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DLP Leader Gives Major Speech – No Mention Of Integrity Legislation, Conflict of Interest Rules etc…

According to The Nation News, Opposition Leader David Thompson “went to town” on the Government last night during a major speech to supporters. (link here)

I wasn’t there, but various BFP readers and some DLP supporters had been speculating that Mr. Thompson would pick up on the integrity problems of the current government and introduce a code of conduct for the DLP.

According to both The Nation News and the DLP website (link here), the issue of conflict of interest and integrity legislation was never raised by Thompson last night.

If we are wrong here, someone please let us know… but we are thinking that our previous article might be accurate…

DLP Leader Calls For Integrity Legislation In Barbados – But Dos He Really Mean It?


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CARICOM – The Rule Of Unintended Consequences

CARICOM, the actualization of a philosophy of a Caribbean Community, is intended to unite our economic and social spheres into one more-powerful entity promoting a more free exchange of people, ideas and commerce.

Sounds good!

But what are we to do about Abdullah el-Faisal and his kind? Shall we allow the free exchange of Abdullah el-Faisal’s ideas and his presence in Barbados?

From Carib Pundit

Jamaica-born jihadist Abdullah el-Faisal is soon to be released from a British jail where he has been for incitement to racial hatred and solicitation of murder. The Brits are going to deport el-Faisal back to Jamaica where he’ll be free to run Islamic terrorist training camps—his specialty cuz he’s very influential amongst wanna-be and actual homicide bombers.

Jamaica, already with a high crime rate, cannot afford the luxury of having el-Faisal run free in that country. Their best bet is to imprison and isolate him for the sake of the public good. If they don’t, Jamaica will become one huge terrorist training camp, and violence in that country will increase.


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CIA Says Population of Barbados – 279,912

The CIA World FactBook says that the population of Barbados in July, 2006 is an estimated 279,912.

The Government of Barbados website last posts a population of 270,000.

Barbados Free Press total visitors as of 00.01hrs GMT, September 15, 2006 is 303,346.

Just thought it might be worth mentioning.




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