Does Barbados Law Prevent Developers From Destroying Nearby Beaches To Enhance Their Own Beach?


Condo Developers Destroying Nearby Beaches

Sometimes I despair that our government will ever wake up to the fact that allowing huge corporations to do as they please with our natural resources is a prescription for disaster. Lately, we have been seeing more and more incidents of private developers selfishly building jettys and groins without a care in the world about the damage done to nearby beaches.

Problem At Mullins Bay

Our friends at Mullins Bay Blog are extremely upset about a large condo developer’s actions, and they have written an excellent piece called The Uglification Of Mullins Bay – a bit of which follows…

Shock of shocks, horror of horrors has unfolded on the northern end of the Mullins Bay area with the construction of four new groins (two pictured here) to create more beach area for a new multi-million dollar condominium development going up on the last large parcel of undeveloped beachfront in the area…

With government doing little or nothing to help control beach erosion on the west coast private developers have taken it into their own hands to hasten the destruction of what was once one of the best beaches in the area. Groins are ugly, don’t always do what they are supposed to do (trap sand), create obstacles to walking on the beach, and most importantly, contribute the destruction of beaches nearby…

…but whereas the few small home owners remaining in the area have to jump through hoops to get permission from “Coastal” to place a few rocks on the beach to stop their homes from falling into the sea, apparently the same rules do not apply to the “big boys”…

What Does Barbados Law Say?

Mullins Bay Blog charges that once again, the Government of Barbados has created a double standard – setting aside the rule of law for the rich developers at the long-term expense of our natural resources.

What is the story here? Can any readers advise what the law says about creating these jetties – whether Government approval is needed, and most importantly, whether the large developer mentioned by Mullins Bay Blog needs and has a permit?


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  1. Too often I think that not enough distinction is made between the civil service and government. Government to my mind, having spent some time in the UK now, are the Ministers of the ruling party. The Government sets policy and its up to the civil service to impliment it.

    Now, if this a case of the civil service rubber stamping permits for the rich, or whether the civil serive were ordered to do so, by a goverment minister, is a question that is well worth asking.

  2. BFP

    Well said, Andrew.

    So how about it, Dr. Duguid and Liz Thompson? Can either of you clarify the situation at Mullins Bay?

    (And Good Morning, Minister Thompson!)

  3. William Duguid

    I do not have any information on this matter. I have asked Coastal Zone Management to respond.

  4. BFP

    Thanks, Doctor.


  5. John

    Why don’t we ask the parliamentary representative for the constituency?

  6. Hants

    The government has to do something about the preservation of our Beaches and access to these Beaches.

    It is not only Bajans that are blocked but the Tourists on whom the country depends.

    Repeat. Tourist need access to beaches other than the Beach at the hotel where they stay.

    What is good for the Tourist will benefit us Beach lovers.

  7. True Blue

    I wonder if William – parliamentary representative for Ch. Ch. West – can tell us if the owners of Aqua Restaurant – formerly Champers – got permission to place boulders on the beach? Check it out Willie.

    The result will be very revealing…

  8. cat eyes

    The owner of Aqua restaurant is the invincible all powerful Colin Brewer of recent don’t -tell- me- what- to- do-or-say- Noel- Lynch- Roger Forde fame.
    Go figure.
    When you sort that piece out, find out why Cheryl had to move Champers.

  9. BK

    doan fuget that Hoyos is his pardner. just got to be somebodie in BIM and yuh can get de earth move

  10. John

    Particularly if you are a buddy of the guy who says he can move heaven

  11. ross

    Or the BIG guy at the top

  12. BFP


    Will someone please grab a photo of the boulders on the beach at Aqua – Champers Restaurant and email them to Barbados Free Press…



    (Marcus and Shona are visiting NY relatives for the rest of the month, so Shona’s nikon is not available – can someone grab a shot for us, please?)

  13. John


    How tall does a guy have to be before he can be called BIG?

  14. william duguid

    This is a development at Road View St Peter and it is the St. Peter’s bay Development and they have permission together with beach nourishment by bringing in sand and infilling between the groins.

  15. william duguid

    Town planning notified by coastal on the aqua matter. Told it was to protec the building foundations which are being eroded.

  16. ross

    So when did the erosion start?

  17. honeybee

    Can all of us who have properties on the beach which are suffering the ill effects of a similar situation do the same thing?
    Who paid for the boulders and who paid for the work at Aqua? Perhaps they could pay for ours too.

  18. Velzo

    Interesting Willie. But the cart seems to be before the horse. You don’t think so? Suppose this was the case with one of your constituents in Fordes Road? Would they not be served with enforcement notices? You remember that poor family in St. Peter?

