Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke Sets New Barbados Free Press Record!

Our article Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land has set two new records here at Barbados Free Press.

1/ Second Best Day Ever – Total Unique Visitors

2/ Most Viewed First Day Story Ever! – (Despite the fact that the article has not even been posted for a full 24 hours)

Uhhhhh…. Thanks, Gline!

I guess.


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3 responses to “Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke Sets New Barbados Free Press Record!

  1. Peter

    This website is just a plain smut site. Another for of the Investigator News Paper. Barbados is really lowering its standards – We are attacking anything that moves these days – all for the opportunity to be leader of Barbados. Remember God is watching us. Today it is Gline (True or untrue) tomorrow it may be you……

  2. BFP

    Smut site?

    Really Peter!

    As far as your sideways implying that the Barbados Free Press is, in fact, the opposition DLP, we would invite you to read some of our comments about the DLP and make up your mind after.

    But … ooops…

    We see where you are visiting us from!

    Good morning, Sir.

    No wonder you would rather create doubt about the messenger rather than address the facts contained in the story.

  3. Glory-B

    O-Boy,wuh loss,help muh,sad to have to tell yuh,but Peter ,teck yuh head outta de sand and smell de bacon