Gline Clarke Scandal Story Shatters More Barbados Free Press Records!

“Wow and double wow!”

BFP reader Harvard Girl in response to our article Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land

New Record For Daily Visitors To Barbados Free Press

The Barbados Free Press reached a new all time high number of visitors yesterday – driven by the Gline Clarke scandal that has been leading our hits for the past week. As well, the original Gline Clarke post above has attracted more visitor comments than any other in the past.

Gline Clarke Scandal Story now holds the following BFP records…

1/ Best Day Ever – Total Unique Visitors

2/ Second Best Day Ever – Total Unique Visitors

3/ Most Viewed First Day Story Ever

4/ Most Commented Upon Story

The new “Hot Issues” section has been working well – leading many visitors deeper into the blog than they would normally go and aquainting them with articles that they might have otherwise missed. (Thanks for the idea Captain Jericho!)

UPDATED: September 13, 2006 1pm Bridgetown

Something is happening today folks. As of 1pm, with 7 hours left to go until our GMT day switch – traffic is up over 50% from last week! Every hour posts a new “best day” record.

Many hits from Europe and USA/Canada – and someone has posted something about this scandal on a large private circulation investment newsletter out of New York.

Top 10 Most Viewed BFP Posts – Last 30 Days

1/ Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land

2/ Gline Clarke Scandal Story Shatters More Barbados Free Press Records!

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4/ Arbitration Decision – Barbados Citizens Pay Extra $50 Million For Government Folly

5/ “Special” Barbados Backyard Has Magnificent View Of Coming Storm – But Newlywed Owner Sips Tea, Ignores Weather Change

6/ Barbados Under Muslim Jihadist Terrorist Threat – Minister Of State Atherley

7/ Barbados Court Considers Dispute Over Land Valued At Almost One Billion US$

8/ DLP Leader Calls For Integrity Legislation In Barbados – But Does He Really Mean It?

9/ Barbados Prime Minister Fails To Look Rihanna In The Eye

10/ Barbados PM Weds – Our Best Wishes For Mr. & Mrs. Owen Arthur


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28 responses to “Gline Clarke Scandal Story Shatters More Barbados Free Press Records!

  1. Biscoe

    Only goes to show how much Bajans love a little scandal and tittivation.

    Funny though, not many past the usual commentators felt strongly enough about the issue to leave a comment.

  2. Robert Dee

    Biscoe, people frighten of their own shadow. They scared enough that the government find out who blogging on this site. Mia said we need controls; you forget?

    This BLP ent sweet!

  3. ross

    Biscoe, you ever heard about victimization? Well it is alive and well in Barbados. Ask the most senior journalist you know and he will tell you that journalists have “families and mortgages to pay” and need their jobs.

    Even the PM himself is known for blistering people who say anything he doesn’t like and it doesn’t end there either.

    You think it sweet?

  4. ross

    Bajans need to declare a war on terror because that is what this is. People living in fear.

  5. Pat

    It is sad. I get the impression that most of the commentators are, like myself, living abroad. I dont see what the problem is, as they can use a pseudonym and their e-mail is not published. We abroad will do our best, but we are not down there and only know what BFP tells us, or what we read in the other newspapers. We are not on the street and cant tie into the rumours, neither can we call a friend, who is a friend of a friend who knows the principals.

  6. BFP

    Comment removed for horrible profanity.

    You know who you are.

    The profanity filters are on, so take it elsewhere.


  7. ShiiteHound


  8. Robert Dee

    Pat, some of us live here and fear is pervasive throughout the society at all levels.

    The poor feel they will be squeezed even further and the rich frighten they lose what they have.

    Why do you think the mainstream press has not picked up on this and similar stories? BFP have published only facts. We are free to interpret them, but the Barbados media would not even publish the facts.

    Those of you who live abroad are somewhat lucky. It is stiffling down here in BIM!

  9. BK

    the 64k question is after all the records in BFP have been broken how do we translate it into “making a difference”.

  10. BFP

    Hound…. change your name and your language unless you want us to hit your posts with a “spam” tag.


  11. Velzo

    Biscoe, don’t fool yourself. Ask the difference between the numbers leaving a comment and the numbers accessing the site. People read this site. They are afraid. Remember the PM recently revealed the content of a conversation between Hartley Henry and a third party? We have to be careful.

    I don’t myself care. I have nothing to lose. I am not a paid hack but I believe strongly in restoring a balance to public commentary and I find it interesting that Barbadian politics is not defined by what the BLP is doing but rather by what the DLP is not doing.

    I hope the Dems read the signlas loud and clear.

