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Arbitration Decision – Barbados Citizens Pay Extra $50 Million For Government Folly

UPDATED – September 14, 2006

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Barbados National Housing Corporation – Crooks or Just Idiots?

“AN ARBITRATOR has awarded a construction company BDS$34,490,518 in a case against Government.

In fact, Government may have to pay as much as near $50 million after interest is added to that sum.

The case involves Barrack Construction Company Limited, the original (main) construction company in the problem-plagued new office complex in Warrens, St Michael, and National Housing Corporation (NHC)…..”

… article continues at The Nation News (link here).

Famous “Barbados Cost-Overrun” Only 361% For This Project!

Of course, according to The Nation Newspaper, the project isn’t yet finished. So don’t worry folks, we may yet hit the nominal 400% cost overrun calculation that seems to be standard when government and the NHC build anything – whether an office building or a beach washroom. Again from The Nation Newspaper…

“…The The five-storey office complex project began in 1998 with a 90-week construction deadline and a price tag of $36,334,793, but has run for eight years and is still to be fully completed.

The project started with an original $36 million, but costs have skyrocketed to over $80 million.”


Who Is Responsible For This “Special” Mess?

No wonder the Prime Minister took the National Housing Corporation away from Elizabeth Thompson – the Government Minister who had responsibility for the NHC during most of this debacle.

Hey, the new office complex is only six years late and 361% over budget – but what’s an extra hundred million dollars between friends? Good management costs money, but as the pummelled taxpayers of Barbados are discovering, bad management costs even more!


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Barbados Free Press Unveils New Look, New Features

Welcome To Our New Look

We wanted to update the Barbados Free Press website with an easier to read design – but mostly we wanted a format that allows us to keep Hot Issues in the public eye. Under the old BFP website format, hot topics and scandals would naturally drop off everybody’s radar as the associated articles were pushed down and off the first page by each new posting.

Hot Issues & Scandals Now Easier To Locate

Now, hot issues and all your favourite scandals will always remain accessible through the new “Hot Issues” button at the top of the page. In the next few days, we will be reviewing all our posts back into January and linking to all the big ones under “Hot Issues”.


Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s comments about the need to censor blogs? Her special friend’s big buck government contract?

The story of the Prime Minister’s secret bank accounts and stock portfolio? His refusal to enact Conflict of Interest and Integrity Legislation?

Environment Minister admits to hundreds of illegal dumps? Raw sewage flowing from a Government building onto the beach? Minister Liz Thompson throwing a tantrum over who was leaking information to those $#@! BFP bloggers?

The Prime Minister’s Secret Meeting with the developer of the controversial Caribbean Splash Waterpark? Death and disaster on waterpark rides by the same Caribbean Splash engineering firm?

Yup – Current Hot Issues and all your favourite scandalous tales of government corruption, theft and mismanagement will now be easy to find for both new and regular readers of the #1 Blog in Barbados.

Apparently We Are Now The #1 Most Read Barbados Blog

Besides our readers, who says we are the #1 most read blog in Barbados? According to a little birdy, that was the pronouncement made a few weeks ago in the news room of The Nation Newspaper. (Thanks for the insight, Stringer!)

Our Thanks To BFP Readers In Barbados & Around The World

Our special thanks to BFP readers who continue to encourage, assist and criticize our efforts. We value your visits, your tips, your prayers – and yes, we really do appreciate your criticism and advice. We know you only want us to be better.

From all of us at BFP to those who love Barbados, and like us, believe that knowledge, transparency and accountability are fundamental to a healthy democracy – we pledge to work hard to keep up the good fight.

Marcus, Robert, Cliverton, Shona (and, of course, our matriarch Auntie Moses – who recently learned how to use a computer just so she could visit us on her own)

* We will be changing the header photo as soon as possible to one that reflects our flag and our country.


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