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Banks Beer Going Into U.S. Market

From the Jamaica Observer

Banks Breweries of Barbados Looks To Enter US Market Next Year

Stacia Browne
Friday, August 18, 2006

Barbados’ largest beverage supplying group is seeking access to the US market early next year with some of its brewed products.
This announcement came from CEO and managing director of the BHL Group, Richard Cozier, at a recent press briefing.

He explained that the group has joined forces with a company in the US in an effort to supply BHL brewed products to specific areas in the US market…

No complaints from Cliverton!


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Around The Barbados Blogsphere

Time for a general tour of some Barbados and Caribbean blogs. Here is what our friends are writing about…

Jdid, a Bajan hanging his hat in Toronto, Canada, writes Doan Mind Me blog. This week, he celebrates the second anniversary of his blog, and six months since he became a daddy.


Titilayo writes Gallimaufry Blog and has posted some excellent Barbados Landship links and photos here.

OOPS!  Our Mistake!

We mistakenly described La Shawn Barber as a “Former welfare mom” when we mentioned her article Let The Ethnic/Religious Profiling Begin!

In fact, we were thinking of Star Parker – another black writer and blogger who we also admire. Sorry about that Ms. Barber!

You can find La Shawn’s website here.

At The Pan Collective, Attilah asks You Want Fries With That Shake?

We Caribbean women must deal with being objects for a whole society of men and not ever dare speak out against them.

Nicholas Laughlin struggles with writer’s block at Nicholas Laughlin’s Blog etc. (Editor’s note: Been there. Done that.)

Nicol Bethel in the Bahamas writes about The Real Free Press

Blog Dropped

We at the Barbados Free Press are exploring new ground in many ways. The publishing of this blog has been, and remains, a learning process. The BFP blog is a labour of love that has become successful (in terms of visitors) well beyond anything we thought was possible, and we are truly thankful to our readers for including us on their daily rounds.

Usually we have our best “editorial meetings” on a Saturday night where we cook a meal and enjoy some time together. Everybody works six days a week so we cherish the time off – but we also try to post every day. Sometimes we fail to post on one day (Fridays are really bad), but other days we fairly gush out major stories that are read by thousands and thousands of people.

So we know how difficult it is to maintain a blog – and to keep it on topic, interesting and current.

… Which is why we have no trouble removing blogs from our sidebar links when they become inactive or transform into something that doesn’t fit in with our vision.

Removed from BFP Links for Inactivity – BIM Today (No New Articles Since May 24, 2006)

Final Caution for off-topic interests – My Turn Blog – (Now centered around Middle East politics. No Barbados articles since July 23, 2006.)

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Lock Up Your Daughters – Royal Navy Warship Iron Duke Ties Up In Barbados


His Royal Majesty’s Battleship Iron Duke Arrives In Bridgetown, Barbados

Fresh from the victory of The Battle of Jutland, His Royal Majesty’s Battleship Iron Duke arrived in Bridgetown, Barbados on Friday. Cheering multitudes lined the quay to fondly greet the victorious Royal Navy vessel.

As negro porters from the plantations made ready to re-supply the hungry crew so they could once more take the war to the Hun invaders…

… Oh… wait a minute…

Wrong ship… wrong time…

Let’s try that again…


Lock Up Your Daughters – HMS Iron Duke Makes Port In Barbados

THE Royal Navy Frigate HMS Iron Duke made port at the Bridgetown Port on Friday for a ten day Port Visit and Self-Maintenance Period. The 133-metre war vessel is currently on a tour of duty in the Caribbean as the United Kingdom’s tangible presence within the region.

During the HMS Iron Duke’s tour of duty the 4000 tonne warship has a range of specific diplomatic and military responsibilities, amongst which are providing reassurance to UK Overseas Territories and allied nations, and conducting Counter Drug Operations. The multifunctional warship will, in the eventuality, provide a rapid response to any natural disaster that could occur during deployment.

Read the entire article in the Barbados Advocate link here


Royal Navy Website: HMS Iron Duke

Wikipedia Article: Iron Duke Class Battleships

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Fuel Costs Hit Barbados Cruise Dockings – But Jamaica Is Up

Fuel costs are way up, and a ship vacation is a ship vacation – so cruise lines are staying closer to the North American coast. From Miami, Barbados is at the end of the line, both by cruise ship or airplane.

Doesn’t look good at all in the long term. From the St. Kitts & Nevis Democrat Caribbean Cruises In Tricky Waters

…Yet another major cruise-line is citing a fall-off in demand for Caribbean cruises as a main reason for unsatisfactory earnings. The Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has become the third cruise-ship operator in as many months to warn of weakness in Caribbean bookings…

… While the (Caribbean Tourism Organisation spokesperson) Arley Sobers he accepts that cruise-ship arrivals in the Caribbean are down he says that has not seriously affected the region’s share of more than 50% of the international cruise market. “Some destinations have seen a fall-off in cruise numbers such as Barbados, but others like Jamaica have seen their cruise arrivals up by 8%.”

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