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Barbados Court Considers Dispute Over Land Valued At Almost One Billion US$

Wow! – no wonder the hit-o-meter has been going off the scale since we posted World’s Investors Watch Barbados Court Case. It turns out that the value of the Barbados land under dispute is almost One Billion US Dollars…

How did a little old lady from Barbados – a descendant of slaves – end up involved in a dispute surrounding a billion dollars of prime island land?

That, folks, is what makes this a very compelling story on a human level as well as a business and legal story.

We hadn’t even heard of this case until the past week, so we don’t know enough about what happened to really say too much about it. We will, however, do our best to follow the court case and let you know what we discover – as, for some reason, none of the other local media has paid much attention to it.

One of our readers sent the following website to us. We haven’t really looked at it yet, but for what it is worth, here it is…



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