Rihanna Gets Tattoo Behind Left Ear – $#@!


Rihanna Gets Tattoo Behind Ear

I’m sorry that she did that…

NEW YORK, NY Tuesday Sep.5.2006 /netmusiccountdown.com/ — Rihanna may not have earned a win from her VMA nomination this year, but she sure knows how to celebrate.

A couple of days before the awards show, Rihanna and her best gal pal went and got matching tattoos to honor the occasion. According to contactmusic.com, the singer said “My best friend from Barbados was here so we had to do something crazy.”

The pair reportedly opted for friendship symbols. Rihanna’s body part of choice? Behind her left ear.


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97 responses to “Rihanna Gets Tattoo Behind Left Ear – $#@!

  1. Disposable Arts

    Honestly, who really cares?

  2. West Side Davie

    I also hate to see a nice young lady put one of those things on her body. Not to mention that most “tattoo artists” are school dropouts of a certain class whose only training in the prevention of the spread of HIV and other diseases comes from a three day course they took to get licensed.

    No way I would allow a school dropout to do a medical procedure on me. (which is what a tattoo is)

    As thousands of young ladies are also discovering, a tattoo in the lower back is also enough to prevent a doctor administering an epidural during childbirth.

    A shame about Rhianna’s tattoo.

  3. Fran

    Please my young one, one tatoo 2 many but please don’t do no more. Yoou 2 young things cudda gone “funny” panty shopping or somethiing so. Anyway the deed is done but again , please, no more tatoos. Life is precious, value yours and may God bless you and keep you safe.

  4. Bajan conservatism at its best.

  5. Disposable Arts

    I dunno if “davie” is ignorant or just plain stupid. Dude, stop being so shallow minded, what does being a good artist have to do with being a drop out ? Seriously how stereotypical could one person get?…Being a good artist is a skill your born with, and no amount of education can give you that if you don’t already have it…Should I google the amount of times doctors mess up simple medical procedures? Obviously you would go to a professional and not some guy who uses pins/cotton and match sticks…

    Any who, came across this guy sporting an armor tattoo which looked kool:


  6. La

    Please oh please west side davie I hope to God your not bajan, if you are you’ll make me feel really bad. High school drop outs oh my! What an inane post.

  7. BFP

    Many people whether Bajan or not still connect tattoos with criminals and low people. West Side must be of a certain age I guess. Younger people have a different view now.

  8. Low people? people are people.. criminals are people that have not have the good fortunate that many of us have had. When you see a criminal or a “low” person remember but for simple twist of fate somewhere down the line that could have been you.

  9. West Side Davie

    Criminals are not people who have “not had the good fortune that many of us have had” as Andrew S. says.

    I was born poor and my family were all poor, but we never stole, never were violent. I know what hungry be. Criminals make a choice to be evil, an criminal families many time beget more criminals. I pity the childrens, but when they be 16 an break down the door to my house they get what they get.

  10. Your arguement works against you “Criminal familys beget more criminals” What choice did they children have to be born in to that family?

    Yes people have a choice about how they live their life, and yes choices have consequence and I would never argue that criminals should not be held resposible to their actions.

    But to label people as evil is wrong in my opinion. I believe people in almost every case are inherantly good and only cause crime and pain to others when they feel threatened in some way.

    But I suspect that this arguement could go on forever and its not really relevent to the original post.

    check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Determinism
    and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_will

  11. pauline

    do you think the topic at hand has done out the window, I thought you’s were talking about tattoos, just because you have a tattoo dosent mean to make you a bad person, look at it as art…. not all people think it is bad.


    cheeez , talk about judging a book by its cover . How can one be so simple minded . Top class tattoos require tremendous skill and patience not to mention artistic ability . To say that because one is a tattoo artist , one is likely to be a dropout and criminal boggles the mind . Proper tattoo parlours have certain health regulations and new needles are opened in front of you each time and given to you after and i am speaking from experience. Its also a rite of passage in certain cultures and not to be taken lightly.

    You really need to look at the work done by some of these guys , simply amazing . Its basically body art and i personally find it to be a beautiful thing when properly done . Rihanna could tattoo her whole body if she want . This role model thing is make me laugh . Get ya own damn mind , take the desirable and leave the rest is what i say .

