Barbados Rocks – With A BFP Clue!


Is This Popular You Tube Music Video A Barbados Free Press Production?

With almost forty-thousand recent views and a four-star rating, the music-video Barbados Rocks is gathering a cult-following at the You Tube video website…

… but some sharp-eyed Barbados Free Press readers have been sending emails asking if we have anything to do with this video.

Apparently, the rumour mill has been working overtime at some of the chat rooms around the net, and a few initial enquiries have turned into a couple of dozen emails a day – so we will answer the three main questions that everyone is asking…

Question: Is “Barbados Rocks” A BFP Production?

Nope – this music video is not a BFP project. We only wish we had done it because it is a great piece of work and we would have loved to put our name on the credits. It was made by a Scot named James – who loves Bim, but for some reason prefers Caribe to Banks.

Question: Some of Shona’s Photos Are In The Video – Right?

Well, they look like some of Shona’s posted work – especially the Archer’s Bay and sunset photos – but nope, Shona’s photos do not appear in James’ video.

Question: The guy with the hat, dancing… Marcus, right?

We can’t seem to reach Marcus right now. He and Shona are away visiting, so I guess that question will have to remain unanswered.


Click on the highlighted link or the photo to see Barbados Rocks.


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4 responses to “Barbados Rocks – With A BFP Clue!

  1. Jason

    Cool! Is dat be Marcus dancin?

  2. West Side Davie

    Is that Marcus dancing?

    BFP? What you say?

  3. honeybee

    I think the guy running around like crazy must be Marcus.

  4. BFP

    Marcus is in New York City right now, so maybe he will answer when he returns.