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Barbados Government Ignores Water Crisis At Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

From the CBC News (link here)…

A major environmental crisis is developing at the multi-million dollar Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

Mike Goddard reports that water levels have been falling and this is causing management major concern.

General Manager of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, Harry Roberts, has for some time been complaining about problems with the sluice gate which controls the flow of water into and out of the swamp, and the impact this could have on the sanctuary.

Mr. Roberts claims that the water levels are now dangerously low and he is hoping that something happens soon to alleviate the situation.

Government has not responded to an offer to install an automatic sluice gate and in the meantime, the effects of the low water levels can be seen throughout the sanctuary.

Along with the dead fish, there is evidence of declining water quality… Dying aquatic vegetation…..and a general fall off in the high quality of what Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary usually offers those who enjoy its tranquil natural beauty.


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A Battle Lost: Barbados Shuts Down Louis Lynch School Due To Pollution

The government has nothing much to say about this surrender to industrial pollution. No spin is really possible.

The short story is this…

Louis Lynch secondary school has been closed due to pollution from a dry cleaning business. Students have been moved to other schools.

The dry cleaning business continues to operate without violating any laws – because Barbados doesn’t have any laws pertaining to the use, licensing or disposal of dangerous chemicals.

Are we wrong here?

From The Nation News

CABINET HAS GIVEN the green light for the more than 180 remaining Louis Lynch Secondary School students to be redistributed among other schools.

The majority will head to Alleyne, Coleridge and Parry School (CP), Ellerslie, and The Lodge, while a handful will enroll at Harrison College, Combermere, Christ Church Foundation and Queen’s College…

…But does this mean that the Louis Lynch Secondary School would be no more?

Several calls to the Minister of Education, Anthony Wood’s office and his home between Tuesday and yesterday to get an answer on the future of the school proved futile. Up to Press time the minister had not returned the calls.

The school has been plagued with environmental problems since April 2005, when students and teachers complained of burning eyes, itching skin and dizziness.

The ministry has had two investigations into the source of the environmental problem at the school. A scientific team from the University West Indies probed the environment, and submitted a report. Then an epidemiological study was also done by the Chronic Disease Research Centre and the Pan American Health Organisation.

The results of this study that would determine the long-term future of the Whitepark Road, St Michael compound are expected to be made known by month-end.

At least one principal said that the note to his school said that he should accommodate the students “until further notice(s)”.


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