    I think many bajans need to come out of the fog of closemindedness . Let some fresh air in on those archaic ways of being . Its quite liberating .

  13. John

    I know that acupuncture precludes you from giving blood, but does a tattoo do that to you as well?

    Just asking …

  14. why she did that ? 😦
    she’s so pritey and now she do that..
    very bad

  15. waarom heeft ze nou een tatoo laten zetten ze is al hartstikke mooi zonder en nu doet ze een tatoo laten zetten die ze oever een paar jaar weer weg wil hebben omdat ze geen vriendinnen meer is met haar vriendin?? 😦

    waarom ? waarom ? waarom ? waarom????? :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  16. Brenda

    hey i love Rihanna

  17. So flipping what if she did or did not? Andrew S. is right, Bajans make US McCarthy-istic ppl in the 50s seem like liberal acid-dropping hippies of the 60s – ppl still ask if I wore a stud in my ear while doing the News? Yes! So what? I still do at SSA…

    At least her tattoo is in a discreet spot for any future moves in dealing with ppl from an island that likes to think they are 2001+ but really 1899!


    “If you become a celebrity or prominent personality, you must be a priest or cardinal? Even then, aren’t there allegations of molestation? Then what? A statue? Get a Life, bub!”

  18. kmygee

    “I also hate to see a nice young lady put one of those things on her body. Not to mention that most “tattoo artists” are school dropouts of a certain class whose only training in the prevention of the spread of HIV and other diseases comes from a three day course they took to get licensed. No way I would allow a school dropout to do a medical procedure on me. (which is what a tattoo is).”

    This has to be some of the most ignorant !@#$ I ever heard!
    So it’s ok for young men to get them?
    Most professional tattoo artists are naturally talented as well as trained, and for quite some time…more than 3 days! Even the “drop-outs” usually apprentice for a year or more before they start performing “medical prodedures.” My tattoo artist had a college degree in computer programming and just happened to get bored with his job!

    Like anything else you do, you have to be smart about the decisions you make…I’m sure that Rihanna went to a real, sanitary parlor. Not somebody’s basement or garage to get some dirty needles used on her.

    “As thousands of young ladies are also discovering, a tattoo in the lower back is also enough to prevent a doctor administering an epidural during childbirth.”

    This part IS true, I admit…but Rihanna didn’t get one there. She got it behind her ear. So that argument is irrelevant.

    Sorry, I’m not normally like this. I just had to disagree. The stereotypes were irritating me!

  19. collis t.

    anyone could benefit from doing a little research into tattoos before promoting or denouncing them . here are some helpful links. http://www.inkednation.com http://www.tattoos.com http://www.tattoojake.4t.com
    you cannot seriously belive that a superstar would go and get a tattoo from anywhere other than the very best. i myself am a dermagraphic technician but a will not try to slander or pesuade anyone. just trying to provide some education.

  20. Anonymous

    i am a heavily tattooed female, and my fiance is a very talented tattoo artist, he has been thouroughly trained on how to prevent the spread of diseases, just like every other tattoo artist that gets a legitimate job at a shop. guess what? we both graduated high school! amazing! and i am a college student, i have two jobs, i am a model, i own my own business…even more amazing! we (my fiance and I) are not criminals, actually we are very nice people, we don’t even drink or do drugs.

    grow up, west side davie.

  21. candy

    Cant stand de old cow, fame gone to her head she wanna tatoo a lock on her mouth. Her attitude stinks. No wonder bajans hate her she is a horrid being.

  22. Hants

    Candy you are among that pathetic set of people who espouse hatred for successful people.

    Having seen Rihanna on several North American shows, I have admired this young lady’s open praise for her country Barbados.

    I was pleasantly surprised that she promotes her country with passion.

    By the way Candy, what have you done for your country?

    Rihanna is a rising Star whether Bajans like her or not.

  23. Inka

    i think girls with tattoos are hot, and Rihanna is definately hot, so doing the math, this makes her super hot.

  24. Anonymous

    who cares?

  25. Rumplestilskin

    Her tattoo is here business.

    As for herself, the girl is performing at the Live Earth Concert in Tokyo this week, the event is hosted by Al Gore.

    Not only doing for Barbados, but for the World.

    Well done, young lady.

    Those of you who are jealous, go suck salt! You are not going to pull this one down.

