What I Learned From 9/11

“There is an absolute and utter failure of the majority of Muslims to this day to condemn continued acts of violence in the name of Allah and to purge their religion of those who foment such violence.”

9/11 Ten Years on – the Islamist war against everyone else continues

TEN YEARS after September 11th, if you Google the phrase “What I Learned From 9/11” or some variation (What we learned… What America Learned… What Britain Learned…) you will find in excess of one hundred million returns.

This is just one more such article. You might have your own list, but this one is mine. I’ll try to keep it short…

What I Learned From 9/11

1/ Pay Attention To Muslim Jihadists And Believe What They Say About Their Intentions and Motivations.

2/ Accept The Fact That Many Muslims Worldwide – Tens or perhaps even Hundreds of Millions – Approve Of Violent Jihad In The Name of Allah even if they do not carry out such acts themselves.

3/ Accept The Fact That Not Everyone Operates By The Same Rules As You Do – And That Some People Conceal Their True Values and Intentions.

4/ If Placed Into A Bad Situation – Act, Resist, Fight With All Your Strength and Will.

5/ Think For Yourself. Act Independently and Disobey Authorities If Necessary.

What I Learned From 9/11

1/ Pay Attention To Muslim Jihadists And Believe What They Say About Their Intentions and Motivations.

Prior to 9/11, I paid no attention to the Muslim religion except in passing. How could the events of Muslim Jihad and violence in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and America concern a man in Barbados?

Now I pay attention to the Muslim religion. I have read the Koran cover to cover – with study notes. I have listened to what various Muslims say, and I have watched what various Muslims do.

So the Muslim Jihadists certainly have my attention now, and when Muslims speak, I listen very carefully.

The Muslim Jihadists say that they are instructed by the Koran and Allah to establish their religion as supreme authority worldwide, and that the Koran and Allah authorize the use of violence for this purpose. They say that their motivation is religious duty and martyr’s rewards.

Like the Muslim Jihadists, I do recognize that many passages in the Koran quite clearly call for and authorize violence in the service of Allah. I don’t believe in the Koran or Allah, but I recogize what the Koran states.

I have also found that most non-Muslims who argue that the Koran is being misinterpreted by violent Jihadists have not read the Koran themselves.

The Koran passages seem pretty clear to me – and they say what they say. Read them – you might be surprised at the pablum that some apologists try to spoon feed you.

The Muslim Jihadists say that they intend to carry out their stated purpose. I now believe them. They do intend to carry out their purpose and their motivation is their religion.

2/ Accept The Fact That Many Muslims Worldwide – Millions or perhaps even Tens of Millions – Approve Of Violent Jihad In The Name of Allah even if they do not carry out such acts themselves.

When the Muslim Jihadists murdered thousands of men, women and children on September 11th, millions of Muslims worldwide celebrated. Even in Dearborn, Michigan where I was at the time, hundreds of Muslims took to the streets in my neighbourhood – banging pots and pans in celebration. The local mosque had quite a party that evening with sweets being offered at the door.

It took a few hours for some of the community “leaders” to get out the message that such celebration might not be wise, but as with the rest of the planet, it was a little late to conceal the initial joyful reaction of millions of Muslims worldwide to the murder of families flying to Disneyland.

Not to mention the absolute and utter failure of the majority of Muslims to this day to condemn continued acts of violence in the name of Allah and to purge their religion of those who foment such violence.

3/ Accept The Fact That Not Everyone Operates By The Same Rules As You Do – And That Some People Conceal Their True Values and Intentions.

During the recent arrest of Muslim Jihadists in Britain, it was revealed that two of the plotters intended to use their infant son as a cover for getting liquid bomb-making materials onto an airliner. They intended that their infant son should die with them during their suicide bombing.

Like I said, some people don’t abide by the same rules as I do.

Similarly, many of the 9/11 and other terrorists lived among us for years or decades while preparing to murder in the name of Allah. Some Muslim jihadists are even born in their western home nations.

Like I said, some people conceal their true values and intentions.

4/ If Placed Into A Bad Situation – Act, Resist, Fight With All Your Strength and Will.

The rule used to be, “Sit tight, don’t look the terrorist hijacker in the eye and do nothing to resist. They might slit the throats of a couple of Jews on the airplane, but meek unresisting passengers will probably be OK at the end of the day.”

All that changed on 9/11 – but it had been changing for years.

Not so long ago, women were told not to resist rape. Being passive was the way to survival. From about the late 1980’s, that changed. Women are now told to act immediately to resist and escape – and to use whatever and all means necessary.

