“Special” Barbados Backyard Has Magnificent View Of Coming Storm – But Newlywed Owner Sips Tea, Ignores Weather Change


What A Magnificent View!

Just before the heavy rains of a few weeks ago, Shona stood at a “special” place and watched the fishing boats way out to sea as the sky darkened and the winds died down.

This was the false calm that often goes before the storm, and as smooth as the waters were, they didn’t fool even the youngest mariner. They were all heading for shore because there was something new in the wind.

Integrity Storm Clouds Gathering

On the political front there also seems to be something new in the wind – something called “Integrity Legislation”. Clouds are gathering on the horizon, driven by a newly forming public storm called “Had Enough Corruption – Not Going To Take It Anymore”.

The DLP seem to be starting to read the wind, but the BLP and others remain happily out to sea fishing – ignoring the approaching clouds.

Still, it is sometimes difficult to read the wind and the sea when you are sipping tea comfortably in your beautiful backyard.

Photo “Magnificent Backyard View” taken by Shona. Not a bad view for a National Housing Corp. lot! Hope you didn’t tear your dress while climbing the fence, darlin’!


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27 responses to ““Special” Barbados Backyard Has Magnificent View Of Coming Storm – But Newlywed Owner Sips Tea, Ignores Weather Change

  1. Not to be too cynical but one blog does not a storm make. I would love to see integrity legislation passed, but I havn’t heard/seen enough ground swell in public opinion to justify calling a storm.
    But keep stirring BFP and a storm you might just get in the end. Good luck.

  2. BFP

    When the leader of the opposition in Barbados calls for Integrity Legislation – as he has – something might be in the wind.

    Still over the horizon, yes.

    But we say you can feel the wind change now if you look for it.

  3. Jason

    Shona was in HIS backyard?

    Oh my!

  4. akabozzik

    Is this true be Owen backyard?

  5. BFP

    Shona…. why don’t you tell the folks where an how this photo was taken?


  6. ross

    Besides being an avid golfer he is an avid gardener too. “Avid”, (eager, greedy). I wonder what else he is avid for and what it will get him.

  7. Velzo

    BFP… thanks. At last someone is taking this matter seriously. Do you think that land with such a wonderful view and owned by government should be sold to a Prime Minister for $7.00 per square foot? Should he be allowed to buy land from government when he owned the lot next door? Should the Chief Valuer in a department under the Minister of Finance value the land? Shouldn’t the Prime Minister observe the covenants including the one which said he was not to enclose the land?

    Compared to Saint Glyne Clarke, Owen Arthur should be in the Guiness Book of World Records.

  8. John

    It seems as though the NHC is going to be in the news again tomorrow if what I heard on CBC tonight is true.

    We’ll see tomorrow if it is in the papers.

    I think I heard that Sir David Simmons the Chief Justice at an arbitration between NHC and Barrack construction decided for Barrack Construction.

    Guess it is over the VAT building which the Chinese had to finish.

    Looks like NHC will have to find $34Million plus costs!

    For NHC read PPL of Barbados!

    Maybe I heard wrong.

    Wonder which MP will want to have his/her name emblazoned on the plaque at the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon? Might be Reggie’s turn this time as minister of housing.

    Anybody know if the building is opened yet?

    What about how much Government paid for the land it acquired at Warrens on which to build the building?

    And lastly, what was the budget and what was the overrun?

  9. John

    Oh yeah, one last question.

    How long did it take to build?

  10. honeybee

    Velzo, can you tell me when and from whom the government originally acquired the NHC land on which the PM now lives?

  11. West Side Davie

    Good question, Honeybee!

  12. John

    Sorry, got the wrong CJ. It was Sir Denys Williams.

    Maybe I just heard wrong or CBC got it wrong.

    The numbers in todays paper are mind boggling.

    Who minister oversaw this catastrophe in our name?

    How does it compare with any previous scandal in misuse of public funds?

    ….and GEMS hasn’t even been exposed yet…..!