    Don’t you have to apply to TP/Coastal BEFORE you put down boulders? Not afterwards. Have we gone mad? And why have other property/restaurant-owners been harrassed by the PM himself with his Twon Planning team?

    These double-standards perplex me. Not you, Willie?

  19. Hants

    I hope the Government attacks the Beach erosion problem seriously.

    Simply put. No Beaches, no Tourists, no Money.

  20. Littleboy56

    Who gave the OK for the St Peter Bay development?
    How will the poor neighbours access the beach mow that their lawful public access to the beach has been blocked?

  21. Littleboy56

    Where is Rawle Eastmond? That is (WAS?) his constituency.What happemed to the promised park that Owen Arthur promised a few years ago?
    Money talks.

  22. LISA

    Of course Tony Hoyos and Colin Brewer friends of the PMs can do as they please owners of AQUAs who for your information abused the former owner of champers in a horrible way.
    But remember when Mr. Toppin was critical of Mr.Brewers mistreatment of the airport staff.
    The worker bees. Mr.Brewer and Mr.Hoyos are known as bullies who abuse their connections.
    They were fired from PW for embezzlement.
    so boycott AQUA and the PLANTATION dinner theatre

  23. LISA

    Sure they needed boulders at Aqua’s if they what Mr.Hoyos and Mr.Brewer want they get ask the sweet mr duguid if the connections that the owners of Aqua didn’t play a role in getting things done at Aqua’s which seem underhanded and probably most likely done against town and country approval and coastals but one phone call to their friends at the BLP and they get things done that seem suspicous. They have friends in high places and use and abuse their connections and flaunt it even in Public just ask the former owner of Champers how they abused her and said ( we are Owens friends) BULLIES>
    Mr.Duigud go have a meeting with MS .Newman and any people who have had shady dealings with those two.
    Its a gross injustice of having money and getting favors.
    The truth SPOKEN>>>>>>>

  24. Ron

    Yep mr Hoyos the pardner and his friend the notorious Colin Brewer seem to get away with what-ever they want.
    They even make it known they can do things without permission . They do it first then after they do it they then go to Town and Country. Most people have to get approval first but not these two. Someone should let this be known to David Thompson and the opposition. Ron Toppin was right when he blasted Colin Brewer in parliment saying he needed to be reigned in well the higher ye go de harder ye fall.
    Yes ask cheryl why she had to vacate ( champers ) now Aqua ask how nice these two were to Cheryl they made her life and her staffs a living hell the lawsuits , the abuse, she had to call the enviromental Dept on those two when to try to get her out they sprayed Toxins and made her staff and customers sick.
    Well KARMA baby

  25. Bajan Babe

    Well I heard some things from many people where I work not to ever go into Aqua’s that these owners were jerks. Souns so to me now. Seems that word is traveling fast. From what I am reading from the posts. They are not subject to the laws that the rest of us po folks are. Seems like something the Nation News should cover a story to expose.
    Yes how did they get town and country approval so fast?
    H0w is it other beach front owners can’t do the same?
    How is it that don’t have to take down the jetty at the hotel they own which looks awful as condos like the circus has come to town . Everyone is laughing this condo development could sink them and put them in the po house fer sure it’s across from cafe Sol’. It’s got to be the ugliest condos on the island.

  26. Bussa Goddard

    Its Sunday December 9, 2007. A year plus after the blogs on Aqua Restaurant were posted. The back page of today’s Sunday Sun makes an interesting connection between fine dining and Hardwood Housing /EGFL. One hopes that the proposed integrity legislation is not restricted to politicians, but also regulates the behaviour of those appointed by politicians to manage our assets.

  27. barbadoshotty

    We all know Hoyos can do as he pleases,
    Does one think he will ever be brought to justice for all his crimes.
    HARDWOOD SCANDAL, The man is so protected by the BLP and he is making sure with his current GF she can get elected so Brewer and him can keep raping the poor of the island,

    I have yet met one person who had anything even remotely nice to say about those two.,
    devious is a word used to describe them, I haven’t met anyone who even likes them, Bshotty

  28. Optimist Prime

    Access to beach a must, says Arthur

    Date December 19, 2007
    Brief Access to beach a must, says Arthur

    BARBADIANS CAN JOIN with the Mighty Gabby in declaring “dah beach belong to we”. Prime Minister Owen Arthur yesterday gave the assurance that they will not be “robbed” of their access to the beach.