“Keys in the eyes as soon as possible” is the new lesson of resistance and survival for individuals. Societies are also rethinking their responses to Jihadism.

5/ Think For Yourself. Act Independently and Disobey Authorities If Necessary.

On September 11th, many who survived at the World Trade Centre did so because they thought for themselves, disobeyed authorities, and acted with common sense.

When the first airplane crashed into the WTC, thousands in the second building stayed at their desks because they rationalized to themselves that it was an accident – in broad daylight and 30 mile visibility. Group inaction took over and very few individuals acted in a timely manner to save themselves.

We are always told to take the stairs and not the elevators in an emergency. Many in both buildings who did leave took the stairs and died – because it took an hour to evacuate via the stairs. Many who lived did so because they took the elevator to evacuate and were out of the buildings when the second plane hit or when the structures collapsed.

Even as the buildings collapsed, many people were still waiting for rescue while their co-workers had already acted independently and evacuated themselves. Even as the buildings collapsed, some were still being told by authorities to remain at their desks and to not evacuate the building – because that was the drill so as not to hinder firefighters making their way up the stairs.

Those who disobeyed the authorities lived. Those who obeyed died.

… and that is What I Learned From 9/11


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  1. What I’ve learned is that until America stops underestimating “foreigners”–especially dark ones–they will never be successful at any war–legitimate or other otherwise.

    We’ve seen it before in the “War on Drugs.” Drug dealers are very intelligent, tenacious, and will go to any lengths (including the use of violence) to be successful. So, too, are terrorists.

    If you put together religious piety (another underestimation–“they” are not true believers like “us” and besides “our” God will save/win the day), intelligence, a religion that sanctifies the deeds of holy warriors, racism, and a political issue that will not go away and can be used for just and unjust causes–the Palestinians, then you will have war and rumors of war.

  2. BFP

    Hi Geoffrey

    Good to see you again. I buy much of what you are saying except the Palestinian thing. I know from what I have seen, heard and read – both at mosque and outside of mosque – that while Palestinians are a convenient justification in that part of the world, they are seldom mentioned if at all by the Jihadists.

    And certainly Palestinians are never mentioned by violent Jihadists in other parts of the world. Millions of Christians and others have been murdered, displaced or forced to convert by Muslim Jihadists in Indonesia. Nothing to do with Palestinians.

    Similarly nobody gave a darn about Palestinians prior to 1967. Jordan murdered them by the thousands when they tried to claim the same land from Jordan that was subsequently captured by Israel during the war. Same with Gaza when Egypt owned it.

    Bottom line – If the Palestinians murdered every Jew in Israel and then forced all remaining Christian arabs to convert, Jihad would still be looking for the next territory.

    As the President of Iran so recently reminded everyone, if the USA wants peace, first every citizen must become a Muslim and the government must be Muslim. But as he also said, it is not only about the USA, it is about the Jews.

    Once again, I don’t listen too much to what non-Muslims have to say about the whys and reasons for Muslim Jihadist violence.

    I listen to the Muslim Jihadists.

  3. Harvard Girl

    You might have a point BFP about the values being different. In a perfect Muslim world I would not have an education. I would not be able to drive my Civic home on weekends. I might not still have all my parts either. 😉

  4. geoffreyphilp

    I may not leave a comment, but I do check in.
    Re: Palestinians, that why I said “for just and unjust causes.”

  5. rightvwrong

    The unholy alliance between the Wahabi Muslim fundamentalits or jihadists and The Saudi Royal Family over the past several decades has permitted Islam to go from a tolerant religion to one that has become a deadly mutant virus threatening all those that don’t believe in their version of God. So basically a royal dictatorship has saddled up to an uneducated bunch of religious clerics who are hell bent on killing all the infidels or non-believers.

    Can anyone forget that all but two of the highjackers of 9/11 were from Saudia Arabia. We have sold our souls and principles for oil and are now paying the price. The US government is incapable of demanding the jailing of all wahabi cleric preaching death to the infidels as the Saudi Royal Family and this brand of Islam has become one and the same.

    The Western World needs to get off fossil fuels at the earliest possible date for a whole host of environmental, geo-political and economic reasons but can’t with the present crew in power who seem to be breast feeding each other at the expense of a safer and more democratic world.

    Rather than getting sanctimonius about problems we seem to have no power over, Barbadians need to seek men of leadership and vision who are capable and prepared to take the country to a new level of accountability and transparency before it is too late. Democracy and basic human rights for the individual are a complete joke in Barbados but it can only continue if the electorate are prepared to let it continue?