  13. Velzo

    Honebee: you seem a bit confused since government vested it in the NHC. I don’t know who it belonged to but why is that relevant? Are you about to bring a two-wrongs-make-a-right point?

  14. honeybee

    No, Velzo, I am trying to make a point that there may be more than two wrongs committed here, which may make this even worse than you think.

    I will try again. From whom did the government originally acquire the land on which the PM now lives? Can you tell me?

  15. honeybee

    Is West Terrace where the PM lives part of Wanstead? I do not know, I am asking.

  16. Velzo

    Oh, sorry if I was rude. Will check it out.

  17. Robert Dee

    The Barbados Labour Party has truly changed the “culture” of Barbados.

    We are now the “wuk-up” capital of the Caribbean. Mia saw to that and now Owen wants to put a “moratorium on bashment”.

    We are morally adrift. They all saw to that and now Owen is having visions.

    They have all spun a “culture of corruption” across this land. Owen help wid dat and sees nothing wrong wid dat. Not a head will roll for anything that stinks to high heaven.

    You can be sure of that!

  18. cat eyes

    Do you know that Hammie La lives in and owns a house on the same type of land you are cussing Gline Clarke about? The House That Gline Built is Gline Clarke’s womans house. I am sure we are all familiar with the “putting it my momma’s name” ploy that people use to prevent tracing back property and bank accounts. Anyway, Hammie La’s piece is at Lot 5 or 6 Briar Hall and that land is NHC land for middle to low – mainly low income – housing. How on earth can a minister/consultant making more than BDS$10,000 a year, who walks about preaching the gospel according to the poor have the conscience to buy land and build a house on land designated for those same people? Or does he have no conscience? Probably not because when he left for new york to announce he was not joining the Bees he was partially recovered from an illness for which David Thompson paid the doctor bills. When Thompson was told Hammie was crossing he swore for Hammie. Until Hammie got to New York and made his announcement from afar.
    I can prove that too.
    But if you doubt me about Hammie and the low income nastiness, check land registry. The “investigative journalists” and “political corresspondents” like Roy Morris and Albert Branford respectively need to get up off their buts, circumvent the laws with skilful writing and documentation instead of acting as PR agents for the PM and Mascoll respectively.(Go into the archives of the Nation and check their work and you will see what I mean).
    The members of this party are greedy and wuffless. We need integrity legislation now more than ever, and the Dems need to pull their information and start shouting hard and loud so Bajans can hear!!!

  19. honeybee

    If all of this is true, how much longer will it be allowed to continue? Can you imagine where Barbados would be now if more of the taxpayers money was spent well and in the best interest of the country.

    How do we control the corruption now that it appears to have gone so far or is it too late and completely out of control?

  20. Mindboggled

    All this news really boggles the mind. Why should the opposition be shouting now, where were they when it all started? Was Owen the PM when the land was purchased? Have anyone checked to see who on opposing side living on NHC land or their women? This is no joke, nuff poor people name down for donkey years and can’t get a spot up to now. It gine be cat piss and pepper bout hey.

  21. John

    Maybe some of the opposition guys and gals live on lots too!!

    Remember the politics of inclusion.

    Everybody is tainted.

  22. Robert Dee

    Hi Guys, Thompson made a big stink about it back in 1999 and was slapped with an injunction. The documents were actually served on a political platform in Eagle Hall.

    Arthur filed the injunction to stop Thompson from talking and it was initially granted but the High Court overturned it. Arthur however had achieved his goal of stopping the talk. Since then he (OA) has not filed any lawsuits, even though he threatened to do so. The papers are there to prove it.

    Thompson has provided the media with all the documents to prove that what he said was true, but they would not touch the story. The same thing with the Gline Clarke story. They know about it.

    The media in this country stinks! Thank God for BFP!

  23. Velzo

    Mindboggled, I thought the argument was that the opposition was NOT shouting! Which one is it? Are they too silent or shouting?

  24. felix b

    Velzo, the opposition is silently shouting.

  25. felix b

    It is known as “glass windows”!

  26. erkel

    I like what I am hearing…

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