DLP Leader Gives Major Speech – No Mention Of Integrity Legislation, Conflict of Interest Rules etc…

According to The Nation News, Opposition Leader David Thompson “went to town” on the Government last night during a major speech to supporters. (link here)

I wasn’t there, but various BFP readers and some DLP supporters had been speculating that Mr. Thompson would pick up on the integrity problems of the current government and introduce a code of conduct for the DLP.

According to both The Nation News and the DLP website (link here), the issue of conflict of interest and integrity legislation was never raised by Thompson last night.

If we are wrong here, someone please let us know… but we are thinking that our previous article might be accurate…

DLP Leader Calls For Integrity Legislation In Barbados – But Dos He Really Mean It?


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31 responses to “DLP Leader Gives Major Speech – No Mention Of Integrity Legislation, Conflict of Interest Rules etc…

  1. rightvwrong

    Why do you suppose after a year since sweeping in with his slate of representatives at the last DLP general meeting that David Thompson has done absolutely nothing in terms of leadership???

    One can only assume that he has sold out and the fix is in. There will be no change, no accountability and things will stay the same.

    After all, those in power are all his pals especially the lawyers, judges and politicians. There can’t be much motivation to change what you are very much part of? Fundamental change will have to come from somewhere else.

  2. BK

    The DLP obviously has a strategy which will roll out in the coming months. You dont expect that all the issues will be made known after one meeting?

  3. I want to raise the flooring on which many of you in this audience stand.
    I want to bring ordinary Barbadians in from the cold.
    I want these hills and fields beyond recall to once again be your very own

    . I want to end the alienation and hopelessness of our young people.

    I want to restore confidence and pride to our citizens.
    “I want to rebuild morale in the public service.

    I want a revamped social services programme that will take better care of our elderly.
    I want to make school and education more meaningful and relevant to our children.
    I want to create and sustain a more fair and just Barbados


    These sounds like promises to me. No details just promises.

    Prior to the meeting and on CBC news Richard Sealy said that person will be able to have documentation outlining the DLP policies and plan, he did not call it a manifesto he could it a “document” where any documents handed out last night?

    “We will not only be criticizing the government people will have a document to take home outlining the Dlp plans.” Richard Sealy.

    ….when Thomy say he want to bring in Bajans from de cold….living in de Northeast U.S. i got excited. 😀

  4. John

    I was told Robin Williams had this to say about politicians: They should be changed like diapers, regularly and for the same reason.

    We should have been keeping them moving and guessing from ever since. Once they settle, we are the ones left to do the guessing.

  5. Andrew

    Hey man, do you expect him to tell everything last night?? And trust me, there are lots to tell.

    After all there are meetings down to Independence and any sensible leader wouldn’t want to peak too early.

  6. ross

    “any sensible leader wouldn’t want to peak too early”. Peak? Accountability and integrity are first and foremost in the minds of right thinking Bajans. Start with these if you want people to listen.

  7. ross,

    I am sure you will be hardpressed to find any winning election strategy (in any country at any time in history) that has been led by a concern for accountability and integrity. these are never bread and butter issues. I am not saying that A&I are not important nor am I saying that people want dishonest politicians. Of course not. It is just that these aren’t the issues on which elections turn. The average voter is still for the most part concerned with issues of economics (can I feed and clothe my family), health (can I look after them if they fall ill?), education (can I ensure a better future for my young ones?), and housing (can I put a roof over their heads?). These are the issues that get voters to listen first and foremost. A&I brings up the rare.

    So I wouldn’t expect to hear anything but the occasional soundbite about A&I from either party. Admittedly this is sad for “right thinking Bajans” – in which category I boldly put myself :o) – but that is just how things are.

  8. rightvwrong

    While it is true that you don’t want to peak too early before an election call, most elections are decided when the people want a party out of office out at all cost.

    One can’t help but conclude that David Thompson has his royal chaise at home waiting to be drafted by a fed up electorate. Platitudes, generalities and waving to his public is about all we are going to get.

    A real leader with substance and principles needs to appear, stay the course and implement fundamental reform from the top on down.

  9. BK

    A real leader knows when and where and the last time I checked the template cannot be purchased from any shop. Cut the guy some slack. He was quiet obviously marshalling his troops and doing the much needed housekeeping. Now it seems as a party it is about to go on the offensive, let us see how it plays out in the coming weeks before we start blowing the much tired party line.


  10. ross

    You know what is amazing? That for 12 years integrity and accountability were not an issue until now elections are in the air.

    Do not hold your breath if you expect things to change.

  11. BK: A real leader knows when and where and the last time I checked the template cannot be purchased from any shop. Cut the guy some slack. He was quiet obviously marshalling his troops and doing the much needed housekeeping. Now it seems as a party it is about to go on the offensive, let us see how it plays out in the coming weeks before we start blowing the much tired party line.

