Barbados Government BLP Blog – Week Of Silence As Land Expropriation Scandal Heats Up


BLP Blog & Government Minister Both Silent As Land Scandal Continues

As of 12:01am September 9, 2006, the official blog of the ruling Barbados Labour Party had not posted a new article in over a week – with the last entry being made on September 1, 2006.

During the same week, the Barbados Free Press published a series of hard-hitting articles dealing with perceived corruption by a Government Cabinet Member after the expropriation of privately-held lands.

Other BFP articles for the week concerned an important court case being watched by the international investment community, and the BLP Government’s 12-year failure to introduce Integrity and Conflict of Interest legislation.

Cat Got BLP Bloggers’ Tongues!

After 5 months of extensive postings, the BLP Blog fell silent for a full week – notwithstanding that various BLP members of government visited the Barbados Free Press during that same week – some even posting comments defending the actions of Public Works Minister Gline Clarke.

But the BLP Blog remained mute – seemingly not daring to write anything – let alone writing about the growing scandal.

Selected Barbados Free Press Articles During The BLP Blog’s Week Of Silence…

Sept 7 – A Reader From Finland Writes To Barbados Free Press (About Corruption)

Sept 7 – DLP Candidate Called For Integrity Legislation In 2004 – Charter For Change

Sept 6 – DLP Leader Calls For Integrity Legislation In Barbados – But Does He Really Mean It?

Sept 6 – Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke Sets New Barbados Free Press Record!

Sept 5 – Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land

Sept 3 – Barbados Court Considers Dispute Over Land Valued At Almost One Billion US$

Sept 1 – World’s Investors Watch Barbados Court Case

Sept 1 – Unwed Motherhood As A Career Choice In Barbados

August 31 – Bermuda Looking Forward To Hiring 30 Barbados Police – Including Elite Anti-Terror Officers – And Nurses Too!


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8 responses to “Barbados Government BLP Blog – Week Of Silence As Land Expropriation Scandal Heats Up

  1. ross

    So where do the DLP and the PEP stand in all of this? They are just as silent.

  2. akabozzik

    Where is the Nation News and the Advocate and the CBC and VOB and HEAT and and and…. all of the Barbados media.


  3. ross

    Have you ever heard the term “freedom of the press”? Well this is what it is all about.

  4. BFP

    In Britain or the US, the news crews would be camping out on Clarke’s doorstep on the first day!

  5. akabozzik

    Nothin in de Nation or Advocate nowhere yet.

  6. felix b

    How much land has the present government of Barbados acquired and for what purposes? Where can the public find this information?

    Is an appropriate procedure set down in law which must be followed by government when acquiring private land for a public purpose? Does the government adhere to this procedure?

    Has government been challenged through the courts in Barbados under the Administrative Justice Act and if so what has been the outcome?

  7. felix b

    P.S. What is the true status of the Physical Development Plan?

  8. J

    Lay off we mothers will ya? Being a mother is hard work. Being an unmarried mother is even harder work. Being an unmarried working mother is exceedingly, exceedingly hard work. I’ve got up and gone to work every day for 37 years, and I plan to do so for another 12. Raised 2 children, one natural, one adopted, provided long term care for 3 elders. Has never been married. But will marry the first guy who can work as hard as I do. And who understands that being a mother is hard work, is a serious job, is of economic importance, is of social importance is of spiritual importance, is of national importance.