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Licensing Prostitutes In Barbados – Government As Pimp

Caribbean Governments To Consider Licensing Prostitutes Who Have Hundreds of Sexual Partners Per Month.

Let’s see here… say, a thousand prostitutes licensed at fifty US dollars for the Cricket World Cup. But then, we’ll need the additional health, policing and regulatory infrastructure to monitor the industry. Taxes on the houses of prostitution. Inspectors. Doctors doing scheduled checks. Lab workers.

Yup. It could just work. I smell the flower of an entirely new tax base for Barbados here.

And… oh the fringe benefits for the inspectors!

SHOULD SEX WORKERS be licensed for the 51-day period of next year’s Cricket World Cup (CWC) in order to regulate their activity?

This question is soon to be considered by Caribbean governments.

It is one of the suggestions made at the two-day CARICOM/CWC 2007 Health Sector Sub-Committee meeting of regional health ministers which concluded on Friday at Savannah Hotel, Christ Church.

The proposal will be examined by a select committee.

Winston Williams, Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Health, told the SUNDAY SUN on Friday that the issue has to be examined in light of the possible influx of sex workers to the region for the event, and the impact this could have on the populations’ health.

“I have asked the question whether or not licences should be issued for that period of time to sex workers. We have to look at whether it should be legalised because it is a problem that is coming,” said Williams.

from The Nation News link here.

The people who want to reconstruct our society to their own very different vision most often do not wear their agendas on their sleeves. They frequently give very reasoned arguments why various laws and social conventions should be ignored – just for some specific worthy purpose. Just this once.

Their message is “Just put aside the rule of law for this one time. This one worthy purpose. It won’t do any harm if the bureaucrats ignore Parliament’s laws, rule of law, the will of the people and hundreds or thousands of years of cultural norms. Just this once.”

One little push at a time, one little change here and there – and society moves a little closer to the ideals of the Socialist Left.

The latest “little push” by the bureaucrats as they sip their martinis at the Savannah Hotel is a move by some to have Barbados and other Caribbean governments license prostitutes “just for the Cricket World Cup” on the pretense that pieces of paper will somehow ward off HIV and other diseases.

Language paves the way to many of these societal changes when leftist members of the media and government agencies change a word here and a term there to further a certain social agenda. Often, sympathetic media will adopt the terminology deliberately coined by one side of an issue – as a method of forwarding an agenda while continuing to provide the appearance of no bias.

Consider the terms “Prostitute” vs “Sex Worker”

“Sex Worker” legitimizes the people and the er, “profession” while “Prostitute” conjurs up a totally different perspective. Legitimate business person vs. diseased criminal.

It’s all in the words, you see. Same person, same activity – just different words.

“The term “sex worker” was coined by long time prostitutes’ rights activist Carol Leigh as a way to designate all those who work in the adult industry.” Online reference… International Sex Worker Foundation…


So when the media or government officials use a term coined by a prostitute to legitimize prostitution, whether they realize it or not, they are furthering a certain social agenda.

Words matter. Actions matter.

…and we are not fooled.


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Thanks, Sir Clyde


Sir Clyde Leopold Walcott: January 17, 1926 – August 26, 2006

Cricketer of the Year 1958, but so much more than Cricket.

The Nation News: A Legend Passes

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