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Barbados Economy Most Vulnerable – Moody Investment Service

Barbados economy at it’s most vulnerable
08-29-2006 STARCOM Network News

Barbados’ economy is probably more vulnerable today than at anytime since the turn of the century.

That’s according to Moody Investment Service, considered second only to Standard and Poors, as a Wall Street credit rating company.

It states that the vulnerability started to deteriorate since 2001. This was mitigated by the fact that a lot of foreign money here which can be withdrawn at anytime, is in the Financial Services Sector.

This is unlike other countries where the foreign dollars are in the higly speculative investment arena.

Our Take On This Story…

The Government of Barbados shouts from the rooftops and bangs pots in the street when a rating service makes even the slightest positive comment about the economy.

I wonder what Prime Minister Owen Arthur will say about this position by Moody’s?


Hi folks… We first had this article incorrectly titled with “Standard & Poor’s” instead of Moody Investment Service.

Our apologies.

Reminder to self… Proof read, Proof read, Proofo reda…

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