  26. Peltdown Man

    All you tattoo freaks – have you ever considered what they are going to look like when you are 50 or 60 years old, skin all wrinkled, belly distended, beasts sagging, flabby muscles? Yuk!!
    Rihanna is great, and great for Barbados. I can only wonder at people here who hate her. Why can’t we happy for her success and proud that she’s from Barbados?

  27. Peltdown Man

    That should read “breast”. Sorry

  28. Rumplestilskin

    Is that a bit Freudian? Beasts vs breasts? Do they scare you? Tell us about…

    Just kidding, I am sure its a typo and not a Freudian slip…ahem

  29. samizdat

    Candy, Rihanna has a song about people like you.

    It’s called “Haters”.

    Get a life, loser…

  30. cat eyes

    Go’head samizdat! Haters fuh real.
    Candy, you obviously have a major grudge against the beautiful, talented and blessed Robyn Fenty. Probably when she calls home to her friends when she’s in Germany you don’t get a call. When she flies in and calls them up to come out for a catamarran ride which some describe as “kicking loud” you do not get a call. Don’t fret. You are obviously not her friend so she cannot and will not call you. I can tell Barbados that that child is still- touch wood- one of the most down-to-earth Barbadians you could ever meet. And yes, I personally know she calls her friends up whether in Tokoyo or Moscow to touch base. She says it keeps her grounded in an incredibly heady and sometimes draining environment. Her parents and brothers still live here, and when she is here, she picks up her lil bro from St. Michael School so he can big up himself. The children are even jealous of him, declaring that “He like he feel he is Rihanna…!” It is amusing. But her head is on, and the speculators and haters need to button it.

  31. cool ruler

    Nice words cat eyes. I dont understand why anyone in Barbados would hate Rihanna. We cry down the youth and yes they are some bad youth out there but this young woman is a role model of role models. Here is a youth the youth can imitate. We should be estatic. Her talent, beauty and level head has put Barbados on the map like no one else in our history. Rihanna keep on doing what you are doing. Keep making yourself, family and Barbados proud and generate for yourself buckets of money. You have earned every penny and accolade. You go Girl.

  32. Peltdown Man

    Rumple, you may have a point. They scare me when they’re swinging!

  33. Rumplestilskin

    Headline: ”Rihanna Gets Tattoo Behind Left Ear – $#@!”

    The real question, if there is one, is does she have any other tattoos and if so, where….?????

    Imagination is sometimes far more interesting than reality….

  34. Rumplestilskin

    Apologies if this is a biq risque for some, but you know, weekend morning, after a long week, one needs to let the mind loose a bit.

  35. jodiperry

    tsk tsk tsk..no tatoos, no gambling, no prostitution what’s next my moral caricom brothers and sisters banning alcohol and tobacco??
    there’s a word for people like that ..just can’t bring it to mind at this moment

  36. moral policeman


    if you read all the posts on here since the inception you will notice a trend- bfp is rather conservative! evangelical leanings me thinks!

  37. jodiperry

    moral policeman

    i noticed..bible belt mentality i’d say..whatever happened to content of character, blacks are the first to complain about racism and classism and here we are persecuting the region’s biggest star since marley on account of her appearance???? what’s next her hairdo?
    i’m not bajan and i think rihanna is the bomb and whatever she decides to do with or on her skin is her business and no one else’s

  38. samizdat

    Our girl’s front-page news in the UK once again.

    Check out this link:


    It’s a clever and entertaining article (followed by lots of reader comments) detailing exactly why ‘Umbrella’ is such a great pop song and still number 1 in the charts over there (9 weeks now, apparently).

    Barbados isn’t mentioned once, though.

    I wonder if the average Brit assumes she’s Jamaican…?

  39. samizdat

    Huh…a few letters at the end of the URL got cut off there.

    Should read

    Just to go to:

    www. guardian.co.uk

    and scroll down to the arts and entertainment section to find the article.

  40. moral policeman


    honestly i don’t care for her music. i am a bit too old for that.

    i am just glad that she is a young person who has had a break and that she is a bajan. if she wants to pierce her body in a few dozen places or get tattoos all over her body all power to her. it is her body and her choice. hey if she got pregnant and had an abortion that is her choice although the people on this blog who think that have a monopoly over moral values would accuse her of being a murderer.

    bajans and those who criticise her are just hypocrites and jealous of the young woman’s success. the same people who bring her down lust after her or wish they looked like her. all the people who come with this big moral outcry need to go and preach to the hypocrities in church including all the pastors who take advantage of innocent and vulnerable females!

