Al Qaeda Terrorist Has Trinidad and Tobago Passport – Barbados Police Commissioner Says “Relax and Have A Rum”

For those who forget from time to time that Barbados and the Caribbean are also targets of Muslim Jihadists, this little reminder appeared in The Nation News…

Trinidad, Guyana Alert For Terrorist

ONE OF THE WORLD’S most wanted terrorists, Al Qaeda operative Adnan Gulshair Muhammad el Shukrijumah, may be hiding in Trinidad and Tobago or Guyana and has, in his possession, a T&T passport.

Shukrijumah, 31, is one of the most wanted terrorists by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which said he was “wanted in connection with possible terrorist threats against the United States”.

He has several “personal ties” to both Trinidad and Guyana, the FBI said, according to an Los Angeles Times Sunday. US law enforcement described the elusive terrorist as an “ultimate sleeper agent”.

The LA Times report quoted FBI sources as saying that Shukrijumah could be anywhere, including Trinidad and Guyana, because of his ties in both places and the fact that he is believed to have passports of both countries…

Barbados Police Commissioner “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Don’t worry, folks! The Commissioner of the Royal Barbados Police Force says that no terrorist has checked in with authorities, so everything be A-OK. Have a rum, relax. Everything gonna be fine…

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin told the DAILY NATION that although no official request was made to his department, to date there was no record that the wanted terrorist had entered or had passed through any of Barbados’ ports of entry.

He noted that since Shukrijumah was blacklisted locally, there would have been automatic checks done on the fugitive…

… read the whole article at The Nation News.


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3 responses to “Al Qaeda Terrorist Has Trinidad and Tobago Passport – Barbados Police Commissioner Says “Relax and Have A Rum”

  1. ross

    Automatic checks? How would automatic checks be done if the name in the passport is not Shukrijumah or for, that matter, even if it is? He bears a striking resemblance to several people I have seen.

  2. Pat

    Is he a terrorist, or is he a suspected terrorist. We all know Bin Laden is a terrorist. What has this man done other than has ties to Al-Qaeda an may be involved in “possible threats” to the US. In this day, every muslim is a possible threat to the US, according to Bush and his neocons.

    The Commissioner of Police is right. Dont worry, be happy, relax and have a rum and coconut water.

  3. SM

    I read about this some time ago, but I didn’t realise that they’re still looking for this fella. I hope they don’t have to terrorise too many innocent ppl to locate him. (have they found Bin Laden yet?)