Royal Navy Sinks Ship & One Billion In Cocaine Off Barbados Coast


Her Majesty’s Royal Navy Auxilliary Wave Ruler In Action Off Coast

A gang of Caribbean drug runners was forced to scuttle its own boat – and $500m* of cocaine – after it was spotted by the Royal Navy.

The suspected smugglers sank their fishing boat and set fire to its cargo off the coast of Barbados after the Wave Ruler swooped on them.

The fishing boat is thought to have been carrying up to five tonnes of cocaine.

Ten suspected smugglers were arrested by US Coastguard officers during the operation.

The Ministry of Defence said it could have carried out one of the biggest drug busts of all time.

…read the rest of the story at Fox News (link here).

Good work, Navy!


Royal Navy Fleet Auxilliary Wave Ruler website (link here)

* Apparently, that was $500 million pounds, so over US$1 Billion. Reference (link here)


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8 responses to “Royal Navy Sinks Ship & One Billion In Cocaine Off Barbados Coast

  1. honeybee

    I think the value is estimated at 500m pounds sterling! 65m pounds worth floated to the surface.

  2. Anonymous

    Somebody is going to be a little out-of-pocket, wouldn’t you say?

    Where are they holding the 10 people who were arrested?

    Will we see this story in tomorrow’s Nation and Advocate newspapers and will they follow up on the story and give us more information?

  3. Disposable Arts

    Now our fish gonna be high…

  4. honeybee

    Today’s Nation did an excellent job of reporting this story. Good work Nation!!

  5. honeybee

    I am curious about the route this huge drug shipment was taking to get to Britain and Europe which is where we are told it was going. Aren’t Barbados waters a bit off route? Can anyone enlighten me?

  6. BK

    well with the hightened monitoring in the N.Caribbean transhipments point further south are being sought. as you know the USA is one of the biggest markets for this shit so the americans need to intercept before it hits their shores.

  7. qrxt

    the vessel may have been headed for a GPS rendezvous in the Atlantic,somewhere..
    – or headed for Bermuda?
    (need a lotta fuel for that high up..)
    ..en route to Europe, not N.America.

  8. jinx oo7

    for heavens sake just legalize the whole lot and let “nature take its course”… the planet will be better off without such addicts who terrorize, steal from and murder innocent earthlings……
    It´s the parents who need to wake up and actually start parenting instead of partying!