Corruption Defined – But Not In Barbados


A reader pointed out that under St. Lucia’s Integrity Legislation, Barbados Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke would not be able to shield himself behind the fact that the home where he lives has been put into the name of his “special friend” – who is in reality his defacto wife.

For more information on the Barbados Government’s silence on the Gline Clarke Conflict of Interest Scandal, check out our HOT ISSUES section. (Link Here).

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Thanks to our reader Biscoe for directing our attention to St. Lucia’s Integrity Legislation, which at least defines corrupt behaviour by Public Officials.

In Barbados, despite twelve years of power, the Government of Prime Minister Owen Arthur has refused to implement Integrity Legislation. Without even a basic legal definition of corruption, elected officials in Barbados can do pretty much what they like without fear of being held accountable in law.

…. but, of course, Prime Minister Owen Arthur already knows that.

Definition of Awkward – “Prime Minister Owen Arthur Trying to Implement Integrity Legislation”

St. Lucia’s Definition of Corruption…


The Integrity in Public Life Act, No. 6 of 2004, also has several new provisions, one of them being the inclusion of behaviour defined as “corruption”. This legislation was enacted by this Government in 2004. Let us look at some examples of corrupt behaviour.

A person in public life commits an act of corruption if:

(a) He or she solicits or accepts, whether directly or indirectly, any article or money or other benefit, being a gift, favour, promise or advantage for himself or herself or another person for doing any act or omitting to do any act in the performance of his or her official functions or causing any other person to do so or omit to do anything;

(b) He or she in the performance of his or her public functions does any act or omits to do any act for the purpose of obtaining any illicit benefit for himself or herself or any other person;

(c) He or she fraudulently uses or conceals any property or other benefit derived from any such act or omission to act under paragraph (a) or (b);

(d) He or she offers or grants, directly or indirectly, to a public servant any article, money or other benefit being a gift, favour, promise or advantage to the public servant or another person, for doing any act or omitting to do any act in the performance of the public servant’s public functions;

Read More about St. Lucia’s Integrity Legislation (Link Here)


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5 responses to “Corruption Defined – But Not In Barbados

  1. Trueblue

    This sounds alot like what happened when NHC sold Owen Arthur that beautiful Lot at West Terrace that you have pictured on this site for less than the price others were paying! Does this government have a definition of corruption?

  2. Tariq

    There will never be any integrity laws ever here in Corrupt Barbados, at lease not in a hurry! Simply because the politicians, ministers of religion, and attorneys-at- law etc., are all bound up in a plethora of corrupt acts… The Barbados Labour Party has condoned these corrupt practices, for many, many years now, turning a blind eye to them all, but it’s coming full circle.

    We have information in the registry (Birth certificates etc.,) that’s being conveniently changed or distorted. Barbadians should check every once in a while to view their registered information which might be tampered with or changed completely. Barbados is a cesspool of corruption, it’s being practiced so subtle so as not to be easily detected, and so Bajans ought to be very much wary, and on their guards, it’s very imperative that we do.

    The superabundance of waters some religious people are prediction will come upon the island, might very well be the blood of many which will flow like rivers, when this corruption comes full circle—it will also touch the lives of all Barbadians, both in and out of the country.

  3. Jane

    “We have information in the registry (Birth certificates etc.,) that’s being conveniently changed or distorted”

    I have seen this happen to a senior citizen’s bank account, very conveniently too.

    Tariq, I am afraid that it appears you may be right.

    May God help us!

  4. Ms.Soapbox

    This is not the right thread to post this on. However, I just came across an article on the BBC that mentioned that the computers of the Barbadian government had been accessed by Chinese cyberspies. Had this news not been carried by several reputable sources, I would have dismissed it as the workings of some cookie conspiracy theorist. I have posted links:
    Please, let me know what you think.

  5. PiedPiper

    Yes, Ms. Soapbox, there was a big article about this in the Toronto newspapers as well. I’m not surprised but it is still shocking and scarey. 90% of the traffic that my firewall stops is from China. I hope that Barbados gets some IT specialist to check their computers and remove the spy program.
    Nothing the Chinese governement does surprises me.