Some Barbados Ministry Of Health Workers Not Paid For 3 Months

And again we ask…

Does the Government of Barbados have a little problem with cashflow?

From The Nation News…

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“IF IT WERE ME I would be vex as hell,” said general secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, Joseph Goddard.

“It is absolutely ridiculous that someone can work for 12 weeks and don’t get paid a cent,” said Minister of Health Jerome Walcott, noting that he found it very upsetting when people constantly visited his office to complain they had not received money for work done for his ministry.

The two were responding to questions from the DAILY NATION about the constant flow of complaints from temporary workers in the Ministry of Health that often weeks, sometimes months, after they undertook short-term work stints they still had not been paid…

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2 responses to “Some Barbados Ministry Of Health Workers Not Paid For 3 Months

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  2. health inspector

    this is 2009 i worked since september 2008 and have bot been paid as yet so three months is cake compare to me with 3 kids morgage and utility bills which are on the brink of being disconnected