  41. Rydinka

    So what if she gets a tatoo, who cares, its her body and also her business.

    You people just need to mind your own business.

  42. Rumplestilskin

    I would like Rihanna to do a cover of Krosfyah’s ‘Pump Me Up’.

    Best tune of last twenty years in Caribbean.

    Think it would lick up the charts.

    I could be wrong though.

    Maybe not be her genre though.

    Tune deserves a chance at the international charts.

  43. Cherysh

    wow – that was wierd reading – the reason this made a headline is cause rihanna’s pretty big in the US and they like to know every little detail about their stars – but to say that she’s horrible and tattoo artists are criminals – people – get your head out your ass – a tattoo is a choice anyone can make its not like she covered her entire body – GET OVER IT!!!

  44. DFX


    It was so nice of you to bring a breath of fresh air in here.
    Why are we belly-aching over the tattoo behind her ear? Is this one more important that the music notes on her ankles, the star in her ear or the long asian inspired one on her right side? We have nothing better to do than to cry down those who are doing well themselves. I say if she wants to get 100 tattoos it’s her body and she can do what she wants with it.

    Everybody got their panties in a twist over; this for what? Everybody saying she forget where she come from and did not put the trident in the Umbrella video, guess what! She did, it’s there.. Check when she poses with the umbrella with 2 legs bent off to each side and the umbrella in the middle, it’s an upside-down trident. Strong message Barbados.. We got our priorities all wrong, we have become bass ackward. Leave the girl alone. As Cherysh so rightly said GET OVER IT!!!!!

    Thanks Cherysh!

  45. I have Also got a number of tattoos and believe you me they are no problem I have worked in some of the best trades in the world so why put Rihanna down she is one of the best things that ever came out of Barbados and a great ambassador for all Bajans world wide so instead of dis-respecting her you all should be looking at the talent she has and the great admiration she has for her country and her roots

    Well done Rihanna!! keep up the good work and keep the flag flying high for us proud Bajans

  46. My Dad Also has a number of tattoos and believe me he has never had any problems he has worked in some of the best trades in the world including catering which is a very funny business if you have tattoos so why put Rihanna down she is one of the best and prettiest things that ever came out of Barbados and a great ambassador for all Bajans world wide so instead of dis-respecting her you all should be looking at the good she has done in putting Barbados once again on the international map

    Well done Rihanna!! keep up the good work and keep the flag flying high for us proud Bajan decendants

  47. DFX

    J. Payne,

    I read somewhere yesterday that she broke her ankle.

    Hope she gets well soon! Chase and I can attest to the fact that a sprain is bad enough.

  48. Starrr

    what does it really matter anyway. I see absolutely nothing and I mean NOTHING wrong with the girl getting a tattoo. So many times we find the most trivial things to make an issue about. Come on people. Get on with your lives. Something as personal as a tattoo (which by the way is not as gigantic as you may think) should not take up as much argument space as the rise in food prices.
    Give the girl a break. Peace.

  49. Anonymous

    I heard she has one behind each ear but who really cares?

  50. fan

    how do you find pictures of rihanna to download/save i am a big fan of hers n i would like a few. No i am not a pervert or some kind of sicko. i would also like some of her music gimme some sites.

  51. fan

    you all definitely need to stop hatin on rihanna because she is doing her thing n enjoying her life you haters out there should do the same. i personlly agree with the ones who said that d others should mind their own business . i love the idea of gettin a tattoo i wanted one in my lower back badly but i am glad that i found out about the epidoral thing before i got one because i dont have a child as yet i would love to get. thanks for the info i would probably just choose another body part

  52. fan

    to kmygee i personally know alot of tattoo artists n they are not criminals neither or they high school drop-outs so get with the new millenium n stop being such a cun-cun

  53. APOLLO

    who cares if she has a tattoo, who cares if she has a broken anke, frankly she can do what ever she likes she has the money use it, yuh live once enjoy yuhself . so candy get a life(opps u do not have one sorry)

  54. Anonymous

    When are bajans going to start celebrating there own, Big up Ms Rhi, Rhi, she is doing her thing, come on bajans lets spread the red carpet for her, let’s big her up, i live in NY and she is being big up here, she will be on Tyra Banks Show on monday Sept 10th, i am going to watch it, you should too.

