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CARICOM: St. Lucia To Grant Amnesty To Illegals – Will Barbados Follow?

From the Jamaica Gleaner (link here)…

The St Lucia Government says it will grant amnesty to Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nationals residing here illegally.

It said the amnesty will come into effect from January 1, 2007.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony said the amnesty would allow illegal Caribbean nationals, especially the large contingent of Guyanese citizens, to regularise their status once they can prove they have been residing here for more than three years.

Officials note that because many St. Lucians left here in the 1950s for Guyana to mine gold, their descendants have returned to St. Lucia taking up permanent residence.

Other Caribbean nationals including those from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica have also made St. Lucia their home. 

… read the rest of the story at the Jamaica Gleaner here


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Suggestion for the DLP Website

We notice that the Barbados Democratic Labour Party DLP website does not have a listing either for candidates or links to the websites of elected members or candidates.

Seeing as how Mr. Thompson has declared that “the campaign has started”, the DLP might want to let us know who is running where?

Sometimes I do despair that the DLP will never get it together. Work harder and faster, please!



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Barbados Prime Minister Fails To Look Rihanna In The Eye

Senator Lynette Eastmond stopped by the other day and let us know that her website has undergone some improvements, so we thought we would have a look.

Yup… Lynette’s website is sure pretty and well-written. It is obvious that the BLP has someone giving advice to their candidates about establishing a web presence. Can’t fault them for that!

Hey – Where Are The Prime Minister’s Eyes Looking?

Senator Eastmond’s website is featuring an article with a photo of Prime Minister Owen Arthur presenting an award to our Bajan sweetie, Rihanna.

Now… maybe it’s just me… but Robert also agrees. Take a look at the photo and see if we are correct…

Just where is the Prime Minister’s gaze landing? Let’s put it this way – Owen just doesn’t seem to be looking Rihanna in the eye.

Not that any of us guys blame him at all. 😉

Link here.


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