    Leading debate to move the passing of a Resolution to approve the Barbados Physical Development Plan (as amended) 2003, the Minister of Finance, who also has responsibility for Town and Country Planning, said the plan sets out “clear, strong policies” in respect to shore and beach access.

    “It indicates very clearly that the Town and Country Planning Office will implement a policy that will ensure that every effort is made to enhance existing beach accesses, through paving, signage and so on.

    “Where new developments have been approved the Town and Country Planning Office will ensure that existing accesses are enhanced.

    “This Government will not allow any application of any policy to rob Barbadians of access to the beach. In cases where the beachfront lots are being amalgamated, the Town and Country Planning [Department] will require the provision of new beach accesses as a condition of approval.

    “There is to be no planning permission in this country that will diminish Barbadians’ access to the beach, rather these provisions are so drafted as to put a duty on the Town Planner’s Office to enhance and to use the planning process to enhance application and access to the beach,” the St Peter MP told the Lower Chamber.

    Arthur added that this position was being reinforced by the requirement that “Barbados must now incorporate the use of a reliance upon environmental impact assessments in every instance where major maritime and other developments are taking place”.

    He also told the House that the Chief Town Planner “will have to follow the policy with respect to the maritime environment very, very closely”.

    The resolution was passed. (DS)

    “The above is attributed to the Nation newspaper of december 19, 2007.”

  29. Just Wondering

    Hate to play archeologist here but how come the BFP has ignored the big disaster last weekend that unfolded 3 years on because of these groins at St. Peter’s Bay Villas?

  30. West Side Davie

    Question 1: Were they sober?
    Answer to your question: See question 1! 🙂

  31. Help us reverse this environmental disaster –

  32. Nostradamus

    Interestingly, although Mullins was a front page story in the printed edition I could not find it online at

  33. BFP

    Yes, we’ll be writing about that later in the day. Thanks to Mullin’s Bay blog for keeping the issue alive.

  34. The Sunday Sun’s article [online edition] on the environmental disaster in the Mullins Bay area is now available online – – #Barbados. Jpegs containing the full paper edition of the story with more pictures can be found here –

  35. Comment from intl coastal consultant raises concern ovr lack of comprehensive solution 4 #Mullins Bay area – – #Barbados

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  38. The Oracle

    Beggars can’t be choosers. You are asking government to upset Jada over 3 little groynes in Road View at a time when the same government is anxious for Jada to start the new marina near Six Mens to help lift the country out of recession. It is not going to happen.

  39. Groins can’t stop erosion’s destruction – Opinion – The Sun News – – #Barbados #Mullins #environment

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  42. Mullins Bay blog:

    Are you really suggesting that we native Bajans, should support Royal Westmoreland in the protection of their bought and paid for piece of our West Coast?

    If you had the chance to create the same disaster as St Peter’s Bay, you would have done exactly the same.

    Manipulation of sand distribution by the oligarchs of the West Coast is a dog eat dog situation.

    Until the GoB gets the cojones to ban all manipulation of beach width, let the rich dogs play their own game….i.e. the very richest ends up with the widest beach.

  43. I suppose when you cast this as a battle between Royal Westmoreland and St. Peter’s Bay all Barbadians (not foolish enough to try to hold on to beachfront property) can in fact absolve themselves of any responsibility and/or caring and retire to the “fields and hills” – after all, our National Anthem is silent on the “ownership” of the “beaches.” But let me tell you how the “Save Mullins Bay” campaign got started. I author the Mullins Bay Blog which three years ago was the first to tell the world about the groynes at St. Peter’s Bay and raise concerns about them. When Royal Westmoreland bought the beach bar on Mullins Beach, again the Mullins Bay Blog was also the first in the country of any media to raise concerns about that too.

    On Saturday morning May 9, 2009 at about 5:00 ‘o clock I awoke to the sound of a loud bang and looked outside to find the sea raging and a large almond tree on the beach on my property line toppled over. It opened up a deep hole out of which sea water was splashing literally inches away from a post holding up my back fence. In that moment I realized that blogging about the problems St. Peter’s Bay has created for black people of modest means like myself was not enough if I were going to save the recently repaired chattel house in which I was raised from falling into the ocean. At sunup I called a few neighbours and we decided that if anything was going to be done to turn the tide, no pun intended, it was up to us. That was how the “Save Mullins Bay” effort came about.

    Before shooting off, I invite you and others to come to the Mullins Bay area, Road View, St. Peter to be precise, and see for yourselves what we are talking about. Please find directions here – If you can’t get here (I don‘t know why if you are living in Barbados), study this map – – and read the Mullins Bay Blog – find link in sidebar.

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