling at the position I remember Adrian took on BLP membership way back as it came back to my mind today.

    I think William was “solliciting” him at the time to become an actual candidate but he refused as he felt he could not be a man and a member of the BLP at the same time!!

    This is why I think attacking Adrian on party affiliation is pointless!!

    In general, it would be far better for a DLP supporter to say why he/she thinks the party he/she supports is great, why he/she would recommend it to someone, what is the driving philosophy which he/she finds is appealing etc. etc.

    When a party supporter concentrates on how awful the other party is or on what the party leader says, or the manifesto for that matter it actually detracts from the party because it makes the supporter seem spineless and lacking individuality and who wants to join him/her, far less his/her party.

    It also says that there is nothing good in his/her party worth speaking about.

    And when a supporter from one party attacks someone who is perceived to be from another party, it really does the party no good as it says the supporter is unable to demonstrate by his/her own example why his/her party is so great.

    I think we can actually learn from Adrian’s position because of its individuality. He needs no party to stand and say what he wants to say.

    If you agree with him fine, if not then deal with his position and show him a different way …. if you can.

  15. Robert Dee

    John, how can one say or demonstrate how good a party is without speaking or writing about its policies, its leader and team? A philosophy cannot stand alone!

    Get real!

  16. Yo!

    Wunnuh TOO like Party Politrix, neh?
    My Tribe vs. Your Tribe!
    6 of 1, half-doz. of the other – wheee!

    Voting is so easy.
    One votes either for change,
    or becoz you ‘like it so’.

    Frankly, we need a change!
    Even a yellow dog will do,
    far less Thompy.

  17. John

    Robert Dee

    I as a poor idiotic ignorant yokel come to listen to you speak about a party, its leader and team.

    You speak at length and do not show me why you have been influenced to see the need to come to speak to me. Did someone pay you to come to me? or are you doing it out of the goodness of your heart?

    You haven’t told me why you, Robert Dee, believe in what you are saying. You tell me about all the wrong things the other guys and gals are doing.

    Along the way you tell me do not listen to somebody who is fervent in his belief in what he has to say.He is just the agent of the other party, the other philosphy.

    As an ignorant yokel I start to think about what the two of you are saying, but my thoughts are informed by your actions and his actions. I come to the conclusion that you Robert Dee, are really the agent, the other guy is the one with the belief in what he says, the philosophy.

    When the leader or party or team fades away, what will you Robert Dee, have to say for yourself?

    I know from hearing the other guy that he has a philosophy which is constant and he will have to fade away for the philosophy to fade away..

    If I wanted to change his philosophy, it would require discussion and thought on both our parts, but it is conceivable that he could change, …. or I could change.

    It would be unreal to think I could engage a party in discussion and reach a common position.

    Guess that is as simple as I can put it.

    Incidentally, my phiosophy is that neither the BLP and DLP have a philosophy. I will vote party, which ever one is in, I will vote it out. I will vote because it is my duty to vote. I will not shirk my duty because the choices are no good.

    If the DLP win this time around, next time I will be voting them out. There is a third party, the PEP in the running too. So I plan to toss a coin on the morning and decide which of the DLP or PEP will get my vote.

    As a poor ignorant yokel, it took me ages to figure it out but when I did, I found that this is the philosophy of people older and wiser than myself, ….. and it is still valid.

    Maybe sometime in the future the parties will see fit to bring a candidate in my costituency who actually has a philosophy of their own and who can tell a poor ignorant yokel like myself what it is and how it fits in with the others in the party they choose to represent.

    Remember, party is an imaginary construct. It is the human beings who have the philosophies. If a party doesn’t allow its members to have differing philosophies and sees the need to attack an individual because he happens to express his philosophy, it isn’t for me.

    Think about how you put across your message.

  18. Robert Dee

    John, I grant you that a philosophy is fundamental to everything action or thought. Why we do what we do.

    I can tell you that I support the DLP because it expounds a philosophy of “A Fair Share for All”; “Every man or woman should be given the opportunity to reach their true potential, regardless of circumstance”; “the building of a Just society.”

    Those principles form part of the bulwark of the philosophical moorings that underpin the polices and programmes of the Democratic Labour Party party. There is more.

    But the poor yokel in the City would be happy if we demonstrate our commitment to the “small man” by building houses for the poor. If we not only say we believe in free education, but by implementing it, we give the poor child the same opportunity to reach his/her potential as the rich child.

    After all the long talk, people want something tangible. You have to give life to your beliefs. I can tell you what I believe in, what I stand for, but any poor yokel would expect me to deliver, in order to convince them I am true to my philosophy.