  6. Pat

    Rightwrong, you forgot to mention that the Saudi Royal Family is tight with the Bushes. You also forgot to mention that the only plane that was allowed to fly out of the US of A on 9/11 was bound for Saudi Arabia and contained Bin Laden family members.

    Americans speak with forked tongues, and the jihadists are beating them at their own game.

    Did Osama win or lose the war? Depends on whom you talk to. I say he won and is now sitting in Pakistan laughing his head off at the mess America is in in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  7. rightvwrong

    I didn’t forget about the Bushes—system overload

    don’t even get me started on a President that represents the lowest common denominator and most divisive President that the US has seen in decades. The damage he has done in terms of debt acceleration, international credibility, and just plain greed for friends and family is incalculable.

    In spite of all this, the US still has a free press
    and people who are not afraid to speak out when they see hypocrisy and corruption. I also don’t see
    many Christian suicide bombers denying innocent people their right to exist.

  8. passin thru

    Ya… everytime I hear of a new suicide bomber blowing up a bunch a babies and kids at the farmer’s market I think “Well it gotta be tham damned baptists again, or maybe LDS or Pentaccosts”

    An then dey say “Islamic terrorists” an I think “No way, can’t be! Never them! Anybody but dem!”

    9-11 and the World Towers musta been done by the USA government an Methodists fu shur!


    Do you really believe that the US press is all that free . I think its free to put out what the establishment wants to be put out . A clear difference can even be seen between what CNN USA puts out and CNN EUROPE. The major media networks are controlled by a handful of giant media houses . I think its true that there are many probably much smaller operations that are a little more balanced in their reporting and don’t just report what the ‘official ‘ reports say but what is there accessability by the majority of the public. Thank God for the internet , for without it so much info would be extremely difficult to come by .

    Saddam and the US were bosom buddies at one point and so was Osama when he was fighting the Soviet backed rebels in Afghanistan . So was Pinochet , Noriega , the Shah of Iran , Papa and Baby Doc Duvalier , and a host of other cruel dictators . Until they probably outlived their usefullness as a friend and became more useful being villified . So lets not for a moment think that the US are in Afghanistan and Iraq because they care.

    I think the official 911 story has many loopholes too and i really don’t think that it is too far fetched to think there was much internal complicity to allow that terrible event to come about.

    The Islamic jihadists maybe public enemy number one right now but i believe alot is being done also to perpetuate and inflate the fear factor as well of future attacks . Speaking of terrorism , if i were living in Iraq , Lebanon , or Afghanistan i would be pretty terrified by Supersonic jets flying overhead in the middle of the night at top speed at low altitudes too . For anyone that has heard those babies at full cry will know what i mean . Not to mention hundreds of thousands of tons of ‘shock and awe ‘ explosive metal dropping out of the sky . They might have smart bombs but i don’t think they are bright enough to distinguish combatant from non-combatant. Violent death is equally dished out to all and sundry .

    To my mind all of it is terrorism and only serves to fuel the Jihadist flame already present in some Muslims there and start some new ones burning as well . Lets not forget that all Arabs are not Muslims too , so they are not the only ones dying. Don’t think because we are so far away that we will be not affected as well , not necessarily directly by terrorist attack but by the microparticles of DU (Depleted Uranium) dispersed into the atmosphere by the many DU artillery being used . I am no expert but i feel if Sahara dust can get down here , why not that DU dust. It already seems to be causing many birth defects to babies recently born in Iraq.

    Billie Miller spoke of using diplomacy and discussion to settle differences between Nations in her speech at the 911 memorial ceremony yesterday (reported in the Nation today) but it is so ironic that it has been glaringly absent in affairs in that area . Then again war is so much more profitable and useful for regime change and confiscation of resources.

    Peace, love , tolerance and the realisation that despite are imagined differences we are really from the same source is the only way that this type of pervasive madness and bloodlust on all sides will ever stop.

  10. geoffreyphilp

    Dear BFP,
    What I also forgot to say was I agree with you that we should listen to the terrorists, and I was listing some of the reason why we/America sometimes can’t hear them

  11. West Side Davie

    good point geoffrey!

  12. West Side Davie

    Illuminator say…

    I think the official 911 story has many loopholes too and i really don’t think that it is too far fetched to think there was much internal complicity to allow that terrible event to come about.

    Illuminator, you are really suggesting that the government of the United States – the President or other Americans – actually knew in advance exact details about the world trade centre attacks – and deliberately with intent to have the murders completed, actually did nothing to stop the murder of thousands of citizens…?

    Or that the government of the United States actually planned attacks to murder thousands of its citizens?

    You are a f*ing idiot. Stupid. Stupid Stupid.

