Banks Beer Going Into U.S. Market

From the Jamaica Observer

Banks Breweries of Barbados Looks To Enter US Market Next Year

Stacia Browne
Friday, August 18, 2006

Barbados’ largest beverage supplying group is seeking access to the US market early next year with some of its brewed products.
This announcement came from CEO and managing director of the BHL Group, Richard Cozier, at a recent press briefing.

He explained that the group has joined forces with a company in the US in an effort to supply BHL brewed products to specific areas in the US market…

No complaints from Cliverton!



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20 responses to “Banks Beer Going Into U.S. Market

  1. Rick Dugan

    14-Oct-2006 Having to skio our annual trip to Barbados this year due to heart surgery, it will be nice to be able to partake of some “Banks” here in the USA before our scheduled trip there in the fall of 2007.

    Please let us know when & where Banks will be available here.

    Rick Dugan
    Framingham, MA

  2. Brianne

    Great News!!
    My husband and I just got back from Barbados. The waitresses at our hotel called my husband Mr. Banks. I think there is nothing better than Banks Beer..


  3. J. Payne

    Its good to hear the Banks Company is also selling their Tiger Malt in North America too. It’ll be nice to see something from home on the shelves here. But then again if those “CHUBBY” juice drinks from Trinidad could do it, so should Banks be able to do the same…

    One word of caution, just becareful and double check the label carefully because Guyana is also selling their “Banks Beer” in North America and their label looks almost similar to the Barbados Banks Beer…

    Their real website is currently down, but dis is what Guyana’s Banks Beer looks like. That is selling in North America.

  4. ray singh

    please let me know which USA distributor is selling BANKS BEER .I am located in Southern California,Urgent

  5. chris henken

    just got back from my second trip to barbados. we lived on banks beer the 10 days we were in country. need to find it here in the southeast united states lower alabama

  6. Sister Baby

    To J. Payne. If it’s Banks, it’s beer whether it’s from Banks Guyana or Banks Barbados and please let me remind you that you are using a Guyanese brand name to market your beer. You should change your name to Flying Fish Beer or something that reflects the country of Barbados if you are going to be like that about Banks DIH Guyana. People in America enjoy Banks Beer, it’s brewery fresh whether from Guyana or Barbados.

  7. T-Bwoy inna TX

    Now if only we could get Carib, Piton, Stag, Samba, and Hairoun here in the U.S. … [sigh]

    Y’all in the northeast, please save us some Banks and send it to we inna TX! We tired of Red Stripe!

  8. Anonymous

    Flying fish is already a brewery in Cherry Hill NJ

  9. andy

    Need some DIH- GUYANA- Banks Beer in Houston, TX.
    Really, Banks Beer from Guyana or Barbados…All that matters is —Give me some Banks Beer Mann…

  10. Simmi

    Big up to “Sister Baby! ”
    I agree with you girl. Some people are speaking as though the Banks Beer from Guyana is to be afraid of.
    As far as I know, the Banks from Guyana is way better while the one from B’dos is “kinda watery”.

    Thats not the point though. Banks Beer is Brewery Fresh no matter where it comes from, right?
    Must I remind you all that BANKS BEER originated in Guyana and it is Barbados who took the name of the beer to market it. 😀

    lmao at Flying Fish.

  11. Ron

    Let us set the record straight for all you ‘johnny come latelies’… Banks Beer is from Guyana…period! The original Guyanese owner, Mr. Peter D’Aguiar started brewing the beer in his hometown of Georgetown, Guyana and subsequently, based on its initial success, decided to introduce it in little Barbados. I should know because I grew up there when Mr. D’Aguiar was head of the UF political party and everyone knew him from his company, Banks DIH Limited….end of story! Barbados may be a cute little getaway but they don’t have ‘their own’ beer! Almost everything they have is from somewhere else… lol

  12. Simmi

    Yes Ron!
    100% I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Quote :”One word of caution, just becareful and double check the label carefully because Guyana is also selling their “Banks Beer” in North America and their label looks almost similar to the Barbados Banks Beer…

    Their real website is currently down, but dis is what Guyana’s Banks Beer looks like. That is selling in North America.

    Now that above there ^, just got me angry, extremely angry. I feel sorry for him/her for not being privileged enough to taste the goodness and freshness of a sip of the original Banks Beer from GUYANA!

    J. Payne is lacking some information and experience..tsk tsk tsk

  13. Craig

    I recently met a person in Santa Ana, CA, who said he used to be able to buy Banks beer, the best beer he said he’s ever had, at a local liquor store. However, the store has closed, and he doesn’t know where he can that beer anymore. Would you please let me know if there is some other local store where one can buy Banks beer so I can let him know. Thanks for your help!

  14. Anonymous

    banks beer is from guyana period

  15. You guys are funny, One beer, two sister companies, grow up!
    Look at it as a franchise. To tie the brand to barbados or guyana is just for marketing purposes depending on location.

  16. Mark Shipley

    Brian, it may be funny to you but you must understand this blog is read by thousands of people so it is very important and responsible to set the record straight.

    Banks is a Guyanese beer.

    There is no ifs, ands or buts about it.

    Got it?

  17. Paul J. Carter

    Cheers All! I am presently in Barbados, American born, from NY, residing in DC. I am half Bajan and Jamaican. I am very interested and serious about adding to the efforts of introducing Barbados Banks Beer across the shelves of America and further. If there are interested parties willing to talk, please dont hesitate to reach out. I have operated as an event manager for over 15 yrs in Boston, NY, London, and Tokyo, aside from a tailored banking career… Now I would most definitely find joy in advertising and promotion where passion lies, that is where home is, in banks beer!
    Boston University grad and presently working on 2 masters in DC, as I aim to develop a career in international diplomacy…some banks only makes things a little sweeter. Feel free to shout out! Cheers!

  18. 84

    id hav 2 say BANKS beer taste better in guyana an ive been both places MR BOOMER

  19. Anonymous

    Which one won the most awards?