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Barbados Under Muslim Jihadist Terrorist Threat – Minister Of State Atherley

Well, to be fair, according to the newspaper articles, the Minister of State for Barbados never used the words “Muslim”, “Jihadist”, “Islamic” or any other real identifier when talking about the people who have killed thousands upon thousands in the name of Allah in the last few years.

Nope, according to the Minister, the threat is not even from “terrorists” – the threat is “terrorism” itself – which is merely a weapon for achieving a political, or in this case, a religious, goal.

Was The Minister Talking About Crazed Seventh Day Adventists?

Perhaps the Minister of State was talking about crazed Seventh Day Adventists who dress their children in explosives and nails and then send them to explode themselves at restaurants? Maybe the Minister suspects that suicidal Catholic Nuns were shouting “Hail Mary, Full of Grace…” as they slit the throats of the pretty stewardesses and then murdered planeloads of families on their way to see Grandma in California?

A Refusal To Name The Enemy – Empowers Only The Enemy

It is this refusal to identify the enemy – this pretense – that is most disturbing. Until we start to use the words Jihad, Islamic and Muslim to accurately describe the Jihadists as they describe themselves, and unless we attribute their violence to religious motivation as they describe their own motivations, then Islam will never feel pressure to reform itself as a religion.

So, yes, Minister, the Barbados Defense Force had better be on the lookout for those planeloads of vicious Pentecostal Choir Members who use violence to force people to join the choir…

From The Nation News…

It Could Happen Here

Barbados is not immune to existing threats like terrorism.

This warning has come from Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Joseph Atherley, while he addressed the Barbados Defence Force’s (BDF) 27th anniversary parade yesterday at St Ann’s Fort.

He said Barbados which was inextricably linked to a changing world, had to respond to many security challenges.

He said that the scourge of terrorism which was topical today, was one hindrance.

“As you are aware, Barbados has enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, peaceful and friendly relations with the wider international community. Additionally, the Caribbean is one of the most peaceful regions in the world. These attributes, however, neither shield nor protect us from the negative consequences of actions taken by those who are determined to cause death, destruction and destabilisation across the world,” he said.

Atherley drew reference to the most recent terrorist plot which was foiled by the British security services and said that act “clearly and unmistakably reinforces this reality. A reality which we dare not ignore”.

The minister added that it was therefore of utmost importance that the BDF and all other security agencies in Barbados be ready to respond not only to the aftermath of any events, but to take proactive and decisive action to counter, or better eliminate any threat to the peace, stability and security of Barbados.

Read the rest of the story here.


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Barbados Telephone Tree To Star In TV Commercial


A few years ago, our famous Telephone Tree was used in a magazine advertisement. Now, rumour has it that the same tree will be featured in a new television advert for a US-based phone company.

Does it matter? Any publicity is good publicity!


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Barbados Sand Fingers Poke Through The Clay At Greenland Dump


A few days ago, we published the above photo and asked…

In this photo, vertical fingers of sand poke through a layer of clay in Barbados…

Let’s have a little contest folks!

Where was this photo taken, and why is it important?

Our friend Andrew S. from Let’s Push The Big Red Button Anyway blog was correct…

“Hmmm does it have anything to do with the proposed greenland land fill and fingers of sand making it an inappropiate place to site a landfill… Just a guess.”

And here is another photo from the same area. Notice how the road is shifting because of the unstable nature of the soils around Greenland…


Any darn fool can see what the situation is at the Greenland Dump site. Why can’t the government?

photos by Shona


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