    Not even on the same planet. What drugs are you on?

    takes all kinds I guess… but they should step back and listen to themselves before they start spouting off such trash.

    Had enough of f*kng idiots like you.

  13. watch

    This was a good article. i am not advocating racism but this is not about what your friendly neighbourhood coolie man that sell you the cheap crap from his van says, it is about what the koran says. And that says that he has a right to kill you and your family because you are non-muslim. Let’s be thankful that he is just after your cash and not your life. Anyhow, watch “What the west needs to know about islam” on youtube [all 10 or so] when you get the chance.

  14. Green Monkey

    And regarding those who engage in terrorism to further their own ends, don’t forget, BFP, the Muslim terrorists who sent out those deadly anthrax filled envelopes a month or so after 9/11. They were mailed out to the media and to two US Senators and caused the deaths of 5 people. Fortunately the White House staff had started taking the powerful antibiotic and anti-anthrax medication Cipro after the Sep 11 attacks and were therefore at little risk if they had come in contact with the anthrax spores. As well as the anthrax, the envelopes contained letters with what would be considered the usual anti-US, muslim fundamentalist rhetoric: “Death to America, Death to Israel, Allah is Great” etc.

    Oh wait a minute, even though politicians and the media latched onto these anthrax letters as part of the plot by Muslims to bring down America and even though US politicians and media pontificators fulminated on air that this anthrax could have come from no place other than from Saddam Hussein’s alleged secret labs (all this with very convenient timing for the war establishment looking for support in the run up to the invasion of Iraq), it turns out afterwards that the anthrax was identified as coming, not from Saddam’s secret lab, or even a terrorist cave in Afghanistan, but rather from a highly secure US military lab. Who’d ah thunk it – A US military lab of all places?

    Turns out also that the two US senators who were sent the anthrax mailings, House Majority leader Tom Dachle and Senator Patrick Leahy, had been threatening to hold up the passage of the US Patriot Act in the Senate (just a coincidence no doubt). The act was, unsurprisingly, quickly passed after the Anthrax mailings. This was the act that curtailed the freedoms and civil liberties that were traditionally considered to be the inherent, constitutional right of American citizens and which most of the politicians had never even read or studied prior to voting in its favour, It had been written some time prior to 9/11 and was just sitting there, waiting in the wings for an opportune moment to be passed into law.

    The FBI was eventually forced to cast about for one of their usual “lone nut” suspects and finally, after a misstep or two along the way, settled on researcher Bruce Ivins (now “conveniently” deceased by suicide) even though his colleagues did not believe he could have been a guilty party in this incident. Recently more question have been raised questioning the validity of the FBI’s attempt to pin the blame for this terrorist attack on Ivins:

    Senator asks Justice Department for explanation on anthrax investigation of Bruce Ivins

    By Abby Dyjack

    Saturday – 9/3/2011, 9:58am ET

    WASHINGTON — A senior Republican senator has asked the Justice Department to explain why its civil lawyers filed court papers questioning prosecutors’ conclusions that an Army researcher mailed the anthrax-laced letters that killed five people in 2001.

    In a letter this week to Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller, Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa said the department’s decision to quickly retract the contradictory filings “has produced a new set of questions regarding this unsolved crime.”

    Grassley, who is among several members of Congress who have been outspoken skeptics about the FBI’s conclusion, homed in on a development first reported collaboratively in July by PBS’ “Frontline,” McClatchy Newspapers and the investigative newsroom ProPublica.

    The Justice Department’s civil lawyers said July 15 in a major court filing in the case that Bruce Ivins, a now-deceased Army anthrax researcher whom the FBI has tagged as the killer, lacked access in his lab to the “specialized equipment” needed to dry wet anthrax spores into airborne powder that could be easily inhaled.

    After hearing from the FBI and the department’s Criminal Division, the civil attorneys persuaded a federal judge in West Palm Beach, Fla., to permit 10 revisions to their position so it conformed with the FBI’s determination that Ivins did have equipment available to do the job.


    In his letter, sent Wednesday, Grassley said the Justice Department’s initial filing in the court case “seemingly eliminated” the government’s circumstantial case against Ivins, who committed suicide in 2008 after learning that prosecutors planned to seek his indictment on five counts of capital murder.

    Grassley said he found the department’s contradictory filings “particularly troubling” because a National Academy of Sciences panel in February called into question the FBI’s assertion that genetic sequencing had definitively traced the source of the anthrax powder to a flask in Ivins’ lab. He noted that two USAMRIID scientists, in sworn depositions in the suit, disputed the FBI’s conclusion that Ivins could have made the powder in his laboratory.