    So is the above not be seen as a party line too? No Slack for anyone including your chosen horse in this race. What is obvious to you is not so to me I am on the de outside and not necessarily looking it.

    When Thompy says he is concern about people buying elections and calling in the favours later, who is he talking about? Did he not say that he will need 3 million to wage the next election? where is this money coming from? is there any truth to the rumoured relationship between him and Leroy Parris? or is only saying that Leroy will not be able to influence him?

  12. Adrian, why don’t you leave David Thompson alone? You nor the BLP cronies will decide when nor what he ahs to say, he will determine that himself. The DLP ahd an excellent meeting last nite. Who are the Directors of Al Barrack company, that is what we in Bim want to know. You cannot stop Thomy, so go and relax. Thank you.

  13. Andrew

    Yeah BajeGirl, I want to know what is (was?) the relationship between Barrack and the ruling party too. Who are the directors and what are the details of the tender for that contract i.e who else tendered; was Barrack’s the best, or was there some sort of croneyism involved.

    Furthermore if Sir Richard Cheltenham is correct in saying that NHC paid no attention during arbitration, I want to know if/when heads are going to roll . Or is this going to be another one of those coverups with nary a Bajan saying a bloody word in their country’s defence

  14. Trueblue

    The meeting started with a speech by Chris Sinckler on accountability in which he dealt with integrity legislation, the contractor general’s role and a services audit of government contracts. He made specific reference to David Thompson’s pledges in that regard.

    He was the speaker obviously assigned to deal with the matter from the beginning! You guys need to get out there and get the facts.

    I am a bit surprised at BFP. Why does Thompy’s speech have to deal with it on the first night? Sinckler had already dealt extensively with it. The fact that the Nation did not report it is because it only reported one speech. Don’t you guys get it? I sympathise with Adrian. He is a paid party hack. But I think the other contributors are on the ball.

    Do you want everything in one night?

  15. Velzo

    You guys are right to stick on the corruption and accountability issue but there are issues out there that worry us even more. We have heard one meeting from the DLP out of seven. It was a terrific start by any standards. It shows that the DLP – despite the first comment here – is on its way and we can input through this medium.

    The 2003 DLP Manifesto has not been repudiated. It promised integrity laws -what more do you (and I don’t mean Adrian because he is a waste of his parents’ efforts) want??

    Sinckler and Estwick stuck to the accountability issue and put their cards on the table. Estwick even said that some of them want locking up and I agree.

    I am sure the Dems must be reading these comments and they will do what they have to do.

  16. banned

    Give us ALL a break. David, Mia, David are lawyers. All of them. Owen is history surely. Integrity pitted against personal ingratiation, is there really a choice in that profession?

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  18. BK

    the record of the BLP is recent years with the wanton wastage at a time when the country is crying out e.g.GEMS, Greenland, NHC buildings, Urban, Flyovers, non delivery of cheap housing, inappropriate behaviour by Ministers in government and their minions and the list goes on. No wonder the ppl are crying out for an alternative. I dont think ppl will wholesale support the DLP but they are looking on hoping and praying that they can move to a cohesive unit.

  19. TB you cannot make the “party hack” cap fit me. poor Velzo, all you have is a ton of Bajan put downs, do you think they are having an effect?

    BK: I agree with you about all those things, what i disagree with is the belief that these things will be remedied by a simple change of government. How many more elections do Barbadians need to realize that curruption and greed is not only the result of the person in power but also is the result of the system of government we use? So this exercise of picking a government in this current system is but a waste…..all we will get are promises and no real systems to ensure that what we voted for has a chance in hell of being implemented. In this regard i will continue to pick sides, support and tear down whomever when the evidence, and the facts suggest it is needed and right. Truth be told in all of my previous comments on your site leading up to the Mascoll controversy i was in the camp of change, uh mean how could one not be, I was leading the charge in pointing out the failings of this BLP government, I was one of the first person to point out the contents in the IMF consultations, but I was so smitten by my own understanding of the treatment Mascoll recieved, and I didn’t think he should have gone over to the BLP, but i was angered to the point of willingly dismissing some of my best arguments against the BLP. I honestly don’t have an instructive set of opinions against Thompy, to do so is to betray my fairly substantial reading of his pass opinions. Anyway i pick my horse and i gine ride um tuh de end. 😀 I backing the BLP in the next election although such a win threathens to saddle Barbados with a Prime Minster Mia Mottley, Portia Simpson style, god help us all it that happens. 😀 What a field day i will have with her as PM, I almost selfishly want her to be PM. Oh dear Robert is going to be piss again.

  20. John says:I was told Robin Williams had this to say about politicians: They should be changed like diapers, regularly and for the same reason.

    We should have been keeping them moving and guessing from ever since. Once they settle, we are the ones left to do the guessing.

    So true, the only way Barbados is going to be assured it gets the parliamentary and governmental reforms it badly needs is to recycle these “honourable men and women” every five years. Party diehardism like todays major religions is hold us back.

