Barbados Minister Of Health: Elderly Having Property Unjustly Confiscated

Barbados Minister of Health Dr. Jerome Walcott makes the startling charge that some of those Bajan citizens who are least able to defend themselves – elderly people – are having their property unjustly confiscated.

The Minister’s statement is startling only because as a member of Government he is admitting what everyone on this island already knows.

It is a sad but true statement – especially with the elderly – that either family members or very powerful entities will often attempt to confiscate (read “steal”) the property of elderly persons by the simple expedient of “lawyering them to death” or trickery.

Our courts, police and the entire legal system must be vigilant in protecting the elderly from those predators who would misuse the legal system to achieve their corrupt ends.

From The Nation News …

ABUSE OF THE ELDERLY in Barbados is still being swept under the carpet.

Pension cheques of the elderly are cashed and spent by others, their money is being stolen, their property being confiscated and they are physically, psychologically, and sexually abused, left alone and isolated.

In addition to that, Minister of Health Dr Jerome Walcott disclosed, up to yesterday there were 20 elderly people abandoned by relatives at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

These are among the issues which were examined by the first ever National Consultation on Elderly Abuse held yesterday at the Christ Church Parish Centre.

Speaking during the event, Walcott said: “Elderly abuse is manifested in Barbados in various ways, though some may want to sweep it under the carpet, and pretend that this is not so.”

He added the hidden causes of pain, suffering and sometimes death from such abuse among elderly people remained unseen.

But he noted that abusers often went unpunished because the acts were not reported.

The health minister also took issue with sick elderly persons being placed in private nursing homes or in Government institutions, where over time they were abandoned…

…read the rest of this article at The Nation News (link here).


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7 responses to “Barbados Minister Of Health: Elderly Having Property Unjustly Confiscated

  1. Trueblue

    Sounds alot like the Minister was referring to the story in the Nation many years ago about the elderly lady in St. Peter (next to Kings Beach) who George Payne threatened as Minister of Housing that if she did not sell her land to his clients (the Rothschilds) he would compulsorily acquire it. I think her name was Ms. Nola.

    Is that what you mean Mr. Minister of Health?

  2. John

    How we treat our elderly citizens and family is to ignore them and if they have something which can benefit us to use it with impunity.

    We dump them at the QEH when they become difficult to deal with or make every effort to shunt them out of our very important lives, not realising that one day our turn will come too.

    It is sad that this is only the second comment to be made on what has become a national disgrace.

    I never heard of Ms. Nola before and wonder if the story was carried in the press and whether she had family to stand up for her and hold up their clothes if necessary.

    I do know of instances where it is very difficult not to conclude that there are legal firms in Barbados who specialise in “dealing” with the elderly, this may very well be one.

  3. truly startling statement by the Barbados Minister… It is really grieving to hear comments becoming a such a national disgrace.

  4. Yardbroom

    I have never heard of this case – Ms Nola – before, but if the facts are as outlined by Trueblue, it is a shameful incident.

    It would appear from previous posts, that a pattern has developed in which “expropriate” is used as a mechanism to dishonestly deprive people of what is legally theirs. That these acts are perpetrated by Government makes them regrettable, but if they are done by a Minister for his financial gain in a private practice, it is shameful.

    I am aware that I do not know the full facts of the situation, therefore these are only “allegations”, but I am sure in due course, those who are more familiar with this case, and perhaps others of a similar nature, will shed light on such a murky practice.

  5. Anonymous

    Totally disgusting.If this is true .The culprit should be shot at dawn!Greed and wickedness should be punished….Lead by example. :Those with the power stop abusing it..

  6. Julian

    What is the government doing about the issue? What system/s are in place to prevent such atrocious and injustice to the elderly?

  7. 22

    Neither the present government,the opposition,the judicial system or for that matter,the clergy will do anything to correct the problem.The society is corrupt from top to bottom and will remain so until the people rise up in unison as has occurred in the Middle East.People will eventually and inevitably turn to violence in the pursuit and protection of their rights.So much for good governance in Barbados !