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Royal Navy Sinks Ship & One Billion In Cocaine Off Barbados Coast


Her Majesty’s Royal Navy Auxilliary Wave Ruler In Action Off Coast

A gang of Caribbean drug runners was forced to scuttle its own boat – and $500m* of cocaine – after it was spotted by the Royal Navy.

The suspected smugglers sank their fishing boat and set fire to its cargo off the coast of Barbados after the Wave Ruler swooped on them.

The fishing boat is thought to have been carrying up to five tonnes of cocaine.

Ten suspected smugglers were arrested by US Coastguard officers during the operation.

The Ministry of Defence said it could have carried out one of the biggest drug busts of all time.

…read the rest of the story at Fox News (link here).

Good work, Navy!


Royal Navy Fleet Auxilliary Wave Ruler website (link here)

* Apparently, that was $500 million pounds, so over US$1 Billion. Reference (link here)


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BFP EXCLUSIVE – Another Barbados Scandal: No Tenders Issued For One Hundred Million Dollar Government Office Building!

“What do you expect when Government habitually hands out contracts worth tens of millions of dollars over dinner and martinis, with never a public tender issued?”

…insider source talking to Barbados Free Press about the $50 million dollar arbitration decision against the National Housing Corporation.

No Public Tender Issued

Barbados Free Press has just learned that no tenders were ever issued for the primary construction of the National Housing Corporation’s Warrens, St. Michael office complex that is at the centre of the largest arbitration award in Barbados history.

The background to the arbitration award can be found in our earlier story, Arbitration Decision – Barbados Citizens Pay Extra $50 Million For Government Folly

BFP’s source states that Barrack Construction Company Limited, the original (main) construction company in the problem-plagued new office complex, was awarded the contract “without a tender call” and “without having the contract reviewed thoroughly by government contract lawyers.”

It was a “hastily thrown-together contract” that allowed Barrack to “easily win at arbitration” – according to our source.

Why Were Government Lawyers Not Asked To Review Barrack’s Contract?

Why indeed? Could it be that those issuing a major contract without public tender did not want to expose the process to outside scrutiny?

And the end result is that the people of Barbados will have to pay another FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS in part because of defects in the contract!

Did Prime Minister Arthur Approve This Deal… Or Not Know About It? He Can’t Have It Both Ways!

Which is it, Prime Minister? Did you know and approve of the issuing of the contract without a tender, or is everything so out of control that a one-hundred-million dollar contract can be issued without your approval?

Can’t have it both ways, Sir!

Much More To Come…

Who actually signed the contract? Who negotiated the no-tender deal on both sides? Who created the contract… the government representatives or the contractor?

And what about the company that took over after Barrack walked off the construction site in mid-job… was there a tender issued there, or just another sweetheart deal?

Stay tuned, folks… You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


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Barbados Minister Of Health: Elderly Having Property Unjustly Confiscated

Barbados Minister of Health Dr. Jerome Walcott makes the startling charge that some of those Bajan citizens who are least able to defend themselves – elderly people – are having their property unjustly confiscated.

The Minister’s statement is startling only because as a member of Government he is admitting what everyone on this island already knows.

It is a sad but true statement – especially with the elderly – that either family members or very powerful entities will often attempt to confiscate (read “steal”) the property of elderly persons by the simple expedient of “lawyering them to death” or trickery.

Our courts, police and the entire legal system must be vigilant in protecting the elderly from those predators who would misuse the legal system to achieve their corrupt ends.

From The Nation News …

ABUSE OF THE ELDERLY in Barbados is still being swept under the carpet.

Pension cheques of the elderly are cashed and spent by others, their money is being stolen, their property being confiscated and they are physically, psychologically, and sexually abused, left alone and isolated.

In addition to that, Minister of Health Dr Jerome Walcott disclosed, up to yesterday there were 20 elderly people abandoned by relatives at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

These are among the issues which were examined by the first ever National Consultation on Elderly Abuse held yesterday at the Christ Church Parish Centre.

Speaking during the event, Walcott said: “Elderly abuse is manifested in Barbados in various ways, though some may want to sweep it under the carpet, and pretend that this is not so.”

He added the hidden causes of pain, suffering and sometimes death from such abuse among elderly people remained unseen.

But he noted that abusers often went unpunished because the acts were not reported.

The health minister also took issue with sick elderly persons being placed in private nursing homes or in Government institutions, where over time they were abandoned…

…read the rest of this article at The Nation News (link here).


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Corruption Defined – But Not In Barbados


A reader pointed out that under St. Lucia’s Integrity Legislation, Barbados Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke would not be able to shield himself behind the fact that the home where he lives has been put into the name of his “special friend” – who is in reality his defacto wife.

For more information on the Barbados Government’s silence on the Gline Clarke Conflict of Interest Scandal, check out our HOT ISSUES section. (Link Here).

Original Post…

Thanks to our reader Biscoe for directing our attention to St. Lucia’s Integrity Legislation, which at least defines corrupt behaviour by Public Officials.

In Barbados, despite twelve years of power, the Government of Prime Minister Owen Arthur has refused to implement Integrity Legislation. Without even a basic legal definition of corruption, elected officials in Barbados can do pretty much what they like without fear of being held accountable in law.

…. but, of course, Prime Minister Owen Arthur already knows that.

Definition of Awkward – “Prime Minister Owen Arthur Trying to Implement Integrity Legislation”

St. Lucia’s Definition of Corruption…


The Integrity in Public Life Act, No. 6 of 2004, also has several new provisions, one of them being the inclusion of behaviour defined as “corruption”. This legislation was enacted by this Government in 2004. Let us look at some examples of corrupt behaviour.

A person in public life commits an act of corruption if:

(a) He or she solicits or accepts, whether directly or indirectly, any article or money or other benefit, being a gift, favour, promise or advantage for himself or herself or another person for doing any act or omitting to do any act in the performance of his or her official functions or causing any other person to do so or omit to do anything;

(b) He or she in the performance of his or her public functions does any act or omits to do any act for the purpose of obtaining any illicit benefit for himself or herself or any other person;

(c) He or she fraudulently uses or conceals any property or other benefit derived from any such act or omission to act under paragraph (a) or (b);

(d) He or she offers or grants, directly or indirectly, to a public servant any article, money or other benefit being a gift, favour, promise or advantage to the public servant or another person, for doing any act or omitting to do any act in the performance of the public servant’s public functions;

Read More about St. Lucia’s Integrity Legislation (Link Here)


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