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A Reader From Finland Writes To Barbados Free Press

An email from Finland to the Barbados Free Press!

Hey… How cool is that?

BFP has a following in Finland! OK, OK… just one guy that we know of, and he tipped us to the following article…

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Should Barbados follow this lead?

(name omitted by request)

Helsinki, Finland)

Guinea’s Ministers Lose Luxury Cars

All Guinea’s government ministers and senior officials have had their luxury four-wheel drive vehicles confiscated on the orders of the president.

The politicians can now instead be seen driving small Toyota cars around the capital, Conakry.

The measure is aimed at narrowing the big gap between rich and poor in the West African nation, where most people live below the poverty line.

Some people welcomed the move in the hope it leads to more economic reforms.

Ministers and officials had to return their four-wheel drive cars to government garages on Tuesday.

… read the rest of this article online at the BBC link here.


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DLP Candidate Called For Integrity Legislation In 2004 – Charter For Change

Google is such a fantastic tool and so much of every day that I often forget what it was like in the days “B.G.” – Before Google.

Last night I Googled “expropriation without compensation + Barbados” – and after a few sorts up came a DLP candidate website from the 2004 Barbados election that called for Integrity Legislation and a “Charter For Change”.

This issue falls right in with two recent BFP articles…

Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land

DLP Leader Calls For Integrity Legislation In Barbados – But Does He Really Mean It?


Former DLP Candidate Dr. Denis Lowe (Senator)

DLP Candidate Denis Lowe didn’t win a seat, but if reading his “Charter for Change” is any indication of the man, then Mr. Lowe’s loss was also a loss for Barbados.

Here are some links to Mr. Lowe’s website – which appears to be unchanged from the election…

Denis Lowe Websitelink here

Charter For Changelink here


Senator Denis Lowe was the DLP candidate for Christ Church East during the last election. Still posted on his website is the following “Charter For Change”. In our opinion, this would serve as an excellent foundation for a new DLP initiative to bring Integrity and Conflict of Interest issues into the public arena during the approaching Barbados election.

Here it is verbatim from Senator Lowe’s old election website…

Charter For Change

At the heart of protecting our most precious rights and freedoms in this country is the preservation of our democracy and the promotion of sound standards of governance. In this regard, it is imperative that the governed hold those who govern accountable and answerable to the people. This is especially important when considering that the actions of the state must always be undertaken with the maximum social benefits of the people in focus.

To achieve this, the philosophy, policies and programs of government must by underpinned by certain fundamental governance practices that place the people as the sole reason for the existence of government. Akin to this view is the belief that when the government fails to embrace sound governance practice it inevitably looses touch with the people.

In promoting this Charter for Change, please note that:

1/ We are advancing the call for integrity legislation so as to ensure that all elected government officials abide by the rules of transparency, full accountability and other critical standards of governance.

2/ We are advancing the call for no expropriation without compensation at fair market value. This is to ensure that those who must surrender their lands to government for whatever purposes are compensated at fair market value within six months of the compulsory acquisition.

3/ We are advocating for the implementation of changes to ensure integrity and diligence in the legal profession, strict conflict of interest rules, and the setting up of a truly independent body to oversee legal complaints.

4/ We are vigorously calling for the tightening and enforcement of our election laws and voting procedures, insisting that any allegations of corruption or voter fraud are fully investigated and that the appropriate penalties are applied where violations are identified

5/ We will support the call for strong anti-victimization rules and the imposition of stiff penalties on members of the public service who use the power of their office to victimize persons because of their political, religious, and/or social views.

Just a hint, Mr. Lowe…

We don’t know if you intend to run again for public office, but your website is old, klunky and seems to have been created by someone who has no idea about search engines like Google and Yahoo. Even typing “Denis Lowe + Barbados” into Google won’t return your website. Sorry to run on about it, but technically it is way out of date – not to mention that the latest content seems to be from 2004.

Despite the inactive status of Senator Lowe’s website, we will add it to our central listings because of the Charter For Change article.

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