    Grassley also asked for an update on a prolonged investigation into news leaks that publicly identified another former USAMRIID microbiologist as a subject of the FBI investigation. That microbiologist, Stephen Hatfill, ultimately filed a privacy infringement suit against the government and obtained a $5.8 million court settlement.

    One of the anthrax-filled letters was addressed to Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who also has expressed skepticism about the FBI’s finding that Ivins was the perpetrator.


    Regarding 9/11 itself, I do find it interesting that the Bush Administration was very strongly opposed to holding any inquiry at all into the circumstances of the 9/11 attack and only relented and backed down after they were publicly shamed in a hard fought campaign by some 9/11 victims’ family members. At the spearhead of the campaign was a group of 9/11 widows known as the “Jersey Girls”.

    You can search on Youtube.com under the following term, “Press for Truth Jersey girls” for the video “Press for Truth” which documents the Jersey Girls’ hard fought battle against official opposition to get a government inquiry into the 9/11 attacks. These patriotic Americans compiled a list of questions they hoped that the inquiry would address in the final report. However, after the 9/11 Commission final report came out, they claim that 70 percent of the questions they had raised were answered unsatisfactorily or just plainly ignored.

    This is probably not too surprising considering that one of the two co-chairs of the Commission, Thomas Kean said afterwards: We think the Commission, in many ways, was set up to fail. Because we had not enough money, we didn”t have enough time, and we have been appointed by the most partisan people in Washington.” Kean is also on record as admitting that they were lied to by some of the US armed forces personnel appearing before the inquiry.

    Today there are thousands of Americans (and others) of various backgrounds including professionals such as engineers, architects, airline pilots, scientists, academics, retired US intelligence agency analysts, retired US military officers (of senior rank and with long records of distinguished military service) who do not believe an inquiry that was “set up to fail” is good enough and are calling for a new and impartial inquiry into 9/11. What about you, BFP; do you believe an inquiry that was “set up to fail” is good enough for you?

    A final thought from NY Times columnist Sydney Schanberg who, writing on the eve of the 1st Gulf War and ruminating on how propaganda was so easily used after the faked Gulf of Tonkin incident to sway public opinion in favour of a disastrous, deadly (but very profitable for the MIC) war in Vietnam wrote: “We Americans are the ultimate innocents, We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth.”

  15. Green Monkey

    The article above by anonymous was submitted by me, Green Monkey. Sorry, had recently cleared my browser cache and the Green Monkey tag was not automatically appended like it usually is.

  16. yawn yawn

    what i learned from 9/11 is that there are lots of people, like those running bfp, who will go to any means to discredit a billion people around the world. they will fabricate things, lie and spout the most idiotic crap one can imagine.

    but that is the world we live in. thankfully most people don’t buy into the right wing evangelical propaganda.

    and that in effect makes people like those running this pathetic blog pissed. so they up the ante. and manufacture even more crap.

    at the end of the day though, truth is the truth and thankfully most of the world have no time for the crap that is spouted by bfp and its right wing evangelical masters.

    and no i am not muslim. and yes go ahead and label me a socialist. or a lefty. or a muzzie lover. its what your type like to do no?

  17. 227

    To Watch,we dont sell cheap crap,we sell what the ppl want and you cant do it.

  18. BFP

    Go ahead yawn yawn,

    Tell us exactly what is fabricated about this article. Please.

    And in terms of “discrediting” billions of people around the world, is it not the violence of the Jihadists themselves that discredit Islam? They say they do the violence because they are commanded to in the Koran. They await their brides as martyrs. This is what they say. Does that not discredit Islam?

    Or, does it simply tell the truth about Islam? What facts can you write to support your position that what is in this article if fabricated?


  19. closer to home

    “There is an absolute and utter failure on the part of the majority of Barbadians to this day to condemn continued acts of corruption and abuse of power in the name of political power and to purge their parliament of those who opress and fail to act with full accounatbility and integrity”

  20. Britty Brat

    I am NOT glad about the incident, but the USA has made so many enemies for itself over the years. The USA is currently using the UN, as a tool, against the Lybians. In the past Nelson Mandela condemned the United States intervention in the Middle East as “a threat to world peace”. He also said that the United States’ backing for a coup by the Shah of Iran in 1953 had led to that country’s Islamic revolution in 1979. The US has to be blamed for the power within Iran and some other Muslim countries.

  21. Britty Brat

    Don’t forget, the Afghanistan affair, the US supported the mujahideen (including Osama Bin Laden) against the Soviet Union and its refusal to work with the United Nations after the Soviet withdrawal led to the Taleban taking power.

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