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Barbados as a Tourist Destination Changes from Idyllic to Authentic – But What Does That Mean?

Our friend and fellow Bajan blogger “eemanee” writes at What Crazy Looks Like Blog – and wonders about the new Barbados Tourism slogan “Barbados – Experience the Authentic Caribbean”…

Authentically Bajan?

So we’ve moved from selling ourselves as a paradise more idyllic than one could imagine to an authentic experience?

But what do they really mean?

In a country where at least anually (always around Crop Over) we debate what is true Barbadian culture and what is not and whether we even have a culture of our own, a land where concrete roads and industrial areas have eaten up the little green there was to begin with, where despite how many other people’s languages you may be able to speak use of Nation Language will automatically mark you as uneducated, where one of our most popular and state-endorsed artists is really a bootleg wannabe Jamaican with a nauseating, fake accent, what do they really mean by authentic?

…read the rest at What Crazy Looks Like blog.

Here is a Nation News article about the change…

Barbados now has a new slogan- Barbados – Experience The Authentic Caribbean.
– Thanks to Global Voices Barbados for the tip.


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