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Barbados Death Boat – One Body Identified

“Diao Souncar Dieme” was His Name

“I would like to send to my family in Bassada (a town in western Senegal) a sum of money. Please excuse me and goodbye. This is the end of my life in this big Moroccan sea…”

…Note from Diao Souncar Dieme to anyone finding his body.

From Caribbean Net News…

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados: One of the 11 bodies discovered on a small yacht off Barbados four months ago has now been identified but there is as yet no word on burial arrangements for the men.

However, officials in Senegal, where it is believed the men came from, are expected to make a decision within the next few days.

It was 29-year-old Senagalese, Diao Souncar Dieme who was identifid following weeks of forensic investigations by Interpol teams in Barbados and in Senagal. Sources indicate that no other identifications were made.

read the entire story at Caribbean Net News here.

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Additional Online References For Diao Souncar Dieme

The Nation News – One of 11 dead Africans identified

The Raw Story – A tragic reminder of the slave trade

Times Online – Mystery of death boat that drifted 3,000 miles off course

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Barbados Should Ban Shell Oil and Associates From Offshore Exploration


“How much Bribe Money did Shell Oil have to pay to corrupt Barbados Government officials to gain a decade of immunity from prosecution?”

… from a reader’s letter to BFP


Shell Oil Pollutes – Then Flees Barbados To Avoid Accountability

For eleven long years, farmers and other citizens of Barbados have attempted to have Shell Oil clean up and compensate for thousands upon thousands of gallons of oil products that leaked over the years from Shell’s poorly maintained south coast pipeline.

It has been eleven years of the Barbados Government’s failure to hold Shell Oil accountable. How could any government that cared for the country and the people allow such a thing?

Barbados Government As Useless As T…. (oh, never mind!)

“Shell is no longer here it has been totally bought out by SOL and all the infrastructure”

“…The liability of SHELL for leaks pre sale still remain the responsibilty of the SHELL company. Which of course is no longer in Barbados or I believe any where in the Caribbean for that matter.”

William Duguid

Member of Parliament, Secretary General, Barbados Labour Party

Why didn’t the Government of Barbados encumber Shell Oil’s assets until they cleaned up the mess? Why did the Government of Barbados allow Shell Oil to sell it’s assets to another firm and then flee the jurisdiction to avoid accountability?

What is the Prime Minister’s excuse? Incompetence? Stupidity? Corruption? A combination of all three?

And please, don’t bother mentioning the Environment Minister! (As papa used to say “Better to throw away a broken tool. Then you will never again mistakenly believe that you have a useful one.”)

So Shell Oil polluted the ground water of a nation that has no laws against pollution, then sold their assets to a “shell” company and cleared out.

“How much Bribe Money did Shell Oil have to pay to corrupt Barbados Government officials to gain a decade of immunity from prosecution?”

I’d rather be told that Shell Oil bribed Barbados government officials than to think that our government and civil servants are just that stupid and incompetent. How about it, folks?

Now Oil Companies Want To Explore Off The Barbados Coast

GOVERNMENT IS LOOKING to award contracts by year-end for oil companies to drill in deep waters off Barbados…

“Barbados will start the award of bid blocks to drill in our deep shore marine space around the end of this year,”…

from The Nation News (link here)

Any companies even remotely associated with Shell Oil should be denied offshore oil exploration rights by the Government of Barbados. Will the lame duck government of Prime Minister Owen Arthur hold Shell Oil accountable?

Don’t hold your breath.

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Barbados Fire Fighter Honoured in Chandler Arizona. Mayor Issues Proclamation.

Barbados fire official studies Chandler’s methods

Eugene Mulero
The Arizona Republic

Henderson Patrick, an elite firefighter from Barbados, is taking part in a first-of-a-kind exchange program in Chandler.

For the next month, the 44-year-old Patrick will familiarize himself with Chandler’s latest fire safety devices and train with local firefighters. His goal is to learn firefighting methods used in Chandler and other Southeast Valley cities, then share the skills with “probies” – probational or beginning firefighters – back home.

Patrick is here because his country is prepping all services for next year’s International Cricket Council World Cup matches in Bridgetown. The worldwide event is expected to draw some 50,000 athletes, spectators and tourists. The Fire Department is recruiting and training officers to be ready for the event.

This week Patrick toured Chandler’s training facilities, attended Homeland Security and other emergency training and interviewed administrators about the city’s operations.

So far he said he most admires the teamwork, initiative and communication he has seen throughout Chandler’s fire operations. Dangel said their first impressions of Patrick have been stellar.

“We’ve learned to admire Patrick for the love he has inside for firefighting,” Dangel said.

On Sept. 14, Chandler officials will issue a proclamation in Patrick’s honor. That day he’ll interact with students at the Chandler High School homecoming parade.

Read the entire article here.

Nice to see the powers that be sending our best to learn from other countries. The Royal Barbados Police Force could also benefit from more exchange programmes, but, alas… policing and public safety are not priorities for the Government of Barbados.

What was that about “Where your money is, so is your heart” ?

Who said that? Anybody know?


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Taking A Caribbean Cruise? Roll The Dice And Pray…


Going on a cruise? Better read the fine print…

Just because the cruise ship is scheduled to dock in Barbados or any other port, doesn’t mean that it will arrive there. And if the ship has some mechanical or scheduling problems that prevent it from reaching the advertised destination – you’ll be lucky to get any money back at all.

Last summer, passengers on a Royal Caribbean Cruises ship who thought they were heading for Bermuda ended up in Nova Scotia, Canada. Change of plans, you see!

The only people who win in that situation are the lawyers.

Why Not Just Visit Barbados?

Do you ever notice how the television commercials for Cruise Ships always show happy people engaging in activities off the ship? They never show sea-sick passengers throwing up in dinky cabins, or looking wishfully at a port that they only had 3 hours in. Even in the cruise ship commercials, all the fun is on the island!

Forget about Cruise Ships. Come to Barbados…

Stay at a lovely bed and breakfast for a whole lot less than a cruise, and enjoy a wonderful holiday on our island – without last-minute surprises.

Read the New York Times article: Maybe Barbados, Maybe Someplace Else

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Culture or Vulgarity? CBC Television Avoids Barbados Crop-Over

Did anyone notice anything about the television coverage of Crop-Over this year? More than ever this year, it consisted of facial close-ups of happy people.

What is the problem? Easy… The wide angle shots would have shown several hundred people simulating sex in public.

Let’s call this Crop-Over “dancing” by more than a few people what it really is… simulating sex acts in public. (And we’re not just talking a little bump and grind here, folks!)

Tony Best has written a piece in the Nation News. As always, he is right on the money. Read New York New York – No Dirty Dancing For NY Carnival

(Hey Tony… how many Banks Beer on a Friday night would it take to lure you away from the dark side?) 🙂


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