CARICOM – The Rule Of Unintended Consequences

CARICOM, the actualization of a philosophy of a Caribbean Community, is intended to unite our economic and social spheres into one more-powerful entity promoting a more free exchange of people, ideas and commerce.

Sounds good!

But what are we to do about Abdullah el-Faisal and his kind? Shall we allow the free exchange of Abdullah el-Faisal’s ideas and his presence in Barbados?

From Carib Pundit

Jamaica-born jihadist Abdullah el-Faisal is soon to be released from a British jail where he has been for incitement to racial hatred and solicitation of murder. The Brits are going to deport el-Faisal back to Jamaica where he’ll be free to run Islamic terrorist training camps—his specialty cuz he’s very influential amongst wanna-be and actual homicide bombers.

Jamaica, already with a high crime rate, cannot afford the luxury of having el-Faisal run free in that country. Their best bet is to imprison and isolate him for the sake of the public good. If they don’t, Jamaica will become one huge terrorist training camp, and violence in that country will increase.


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8 responses to “CARICOM – The Rule Of Unintended Consequences

  1. JBL767

    When crazed Christians hijack airliners full of people and crash them into buildings to promote Jesus, I’ll listen to the equivilancy arguments.

    (soory for the spelling having a late nite)

  2. Lady Anon

    Not wanting to promote religious debate but we have been having conflict in the name of Christianity for hundreds of years, JBL767.

    My concern is that if this proves to be true, which it probably is, not only Jamaicans are at risk. We have a great number of youth in this region who are disillusioned and Abdullah el-Faisal poses a threat not only to Jamaica, but to the region as a whole.

  3. JBL767

    Lady Anon “…we have been having conflict in the name of Christianity for hundreds of years, JBL767.”

    See what I mean? Instantly someone will post something about Islam being the same as Christianity yada yada yada. I thought I would make the point off the start that they religions are not the same.

    Disaffected youths who embrace Jesus go down one path and exhibit certain behavioural changes. Those who embrace Mohammed go down another path and exhibit a totally different set of behavioural changes.

    Same disaffected youth. Different book.

  4. JBL767

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Pope insults Muslims = Muslims kill, burn, rampage.

    Hollywood Insults Jesus (Take Your Pick Of Movies) = Christians Pray & Write Letters.

    Today’s story…

    Muslims Kill Italian Nun – Nurse – At Children’s Hospital In Somalia. All Nuns Told To Leave By Gunmen

    MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Gunmen killed an Italian nun at a children’s hospital in Mogadishu on Sunday in an attack that drew immediate speculation of links to Muslim anger over the Pope’s recent remarks on Islam.

    The Catholic nun’s guard also died from pistol shots in the latest attack on foreign personnel in volatile Somalia.

    The assassinations were a blow to Mogadishu’s new Islamist rulers’ attempt to prove they have pacified one of the world’s most lawless cities since chasing out warlords in June.


    One top Islamist source told Reuters there was “a very high possibility” the attack was linked to controversy over a recent speech by
    Pope Benedict which angered Muslims who thought it showed their religion to be innately violent.

    A senior Somali cleric interviewed by reporters could not provide any further clues behind the motive for the shooting, but said the Pope’s comments cast Islam in the wrong light.

    “The Pope’s sentiments are part of the wrong misinterpretation against Islam by America,
    Israel, Britain and Russia,” Sheikh Nur Barud, a senior Somali cleric said. “They insult the Muslim world, kill Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, their leader is (U.S. President George W.) Bush and the Pope is part of it.”

  5. Irreligious!

    Frankly, religions and their ‘coping mechanism’ HeadGames
    are a human scourge on the face of this planet,
    to the point of becoming a serious problem,planetary-health-wise!

    I’d ban the entire lot of them,
    and re-educate ppl that
    Pretending There’s An Afterlife
    is simply kidding yerself.

    NOthing has held back Mankind’s advancement like religions have.

    In order to keep control over the sheep we’ve become, it is in Religion’s and in Control’s best interests
    to keep us fearful and ignorant,
    believeing all kinda stupidness.
    And the strategy works well on the vast masses of asses.

    If you need a hobby, by all means do so, but don’t turn idiot beliefs into a sort of weird “reality”
    by convincing yourself
    and your poor children
    that your beliefs are real.

    Welcome to the Religious War,
    now to run for the duration of your grandchildren’s lives
    – “Crusades Two,The Sequel”.


  6. BFP

    But, Irreligious…

    Never mind religion.

    What about God?

  7. God.

    I’m cool with human concepts.
    I exist, but I have my doubts about what you simple-minded humans are doing with your belief systems.

    I’m out here, holding myself back ‘in Observer status’ for now.
    Actually, I’m female, but for now I let slide the Male Machismo image you lot have of me.

    Don’t bother me again,sonny.

  8. Out There in Bim


    Heard some disturbing comments tonight about a greater number than the 25,000 guyanese on the island.Heard also that they are getting ID cards which look similar to our bajan ones and this could possibly be used during the elction.

    BFP could you get some more info on this for us out here?And by the way why didn’t we get a new post from you today?

    I’m very concerned about this non-national issue and the implications for Barbados.For one thing it could mean that persons with no allegiance,loyalty or love for this country could vote in bloc and charter or change the course of this sweet Bim in a direction our forefathers fought against.

    Cat Eyes and Velzo any news as to the Dlp’s position on the above?