  55. Desiree

    West Side Davie– good way to show an example of a narrow minded Ignorent person. Just so you know I know SEVERAL tattoo artist that actually have college degrees and decided to do something they love with their live. I’m sure your ignorant enough (or maybe you just choose stupidity) to not know that it takes YEARS to develop the talent of being able to draw art on a persons body. Theres alot of training and internships envolved before you even allowed to get your license and actually tattoo someone.. And the comment on not being able to have an epidural just shows your ingnorance. My best friend just had a baby and the doctor had NOO problem giving her a epidural despite the tattoo. Stop listening to old wives tales and actually do some research before you post and make yourself look as dumb as you just made yourself look.

  56. Avatar Gurl


    She got a tattoo behind her EAR….

    Pray tell, WHAT kind of wrinkles and folds will interfere with that to make her look bad?

    Personally, I have plans to get a tattoo myself…on either my upper arm and on my shoulder, and none of those areas will get THAT wrinkled to be ghastly.

    What she does with her body is her own damn business! WHY oh WHY do some folks around here have to be so narrow-minded? Crying down young people just because they made a decision…utterly pathetic in my opinion. And that’s all it is.

    I don’t think your parents liked it if you did all those thing that were unique in the 1950’s and 60’s…but you can cast judgement on the people of today? Well, well, well…

    I guess there is a cycle coming around through the process of life. A pity that that prevents us from truly moving forward…

  57. Megan

    OMG! A TATTOO!!!
    The world is ending, it’s all over…… oh wait….
    We’re still here.

    Instead of worrying about what a tattoo is going to look like in 30-40 years, how about you start worrying about what will happen to us in 30-40 years? Kids are being born with cancer, for heaven’s sake! And the most important thing for you to worry about is a star’s decision to get a tattoo?!?!

    What a close-minded, lame-*** society we live in.
    I’m with Rihanna, some days I don’t want to be associated with Bajans either.

    It will be 6 years now since I got my tattoo at 16 (lower back too, didn’t have any problem with a lumbar puncture last year)
    And I’m thinking of getting another tattoo now.
    You should consider it too, Davie, Fran and Peltdown…
    After all, your body is only a vessel, right?

    P.S. John, you have to wait a few years after the tattoo before giving blood, but you can give again.

  58. *PRINCESS*


  59. Anonymous

    yew guysz are all gay. theresz nothing wrong with a tattoo. i think its cute. why does everybody ridicule celebrities put yourself in there position and see how it feels.

  60. Jerome Hinds

    I guess this is expected when a ” Good girl turns BAD “……!


    Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 11:34:35 -0200

    October 30, 2007.

    When MediaTakeOut.com showed you photos of Rihanna attending her cousin Nigel’s wedding in Barbados a few days ago, we thought that the event went off without a hitch. But we couldn’t have been more wrong. Yesterday our inbox was filled with emails from party guests who claim that Rihanna was asked to leave the wedding early.

    The trouble began almost as soon as Rihanna arrived. Tells one of the more than a half dozen partygoers who wrote in to MediaTakeOut.com, ‘I was shocked when I saw what Rihanna was wearing. Every time she moved, her [breasts] looked like they were ready to come loose.’ The tipster added, ‘[The bride comes from] a very Christian family. [Rihanna] should have known better than to show up wearing such scandalous attire.’

    And there’s more. According to a number of eyewitnesses, Rihanna refused to eat the food offered to other guests. An insider explained to MediaTakeOut.com, ‘She brought her own food and wouldn’t touch anything else … Our food must not be good enough for a big star like her.’

    At one point in the evening, the bride’s family decided that they’d had enough. As one family friend puts it, ‘Rihanna was taking away from the [bride and groom’s] day so we thought it was best to ask her to leave. She understood and agreed’

    But before leaving, one guest claims that Rihanna gave the family a piece of her mind. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, ‘She started arguing with [her aunt and her mother] … Even though they were in the back, you could hear Rihanna yelling at her mother.’ The insider added, ‘Her mother is a very easygoing woman, so she just stayed quiet and waited for Rihanna to calm down …. If she were my daughter, someone would have had to call the police.’


