Time To Get Out Those Hurricane Shutters In Barbados


It’s just a little fella off the coast of Africa right now called “TD-8”, but the boffins with their sliderules, pencils and brushcuts say we should pay attention.

We are. Water, batteries, food, shutters…. I know we had something else on that list… Oh yes… Mount Gay! 

Full story at Caribbean 360 (link here)


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9 responses to “Time To Get Out Those Hurricane Shutters In Barbados

  1. Don’t get to excited… its already predicted to go way to the north. Barbados Hardware and supermarkets are in tears I’m sure.


  2. Joe Grind

    Barbados Hardware close down so long ago.. lol.

  3. Anonymous

    Barbados Hardware did not close down it is now DGL.

  4. passin thru

    Should have those emergency things ready anyway.

  5. Well I ment to say barbados hardware stores… rather than refer to any specific entity.

  6. Disposable Arts

    Death and Destruction will reign supreme…

  7. Pat

    Naw, be optimistic. Its going to head for the island. Then when Bajans start to shake and shiver and maybe piss in their boots, it will stand still. Then, change direction and make a beeline North or South. Bajans will rejoice, dance in the streets and say, ‘Gob musee a Baje’.

  8. Paul Grandison

    We are distributors for polycarbonate hurricane panels. These panels are 5/8″ thick, lightweight, clear [ see thru] can be cut with saw and even shaped with jigsaw to fit arched openings etc. Product is N.O.A. approved and has 10 year warranty. Testing shows withstanding 150 MPH plus winds and impact testing far exceeds that of aluminum panels . You can actually hit the panel as hard as you can with a hammer and not break or crack the product. It is now being sold in Florida and Texas as well as europe. This is truly the stongest approved product on the market AND it is very easy to install.
    What I need is a contact , or two, to get this product to the islands. Since you , as we here in Florida, are so prone to hurricanes ———- you really need this protection.
    I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

  9. CTJohnK

    Mr. Grandison,
    Is your product still available?