    So it is with any political party. They have to deliver on their promises and they must first tell people what it is they will do, and convince them they have the will and way to get it done.

    I done philosophising; I got work to do!

  19. John: I don’t know what to say to you. I have become so accustomed to persons not understanding my lotta long talk, not attempting to read my diatribe and willingness to point me in another direction, that after a while i began to believe that what i believe is the truth or so close to the truth that no one wants to touch it. Forgive me if I seem unprepared to respond your comments that are seemly in favour of my INDEPENDENT POLICAL POSITION, as i don’t have any best practices from which i can draw a response. I am hearten to know that what i thought all along to be a wilderness laid bare of any clarity on our political landscape has another Human being besides myself. Let us light a bon fire to keep ourselves warm and to signal to others out there that they are not alone, and that a great community of understanding, and enlightenment, awaits those who will only see things as they are. Our system of government cannot deliver the promises that both parties recycle every election cycle.

  20. Velzo

    There is a vast, vast difference between John and Adrian in my view. John is a gentleman who is not interested in peddling peoples personal business and peeping up under himself. John appears to be a confident professional who understands issues and has creative ideas. John is humble and not arrogant in the expression of his views.

    Adrian is a paid hack. Simple.

    I see the divide and the difference. And, if I were you John, I would be quick to disown him and stake a claim for your independence of B,D,P and Adrian.

  21. Join in comments only Velzo. I cannot join a party or start a new one. I know my limitations, I do not work well with others, so I am not advocating for John to join me in anything other than the exercise of independent thinking, and you are right I am unique, not caring to be the things or the opposites to the things you ascribe to me; why am i talking to someone’s doppelganger, anyway???? it’s about now that TB will enter. What’s in a DLP win for you? what is your share of the fatted calf?

  22. Velzo

    Its for my children and grand-children. I don’t want Barbados to be a colony again.

  23. The fatted calf? all for your children? you aint gine spend none of it?

  24. Cupid is on the right path. Those who by their actions, continue to demonstrate their committment to their constituencies will be rewarded time and time again as the people’s representative, and increasingly so inspite of political party.

    Here is what i said about Hammie Lah, post removal from his ministry.
    Feb 22 2006, 10:27 AM
    “Barbados would wish that we forget that they were very critical of Lashley over the “ackee tree” affair , over the misguided use of public money to pay off people’s rents, mortgage etc, they all called for Lashley to go, now that he has, they are all crying foul. The PM knows that the entitlement philosophy that Lashley practice so effectively has led to him becoming in a sense an independent member of parliament who signs on to the government of the day, not to get elected, for he has demonstrated that he can get elected on his own strength, but to get access to public funds to continue his social practices. To fall out of favour with Lashley is to lose that seat in the next election, and it is almost certain that the DLP will increase it’s wins next time around, every seat will count.


    Published on: 9/22/06.

    by Melissa Wickham

    Too many poor people are being denied help because of their political affiliations.

    That’s the view of Government’s Advisor on Poverty Alleviation Hamilton Lashley, who has given notice that if he has to partner with members of the Opposition to stamp out poverty, he will.

    Lashley, the first Minister of Social Transformation in a Barbados Labour Party Administration that has been in power since 1994, and leader of Government’s poverty eradication effort from 1999 to 2006, was speaking after assessing a severe case of poverty in Clapham, Christ Church, yesterday.

    He said his department was trying to correct the situation by partnering with “even” members of the Opposition to eradicate poverty once and for all, since helping the poor transcended all political parties and boundaries.

    And as if to prove he was a man to his word, he announced that he and Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for Christ Church West, Taan Abed, would be working together to help a family of three who have been living without a roof since Hurricane Ivan in September, 2004.

    “At this particular time, Barbadians can be very fickle, particularly when they see a candidate from one particular party.

    “I believe that both political parties should work together on the poverty eradication programme so that we can give the necessary assistance to the poor across Barbados.

    “I am very happy to see at least one Opposition candidate, Mr Abed, who by the way, is my very good friend, long before politics. We can work together to bring relief to this particular family,” he told the WEEKEND NATION.

    Speaking to the media, Abed said he was in politics “to serve the poor people of Barbados” and thanked the DLP for giving him a chance to do so.

    Lashley said his unit was looking at some of the worst cases of poverty on the island and was trying to deal with them in a practical way. But because of the slow bureaucracy and red tape involved, the only way to achieve this was through partnerships, he said.

    His office, he explained, acted as a co-ordinating agency with other departments to fast-track the delivery of social services. But its aim was not to take over the role of other agencies like the Urban Development Commission, Rural Development Commission or the National Housing Corporation.

