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DLP Leader Calls For Integrity Legislation In Barbados – But Does He Really Mean It?

DLP Leader Thompson Supports Integrity Legislation – Prime Minister Arthur Does Not

According to The Nation News, David Thompson, leader of the Democratic Labour Party, stated publicly last Sunday on Brass Tacks – Voice of Barbados Radio that he favours Integrity Legislation for elected officials.

The Nation News disclosed this most important news with a single line in the middle of a larger article…

…”The Opposition Leader disclosed that he favoured integrity legislation (which usually binds prominent people to declaring their assets publicly); having more places for students at the Barbados Community College and the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic; and a more broad-based economic programme emphasising export agriculture and manufacturing…”

Read the entire Nation News article here.

This is big news folks, because a political party in Barbados has finally declared in favour of legislating behavoural standards and accountability for public officials. Mr. Thompson and the DLP have obviously come to the realization that without Integrity Legislation and Conflict of Interest Rules, Barbados will never be able to progress.

Integrity Legislation keeps honest people honest, and makes crooked elected officials accountable when they step over the line.

But Do Thompson And The DLP Really Mean What They Say?

While we congratulate Mr. Thompson for taking a public stand on this important issue, we hope that he and the DLP have the strength of conviction and character to follow through and show real leadership in this area.

Integrity Legislation and wrong-doing by politicians will be a major issue next election. Of that there can be no doubt. People have had it with abuses by politicians, and even die-hard BLP supporters know that more than a few skeletons are starting to fall out of the closet.

Thompson and The DLP Should Act Now!

The DLP will gain significant moral highground and increased public support long before the next election if it does one thing right now… The DLP must institute Integrity Standards and Conflict of Interest Rules for DLP elected officials and make these standards effective immediately.

Regardless of the fact that such rules would not immediately have the force of law, the DLP should make it known that they will enforce compliance by their own elected members until proper legislation is enacted.

If Thompson and the DLP were to immediately announce “Interim Standards and Conflict of Interest Rules for DLP Elected Officials”, it would be a public declaration that the Democratic Labour Party, whatever it’s current weaknesses, is really willing to walk the walk about integrity.

Such an announcement would also make Integrity and Conflict of Interest Legislation THE major election issue next year – and would effectively steal the thunder from whatever election issues that the BLP would like to see before the public.

After 12 years of feeding at the trough, the BLP is extremely vulnerable on integrity issues.

The DLP and Leader Thompson now have their one best chance to set up the major election issue of next year. Let’s see if they have both the strength of character and the political savy to follow through.


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Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke Sets New Barbados Free Press Record!

Our article Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land has set two new records here at Barbados Free Press.

1/ Second Best Day Ever – Total Unique Visitors

2/ Most Viewed First Day Story Ever! – (Despite the fact that the article has not even been posted for a full 24 hours)

Uhhhhh…. Thanks, Gline!

I guess.


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