  61. Me

    (1) Stop copying nonsense off of gossip sites.

    (2) Who cares if Rihanna has a tattoo. Who doesnt these days?

    (3) For the last time…nuh body don’t hate Rihanna. Bajans too dramatic. If yuh put yuh self out in the public domain, yuh must be able to take criticism. Instead of expecting praise fuh foolishness, tek de constructive criticism and better yuhself.

    De girl always in we paper…how anybody could claim Barbados don’t love her. If Rihanna sneeze in Japan or pee in New York, the local newspapers does got a story. So shut up and catch the bus all the people walking bout talking bout Barbados dont like Rihanna.

    And de next person that say Rihanna should be honored for her achievements should be prosecuted. She is doing a job and she is receiving her just rewards (I sure she bank account bigger than mine). Somebody show me the figures that support the claims that since Rihanna’s success tourist arrivals to Barbados have increased…(waiting)

    As far as I know God put we pon de map not Rihanna.

    De girl don’t sing no Bajan music. Look, somebody make a compilation of all the Barbados song contest winners and 2nd place finishers and call me.

    And big up the MerryMen, CRS Music and people like Rupee, Allison & Crossfire who try to stick to their roots and really represent.

    But RiRi congrats on your success.

  62. M. Elcock-Rice

    I posted this on another site, and felt I should do the same here:

    Criticism follows anyone in the public eye. It can be constructive at times, and the rest of the time one needs to learn to ignore.

    But we need to realise that Rihanna is a Barbadian child who has been flung to the top of the American dream, and she has a lot to learn about life etc.

    She needs guidance and prayers. Those of us who have constructive criticism need to offer this in a gentle way and not taint it with redicule.

    If anyone should be rediculed it is the adults in her life who “APPARENTLY” fed her to the wolves. And those who are currently “guiding” her and who are in charge of her career and image, who misuse our Bajan beauty and her talents and body.

    Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child. Even if Rihanna can legally consent to the “good girl gone bad” image, she needs guidance to understand why she should not sell her soul or her body for fame. But the American culture accepts lewdness as a rite of passage into adulthood.

    Please pray for Rihanna, and be gentle in your reproach.

    To Rihanna: Honey, let your talent speak for itself. Your singing has improved tremendously. Keep your clothes on.
    I think it is great that you keep in touch with you friends in Barbados. Keep grounded.
    BUT learn who you should take advice from: take advice from your peers with a pinch of salt, and advice from those who stand to benefit from your “success” with a bucket. Listen to your mother.

    And remember: A good name is to be more desired than great wealth. Favor is better than silver and gold.

  63. tony

    i love rihanna i dont care what people say anybody can get a tattoo if it waz some singer from barbados i wont to spread leave the bajan princess alone please

  64. tony

    rihanna is a nice girl but she nedds to talk about how people treat her and stop letting it hurt her so badly she is a human just like anybody else leave the bajan princess now

  65. Sister Baby

    I say only God can intervene on behalf of Rihanna if it is really true what is said about her behaviour at her cousin’s recent wedding in Barbados. Bringing her food is an insult and screaming at her mother is a sin, for the Holy Book says, Honour thy Father and Mother for thy days shall be long in the land. I am Guyanese and I know that her mother is from Guyana, and I wonder to myself what sacrifices had to be made by her mother to get to shores of Barbados from Guyana. Rihanna needs our prayers. I am a big Arturo Tappin fan, and besides I am too old for Rihanna’s music, but just because Rihanna has a Guyanese connection I took a liking to her, otherwise, I would not bother myself with her. But I will pray for her and I will send to a prayer request in for her to my AME Bishop. A Happy Christmas to one and all.

  66. Mua'Dib

    Ohh gimme a break Sister Baby.

    If u wanna pray, pray to keep her safe and out of trouble. Don’t be so judgemental especially when basing ur comments on gossip.

