Culture or Vulgarity? CBC Television Avoids Barbados Crop-Over

Did anyone notice anything about the television coverage of Crop-Over this year? More than ever this year, it consisted of facial close-ups of happy people.

What is the problem? Easy… The wide angle shots would have shown several hundred people simulating sex in public.

Let’s call this Crop-Over “dancing” by more than a few people what it really is… simulating sex acts in public. (And we’re not just talking a little bump and grind here, folks!)

Tony Best has written a piece in the Nation News. As always, he is right on the money. Read New York New York – No Dirty Dancing For NY Carnival

(Hey Tony… how many Banks Beer on a Friday night would it take to lure you away from the dark side?) 🙂


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2 responses to “Culture or Vulgarity? CBC Television Avoids Barbados Crop-Over

  1. Can it be Culture and Vulgarity at the same time? I think we should acknowledge the highly sensual nature of Barbadian culture, vulgarity is simply an unacceptable level of publicly displayed sensuality. That means what is vulgar is a completely subjective classification.
    If someone wants to try and change Bajan culture to some thing less sensual I wish them the best of luck, people are hedonistic at heart and they not going give up their pleasures easily. What so wrong with vulgarity anyway? It is considered vulgar in some places to kiss on the mouth in public.

    P.S. Your link to New York – No Dirty dancing is broken.

  2. BFP

    Link Fixed – Ed.

    Thanks for the heads up, Andrew