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Barbados Bathsheba Railroad Land – Who Really Owns It?

More “unusual circumstances” with another piece of land in Barbados. We only have so much land, and the skullduggeries and intrigue surrounding the acquisition and transfer of lands on this small island are legendary.

A letter from a BFP reader…

I read in the press recently that Sir Roy is outraged at hearing that the access to the old train line at Highrock, and inter alia, the acccess to the beach at Highrock, Bathsheba, has been blocked off by stakes driven into the ground.

This is of great concern to me. This is my home village. The train line is public property and has been every since I was crawling around on all fours. No other property owner along that coast has had the audacity to fence it off, or complain, because the locals have always used that line as a right of way.

It seems to me, that the new owners of “Culpepper” the property on the hill over looking Highrock, may have thought that this land belongs to them. The fact is, when Mrs. Marie Austin owned it, she knew it was not hers and never claimed it. She died and left if jointly for her five nephews and nieces, who put it on the market a few years back for $3.5 million US.

They claimed it was 3.5 acres, which was a surprise to many locals as it did not appear to be so much land mass. If, however, the heirs included the old train line as part of the property that would, of course, increase the acreage.

It would be interesting to know who did the survey for the sale, and if they were aware that the train line belonged to the public, or if the government is aware of this land grab by the new owners of ‘culpepper’.

It would also be interesting to know what the plans are for the site and if these plans had anything to do with that ridiculous tourist trap that the government had proposed for the Beachmount pasture also at Bathsheba.


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