  67. Barney

    some uh wunna so stupid den. If it was any normal, average person, nobody would have anything to say. Honestly, if it was any other celebrity nobody would have anything to say. I don’t think Barbadians realise that by constantly criticising Rihanna you are just discouraging many other young people looking to emerge in the entertainment industry from doing so. Many young people are going to go to other countries and not even acknowledge that they are from Bdos because of the behavior displayed towards Rihanna who is our biggest celebrity yet. Seriously, try to focus a little more on the good and not the bad, chill, for a young person, she has acheived so much in such a short space of time, and as a young person (17 yrs old) and a Combermerian I am very proud of her.

  68. Barney very well said, at least im not the only one with those views

  69. I just wanted to address West Side Davie’s absured comment about not being able to receive a epidural due to lower back tattoos, I am a mother of 2 beautiful boys, I had epidurals for each of their births and I have a lower back tattoo. I’m not sure if you are just miss informed or if you are just making this up in your head. As for the rest of the things that you said, I really don’t feel like I need to comment on your ignorance.

  70. Carlos Thompson, I wouldn’t be so quick to big up Rihannna because I read in a New York paper that she is denying being from Barbados. She is now claiming to be from L.A.

  71. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Behind the ear, on the nipple, or on her most private place – it is her body and her life. We should be greatful that she is not lesbian (I would hope not) or hooked on cocaine (like Whitney,
    and I hope not) or pregnant for some blue eye con artist or ripping off poor citizens of the soil with proclamations of “as your parlimentary representative I promise too…”

    Ease up off my girl!

    Any way, Rihanna if you reading this, keep it real girl and show Barbados how much you care by investing your millions in something positive for the country and us young people. They are others like you in Bimshire with incredible talent, so show your love and help them so that the world will know that the most easternly dot (in the Caribbean chain of islands) on the world map wreaks with tremendous talent that the world must sit back and acknowledge. Keep it real ‘Barbabos’s most famous child.

  72. Jordan

    just want to leave a comment for the sake of it. i like the tattoo but its sad you all sit there and discuss it 🙂

  73. Jerome Hinds

    I nominate Rhianna for the position of Barbados’ roving Ambassador to the UN !

    She does not wear cornrows…….so Matthew Farley would approve of her nomination !

    OOPPPS……..I forgot Rhianna likes to wear her clothes in a youthful fashion and I am sure that BIGOT Matthew Farley would have second thoughts…….!

    Such are the two-side actions of WOMANISERS !

  74. Kat

    Who cares. Let the girl do whatever she wants with her body. At the end of the day it is she who has to live and deal with it.

  75. New on the Blog

    Is anyone sure that it is a real tattoo?? It might be just a decal type thing that washes off?

  76. Rihanna, I love you. I am so proud of you. You have put us (Barbados) higher on the map dispite what others out there may say. I know you have worked hard for your achievement and I will continue to pray for you’. Don’t mine those gossipers out there who always try to pull people down when they suceed. How if it was their own daughter would they not be happy. People in Canada, America, Japan all over the world just love this child why can her own bajans be proud of her instead of bad mouthing her all the time. Rihanna keep up the good works, you are a superstar and no one can take it away,you have prove yourself to the world

  77. Violet

    I absolutely love Rhianna’s work, and her style and i like the Tattoo, but i agree it’s very sad how you all sit there and discuss it. = )

  78. Boss

    I love rihanna’s tatoo Its cool

  79. J

    Yes having a tatoo, or ear peircing, or any type of body piercing, or dental surgery, or any surgery, or receiving a blood transfusion, or multiple sexual partners, or anal intercourse, or being on many types of medicines, or many illnesses, recent childbirth, or having your period that week precludes you from being a blood donor, for a period of time, sometimes for 6 months sometimes for a lifetime. So the pool of potential blood donors is actually quite small. Maybe this will encourage a few people for the sake of others to give up on the tatoos and body piercings. If your parent/spouse/child/lover requires a blood donation today could you donate? Or would the tatoo prevent you? And if not you, then who? Yes tatooing is an invasive medical procedure performed by non-medically trained people. I am hesitant to let doctors and nurses stick needles in my body. I will certainly not allow non-medical people to stick needles in me. I have donated 40 times, but apart from that nobody sticks needles in me.

  80. stephanie69

    well thats a crazy choose to make !!!!! if i were u i wondent done that !!! but ok we still like u but dux stay away from CHRIS BROWN that is my BBBBOOOOIIIIII boi so stay back away from him !!!!! but i also think that that was sweet about u and ur friend geting that tattoo and maybe i would done that but not on my ear !!!!!!