  12. BFP

    BK says…the 64k question is after all the records in BFP have been broken how do we translate it into “making a difference”.

    The first step in addressing any problem is defining it correctly. Without discussion there will be no definition and no coordinated action possible.

    It may be a long and slow process, but look at it likely slavery. We are just under a new type of slavery now, with truth in short supply.

    The island media don’t dare carry the Gline Clarke story even though they should be leading the way. If that isn’t proof of that there is no free press in Barbados, I don’t know what is.

  13. felix b

    BFP, you have to be realistic about this, the problem is that it appears that the PM and other ministers are in the same boat as Gline Clarke so the media have reason to be cautious because their necks will be out when, obviously, nobody in the government (B or D) seriously wants to rock the boat.

    If people choose to keep moving forward and remain silent when they know there is a major problem with corruption it is their right to do so. They must also be prepared to accept the inevitable consequences.

  14. Mindboggled

    What was the problem with my comment? If the opposition was functioning all that you are reporting could not take root so quietly. These things don’t happen over night.

  15. Mindboggled

    Again I ask, has anyone checked to see if any persons on the opposing side have homes on NHC land? Many poor people still waiting fuh years to get a piece fuh a lil house and as I understand it if you own land or house you don’t qualify for NHC. I personally had to repeat my application they kept”losing”it. After bout 15 years I finally did get a piece. Corruption is corruption regardless of what letters in de middle or wherever.

  16. passin thru

    Good questions by Mindboggled.

  17. BK

    it is true about bajans being scared. i help to administer a site which the host of this site know well and the visits on a daily/monthly basis is mind boggling and from all over the world. However no more than a handful actively participate. This is in stark comparison to how active the jamaican and Haitian and other caribbean site are…

  18. Anonymous

    “We abroad will do our best, but we are not down there and only know what BFP tells us” – this is a very dangerous state of affairs.

  19. passin thru

    If not for BFP, we wouldn’t even be discussing this. Nothing in the barbados media to now!

  20. Pat

    BK, it would appear that you scared too. Whenever you are asked a serious question, you always referring to the fact that you have a mortgage and small children to feed.

    What has the island come to? No wonder Bajans here in Ottawa dont plan on moving back. Many are retired and could live like princes on their pensions. If they sold their homes could purchase in the Heights and Terraces, but all refuse to repatriate, myself included. It is a burning shame.

  21. BK

    bajans not moving thier asses back becoz they like to assimulate unlike other people who are fircely loyal to their country good bad or indifferent. BIM got issues but it is all relative. I prefer BIM anyday than toilin in a white man country…chuspe!

    I do my part to create awareness and promote issues which is more than others do…hell I even call de call-in program sometimes.

  22. JG

    BK, it is an uphill struggle. There are only a few like you who are willing to speak out. Keep moving forward.

  23. Mindboggled

    We are beginning to look like crabs in a bucket and if we persist we will all still be in de damn bucket. Thanks to whomever you are for this site which my curios nature stumbled me on to. Your enlightment had me wondering if these things were happening on the other Barbados. For all who crave to return but… we need each other and I heard a long time ago, there’s strength in numbers. So if you want to see improvement, come and cast in your lot and help make us truly the gem of the caribbean by name and nature.

  24. honeybee

    Can anyone tell me where the U.S. Department of State gets their information?

    2006 Investment Climate Statement — Barbados”

    “Corruption is not a major problem in Barbados.”

    “Barbados uses transparent policies and effective laws to foster competition and establish clear rules for foreign and domestic investors in the areas of tax, labor, environment, health, and safety.”

  25. John

    They probably read the Nation and the Advocate.

  26. Humbugmasscoll

    I am glad that there is such a place where people can air their view on such issues. It is socially wrong and morally incorrect. These persons should NEVER be in the public’s eye. They should have regular jobs and stay in the back ground. Shame on Him. Lots more will come out just keep checking the government properties and you’ll see. They are dishonest. But, as they say birds of a feather flock together. This is only the smoke. There is a lot more in the closet. Have to check the goverment offices as well all the ladies working there and poor, but blessed wifey happy as a lark.

  27. Adrian

    BK says: it is true about bajans being scared. i help to administer a site which the host of this site know well and the visits on a daily/monthly basis is mind boggling and from all over the world. However no more than a handful actively participate.

    ….and your site was then actively censoring a few of the handful posters, much in the fashioned of what is feared from Mia and the GoB. Part of the problem is the very actions we accuse the GoB of, but that we are very much guilty participants. I prefer to believe that Bajans are not scared, they just don’t want to be bothered with political actions of virtual “watchmen” who are only to eager to throw their weight around.

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