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Barbados Free Press Reader Says DLP Meeting Started With Integrity Legislation Speech

Ok folks, as we mentioned in our article yesterday, we weren’t at the DLP meeting on the weekend and so relied upon both the Nation Newspaper and the DLP’s website itself. Based upon those reports, we didn’t hear anything about Integrity Legislation being mentioned at the DLP meeting.

Original article… DLP Leader Gives Major Speech – No Mention Of Integrity Legislation, Conflict of Interest Rules etc…

We also made it clear that we weren’t at the meeting and asked if anyone could provide further information.

Trueblue, a regular BFP reader and commenter, posted the following..

The meeting started with a speech by Chris Sinckler on accountability in which he dealt with integrity legislation, the contractor general’s role and a services audit of government contracts. He made specific reference to David Thompson’s pledges in that regard.

He was the speaker obviously assigned to deal with the matter from the beginning! You guys need to get out there and get the facts.

I am a bit surprised at BFP. Why does Thompy’s speech have to deal with it on the first night? Sinckler had already dealt extensively with it. The fact that the Nation did not report it is because it only reported one speech. Don’t you guys get it? I sympathise with Adrian. He is a paid party hack. But I think the other contributors are on the ball.

Do you want everything in one night?

Thanks, Trueblue – but go a little easy on us. We couldn’t be at the meeting ’cause the little one was feeling unfairly – but we are pleased that Integrity Issues were mentioned even if it didn’t make it into either the newspaper or the DLP’s website.

Maybe you could write a more detailed article for us? We’d sure appreciate it, and the pay is great! Shona will buy you a beer on Friday. Deal?


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