  81. stephanie69

    well J i think the same thing as u do!!!!! and the y is cuz if rihanna wanted to be a mother some day then she should stop with that $H!T cuz i would want to donate blood but with a tattoo???? u cant !!!! and i think a piercing could been BETTER !!!! by the way dont 4 get I LOVE CHRIS BROWN OR MAYBE WE ALL LOVE CHRIS BROWN that means all the fans not singer with singer !!!!! H311 NO !!!!!!!!!

  82. AT

    First of all, learn to spell please Gena. Second of all lets look at what Rihanna has done for this country: let the whole world know is is a country separate from Jamaica with people that hate her and are “silly like that”. Lots of people know about Jamaica, Haiti etc and they are still poor and suffering. Rihanna has done nothing to bring profit to this country. If you don’t believe me, check Jamaica, and people have known about them for years. Stop talking about “putting on map” and stop looking at the maps you are looking at from 10, 000 BC. Thank you.

  83. .......

    I am the wife of a tattoo artist… Both of us are heavily tattooed. We both have a our high school diploma. Oh and what’s better is that I am a nurse in a nursing home. My residents love to look at all my tattoos. They are always asking me if I got a new one. Oh and I am pregnant. My doctor has been in practice for over 30 years. I asked him about the tattoos and an epidural and he said that it would be no problem at all.
    You know Davies… It is people like you that give the whole human race a bad rep. You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. People like you don’t understand the beauty of body art. Professional tattoo artists work very hard for everything that they do. They know more about infection control then most hospitals do.
    Oh and tattoo artists are not criminals. Yes the media tends to portray them as such but in all reality they are no different from you. My husband grew up poor. And now since he has been tattooing he is very well off. I mentioned that I am nurse. Well I will have you know he makes more money than I do.
    You are so ignorant. You should not judge people just because of the way they look. There are actually feelings behind all the tattoos. The tattoo community is growing each day and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Get your nose out of the air you arrogant asshole and accept what is going on around you!

  84. ROBOT

    At least her tattoo is in a discreet spot for any future moves in dealing with ppl from an island that likes to think they are 2001+ but really 1899!
    on the basis of comment from one or two individuals you make such an assertion

    man give me the truth !

  85. god i cant beleive dat she put a tattoo on ha ear errrrrrrrrr ded

  86. Jessica*

    It doesnt seem like her to get a tattoo :S
    like wtf i didnt even no she had one on her neck down her back there stars,,

  87. Anonymous

    i think davie is ignorant. I happen to be an art student who has a decent amount of friends that are graduates and hold a career as a tattoo artist. Its decent money and for an artist you get to do something you enjoy while creating art for others. There’s always two sides to things, next time do a little more research before you go bashing on people you don’t know. It’s also Rhianna’s body, who gives a shit what she does? She’d old enough to make her own decisions, it’s not like she got a tattoo across her forehead.

  88. Wateva

    OKAY all who are takin Rhinna’s decision to get a tatoo on her own body… NEED TO GET A LIFE!!! let the girl be.. Besides, it’s a unique tatoo and IT IS he F.. En.. body.. So beat it HATERS.. find something else to worry about..

  89. DilemmaDave

    Honestly,who cares,and another thing,it’s her life and her body,why should you fret over that,if she wants one,why not?She’s not a little child,she can make her own decisions.

  90. 124

    everything ur saying about an epidoural and having a tattoo on ur back is bull$&!t i’ve had two children BOTH with an epidoural and have lower back tattoo get ur facts straight

  91. Anonymous


  92. You idiot, I went to college, I have a masters in graphic design. I’m a tattoo artist. We are blood bourne pathogen certified in the industry. People are so ignorant.

  93. BFP

    Well, I guess that beauty is in the eye of the … etc.

  94. haleyraper

    Honestly, Drop Outs, & HIV have nothing to do with tattoos. Stop putting people in stereotypes. Your probably no one to judge..

  95. I love body art and not everyone has too but I think negative people should close there mouths because if u don’t like it don’t do it and just cause u don’t like it doesn’t mean no one else should like it.

  96. Johnson

    The girl is amazingly talented, wonderful. What a coup for Barbados to have such a singer, follow in the tracks to the top of the world stage, the footsteps of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Billy Ocean etc.