  21. cat eyes

    Adrian,you need credible sources. And you need to be a bit more balanced if you wish to remain credible to others on this site.
    Richard Sealy said that LATER on in the series, he, as leader of the series of meetings, would hope to have printed matter with “information that people can take away.” When you jump on in your haste to criticise, you make mistakes. Remember Gran Gran saying “Haste makes waste.” Your haste will make reading you a waste of time for me.
    Ross, as was mentioned on this site earlier, and I checked, accountability was mentioned in the DLP’s 2003 Manifesto, and was beaten to death in parliament 2004-2005.
    Thompson also said at the meeting that when you view pixes of the BLP Annual Conference audiences you can see the largest collection of crimminals in one place outside of Harrison Point.
    His speech followed David Estwick and Chris Sinckler who were obviously briefed to speak on accountablity and integrity. Freundel Stuart also spoke on those topics.
    BFP you did right to ask for backing on your story since there are some contributors who would deliberately seek to mislead you. What would be safer is if you do not lead with a story until you shout out for , and receive verification.
    Adrian, it is good to see you back after your long, and noticeable virtual silence and absence during the
    Warrens and Gline Clarke debate. I noticed that did have time for the BLP site during that period.
    The Dems have obviously done some huddling. It was very evident at that meeting. You also heard speakers reinforcing their support for Thompson and the party.
    What is interesting is that the next day Atherley announces that the PM sent a message to say his meetings are starting next weekend, in an obvious reactionary defensive move. He did not send congrats to Cupid, the winner of the nomination contest Atherley was attending. Cupid was the candidate Owen did not want. But when you move in haste, you make mistakes, and he needs to settle his differences with Mia and her faction, since I heard some Bees at the Sunday night meeting saying they heard she is planning to form her own party. She, unlike Clyde is not broke nor lickrish, and she does not need to join anybody else’s party for scraps and bad treatment. She has money and she has a following. Owen is in decline, and there are many in that party who see him as the weight that will sink their ship. She is seen as the beacon in the distance on the rough seas they are traversing right now. He has no intentions of handing over to her and is being spiteful to besides. According to Thompson, she and Liz now have half day Ministries. So Adrian go back over onto the red blog and attend to those issues.

  22. Rumplestilskin

    Hopefully the DLP will address currency concerns i.e. what they plan to do if they arrive in Gov’t before/ after what is expected (planned?)by some people to be coming right after CWC 2007 , a devaluation of the Barbados dollar to EC equivalent.

    Will Thommo have to do like Sandi (after inheriting an economic mess from the previous admin), refuse to devalue and instead cut salaries….?

    Ironic, huh?

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  24. Robert Dee

    The Democratic Labour Party demonstrated a united front on Sunday night. You could see that the meeting was planned and speakers had their assignments.

    Thompy is leading from the front but he is also making sure his candidates get to put the party’s position on critical issues.

    The talk about Integrity legislation was refreshing to the ears of those of us who care about accountabilty and transparency.

    Keep up the good work DEMS!

  25. Robert Dee

    Talking about transparency. I heard Dr. Estwick ask the following questions on Sunday night:

    What is the situation with the financing of Operation Freeflow (the flyovers)?

    Is it still a BOLT (build operate lease transfer) project or is government financing it?

    The original plan was for a BOLT arrangement which meant there was no need for a tendering process and parliamentary approval, but if the project is government financed – we heard from Minister Clarke that government was drawing down $20 million – then all the financial rules would have been broken.

    This is not the first time Dr. Estwick has asked the questions, he did so in parliament. Up to now no answers. This is another $140 million, people!

    Maybe this is another job for the journalistic sleuths at BFP!

  26. John

    BOLT is such a perfect name for these kinds of projects.

    Sounds like sombody is BOLT-ing with the money

  27. Robert Dee

    Good one John!
    The Dems need to promise to BOLT the prison doors with a couple of those guilty of tiefing the public money.

  28. BK

    as far as i am aware it is a BOLT

  29. Trueblue

    You can’t make a man talk if he doesn’t want to. But Adrian has now BOLTed once again.

  30. ha ha ha Trueblue: you have a strange way of saying you missed me. Yuh see i can’t get de chance tuh sey de same fuh you , cause everytime i think you are not going to enter the forum Velzo does show up and make me shelve muh comment for another day. 😀

    The DLP integritiy legislation comments are no more than a ploy to get elected, there is election politics and there is politics after an election. To my mind all comments now about integrity legislation will not be taken seriously. This has been declared the “Mother of all elections” a little white lie aint gine kill nuhbody, it gine be tit, for tac and butter for fat. This is clearly Butter folks. Don’t gih way your vote for a lil white lie coated in Butter, it aint a fair exchange. 😀

  31. helping out

    Adrian, I sent you a message today –
    Adrian, Angela Cole/Tatanka Yotanka – I have heard that you may be able to find her books on http://www.smallshop.com/shopping