Barbados Sand Fingers Poke Through The Clay At Greenland Dump


A few days ago, we published the above photo and asked…

In this photo, vertical fingers of sand poke through a layer of clay in Barbados…

Let’s have a little contest folks!

Where was this photo taken, and why is it important?

Our friend Andrew S. from Let’s Push The Big Red Button Anyway blog was correct…

“Hmmm does it have anything to do with the proposed greenland land fill and fingers of sand making it an inappropiate place to site a landfill… Just a guess.”

And here is another photo from the same area. Notice how the road is shifting because of the unstable nature of the soils around Greenland…


Any darn fool can see what the situation is at the Greenland Dump site. Why can’t the government?

photos by Shona


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10 responses to “Barbados Sand Fingers Poke Through The Clay At Greenland Dump

  1. Hmmm does it have anything to do with the proposed greenland land fill and fingers of sand making it an inappropiate place to site a landfill… Just a guess.

  2. Slow Stupid Average Bajan Citizen

    wertical fingers? sticky fingers!

  3. What happened to the contest?

  4. Observer

    Any darn fool can see what the situation is at the Greenland Dump site. Why can’t the government?

    Because it would mean admitting the government made a mistake and governments just don’t make mistakes. I thought we all knew that.

    The next Barbados government non-mistake I am looking for will be the jeopardizing of the nature sanctuary at Graeme Hall by giving the go ahead to place the water park at the proposed Graeme Hall site. It will be a real kick in the teeth to the Canadian philanthropist who made it all possible with his generous donation of funds to set up the nature sanctuary we have there today and all others who contributed as well.

  5. Jane

    What an absolutely disgusting state of affairs!

  6. The White Rabbit

    Apparently election to publice office, here meaning parliament, endows the elected with infallible omniscience, regardless of party affiliation. When absolutely each and every shred of data indicates that use of Greenland as a landfill will be an environmental fiasco we find the politicos emulating lemmings in their march to disaster, the only question being will the lemming politicos reach the sea before the Greenland garbage does! The only thing that recommends Greenland is its location somewhere far beyond God’s back where very few politically influential people reside. It is time for some elected officials to turn on their brains and stop the madness. This author recommends incineration of the trash, recovery of the energy to help reduce consumption of foreign oil paid for with foreign exchange. The ash from a reasonable incinerator will be essentially biochemically inert (we don’t have any big streams of heavy metals or other lingering offenders in our garbage stream) and can be placed in the Greenland landfill with very reduced danger of problem. As a resident of the Scotland District I see the unsuitability of the District for a landfill every day!

  7. John

    Yet one other reason to find an alternative is the possibility of the catchment area producing fresh water.

    We all know that Barbados is a water scarce country.

    Guess the politicos haven’t figured out that yet.

  8. cat eyes

    I had a look at Greenland during the “dry season” and do you know the place was full of water. We had a relatively dry “dry season” yet water remained. It would be interesting to have a look now. Imagine the area with the garbage in it!
    It should be noted that Cleland Hill, the road that your pix was taken on has had major roadwork done within the past ten years; more recently than some other areas, yet the road will always move because that is the nature of the land in the area. What the Government forged ahead to do is nothing short of crimminal. And they are getting away with spending money on night lights, watchmen and maintenance every day while Barbados does nothing.

  9. ross

    What do you suggest Barbados does? Barbadians have been treated with contempt and disrespect by the Government for many years. How can we change it now?

  10. John

    Cat Eyes

    The reason you see water at Greenland during the dry season is because of springs in the lanfill area.

    These are an expression of rainfall that happened uphill some time before.

    The pond you see is being constantly replenished by the springs. The capacity of these springs will be what gets lost from the surface of the pond due to evaporation and what flows over the lip and down the water course to Green Pond.

    It is a bit like the pond at Codrington College.

    The springs are a source of fresh water which we will lose if Garbage goes there, quite apart from the inherent instability they will cause in the structure. They may be a small source but for a country at the limit of its ground water reserves, every little bit counts.

    The likely failure point will be where the water flows over the lip. Forever, we will need to maintain the structure.

    I suspect that even in the wet season unless you go shortly after heavy rain, the level will remain at what the lip sets it at. Will keep an eye this wet season and see what happens. Can’t remember how much of the Gabion structure in the pond is exposed so will need to take a reference.

    Maybe they will drain it as they are supposed to be working to retrofit it.

    Believe it or not, the bids to retrofit it are of the same order as what it cost to build, and no garbage has been deposited!!