    The Carrying Out The Promise programme was started two months ago by his office and has identified 60 people living in impoverished conditions.

    So far, 40 have received help and another 11 projects are currently ongoing.

    Lashley said he was happy with the response to the programme from private individuals and corporate Barbados.

    “Barbadians are beginning to understand what some politicians fail to understand; that poverty cuts across colour, class, creed and political parties,” he said.

    Velzo/TB political diehardism is a dying activity, some say only the stupid cling to it. 😀

  25. John

    Robert Dee

    Don’t be stuck on building houses for the poor. If we have screwed up our water supply there won’t be much point in that.

    You see the Belle is to get a treatment plant, the sewage on the south coast is to be reused etc. We have screwed up our natural resources by not understanding them and seeking to make a fast dollar. Trouble is that dollar is not enough to fix them back and besides, its long gone.

    Why not make everyone, including the poor yokel rich in understanding and confidence and and let them find their own way, independently of any party.

    They can you know, independently of D, B or P!! Guess that’s what scares the parties out of their wits.

    I have seen enough in my life to know that parties up till now have been the parasites in this society. But there is just so much in the box called Barbados and it isn’t going to be enough to support them as they currently operate. There is no fatted calf ripe for the taking.

    We are in for interesting times ahead.

    May God help us, the parties haven’t got a clue.

    …… oh yeah, I don’t plan on joining Adrian in making a new party. Just want to recognise what he is saying and point out that attacks on people because of what they think leads to trouble.

    …. and one last thing Velzo, I enjoy being independent. Barbados has been since 1651 …. Errol Barrow said so!! ….. and that independence was bought with blood.

    Independent people don’t need parties …. and don’t beg. They are thrifty, self reliant, fiercely individualistic, will walk if they don’t have a bicycle, don’t need Beemers, are industrious and proud etc … a bit like how Barbadians used to be way back when.

  26. John

    “Its for my children and grand-children. I don’t want Barbados to be a colony again.”


    The independence you speak of is very much of the mind and I say Bajans have been independent from the first set who landed here in 1627.

    However, there is physical independence, or dependence. An example is drug addiction. There is another kind of physical dependence which I think your party should address. It relates to water.

    Do you realise that there will in all likelihood be a monopoly in water supply, just like electricity and telephone, very soon?

    Every single public water supply well in Barbados is impacted by the “development” taking place. If Belle requires treatment, the technology is no longer simply pumps and some chlorination but it will be far more sophisticated.

    Do you realise that the interests that benefit from the intense development which cause the need for this treatment are the same interests that will in all likelihood provide a solution?

    An individual can determine if he/she will be mentally dependent or independent but physical dependence or independence is a different matter.

    Go look at the water situation if you are interested in your children and grand children’s future.

  27. John

    “I can tell you that I support the DLP because it expounds a philosophy of “A Fair Share for All”; “Every man or woman should be given the opportunity to reach their true potential, regardless of circumstance”; “the building of a Just society.” ”

    Robert Dee

    I wonder if these words make a philosophy or are no more than party slogans.

    Some of the philosophies/slogans I recall expounded by the various parties have been:

    How long is too long if it’s good?

    No tricks in ’76.

    More licks in ’76

    Job no. 1 is jobs.

    It would be interesting if someone with a better memory than mine could list the philosophies/slogans expounded by the various parties since “independence”.

    We no longer hear any of them noised abroad!!

    They are as dead as can be.

  28. Velzo

    John, you are a little too cynical. Although in many respects you are right. A party is just a collection of individuals. They are not born on Mars or Pluto. They are usually citizens of the country where the party exists. Your comments strike at human nature as a whole not just the party system.

    As to Adrian, I have to ask, “what are you saying Amen to?” Surely when one reads you and Hindsight and Sweetcakes (one and the same) on this and the BLP blog, you have taken the opposite stance. You are totally and outrageously inconsistent!

  29. Velzo I don’t think so in fact i know so. I am now sweatcakes????? I think the only other persons besides myself and John who have reflected on our system of government for what it really is, is Leonard St.Hill. Anyone who may have followed my postings since ’93 can tell you that i am very consistent. I am not and have never been partisan. My understanding of mixed governments would not allow me to be, but my love of blood sports like politics makes me long for the silly season, where i will be active in the silliness of it all. You are mixing up my believe that mix governments such as ours is the real culprit the real reason for the corruption and lack of responsibilty etc. and my love of the silly season to your own confusion.

    Search http://www.Barbadosforum.com for posting by Adrian.