Celebrating Castro’s Birthday In New York City


“Fidel, Happy Birthday To You!” …

“No, I Insist: Happy Birthday To You, Mia!”

The Barbados Free Press meant to observe Fidel Castro’s birthday yesterday, but the real world got in the way of blogging.

Not to worry though. There’s no way we could have bettered the guest piece written by Val Prieto on Michelle Malkin’s blog…

Read “Harlem Residents In Support of Slavery”

An Excerpt…

…Make no bones about it: Cuba is an island of slaves. What else does one call a place where the people eat what one man feeds them; work at what one man decides that they work on; march when one man tells them to march; say what one man tells them to say and think only what one man tells them to think. What else do you call a place where the people are kept from progressing as individuals, where the people are kept away from information, where people are isolated from the rest of the world?

Cuba is just one big island plantation.


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  1. Jane

    Thanks BFP for directing us to that excellent comment.

  2. Crusty

    I visited Cuba several years ago for two weeks of travel
    in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Barracoa. Means of
    travel were lots of footwork, bicycle, taxi, train, and airplane.
    I stayed in local (non-international) hotels and casa
    particulars (private homes with rooms to rent). I ate the
    local food in local restaurants and on the street.

    I saw plenty of poverty but I did not see slavery. I spoke
    freely in my limited Spanish with all kinds of people from
    widely different education levels. Nearly everyone was
    extremely polite and helpful despite the language barrier.

    Prior to visiting and subsequently, I did a bit of reading
    about the history of Cuba and American involvement in it.
    From the Spanish American War in the 1890’s when Teddy
    Roosevelt made his name, to the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961,
    and beyond, American interest in Cuba has been essentially
    negative. Havana was noted as an American mafia gambling
    den from the 1930’s under Batista, an American puppet dictator.

    Without diminishing the consequences of slavery and
    feudalism under the Spanish prior to loss of Cuba in the
    1890’s, American dominance was clearly not in the interests
    of the Cuban people and Castro’s revolution was an attempt
    to correct that. The shift leftwards to become a Soviet client
    came soon after the Bay of Pigs in a manner similar to other
    small countries that were on the receiving end of American
    imperialism in that era.

    History since 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall has shown
    the essential failure of the communist / socialist system
    but the consequences of the Cold War are long reaching.
    Cuba will soon have its chance to sort out its internal affairs
    with the retirement or passing of Fidel Castro. We can only
    hope the exiles behave more like the returning East Germans
    when their opportunity for reconciliation occurred and less
    like the rabid mob they seem at the moment.

    America might be the only country that has specific laws
    against its nationals interacting with Cuba – the Helms-Burton
    Act. How is it that 200+ other countries do not have similar

    Conclusion: read carefully between the lines when an
    American talks / writes about Cuba.

  3. BFP

    Of course America has a dual standard vis a vis Cuba and say, China.

    Communists have murdered millions in China, but only tens of thousands in Cuba.

    Communists expropriated foreign holdings in both countries – but of the pair, only China has gone to war directly with the USA in the 20th century. (Korea)

    The difference in the USA’s reaction to both countries is probably to do with a host of factors – including proximity, the aspirations of Cuban refugees to return and regain their country, the Cuban misslle crisis and the belief by US authorities as driven by the Cuban refugee agenda that it was possible to retake Cuba from the Communists.

    But all of that does not mean that Castro was not a murderer – and that Cubans are not enslaved.

    You think they are not enslaved? Live with an ordinary cuban for a day and you will know.

    Clive lived there for almost a year, and his stories of daily life in Cuba reveal the truth.

  4. Crusty

    Clive: Inquiring minds want to know more: when, where, why, …

  5. Hants

    While you guys are on this topic could you also comment on the lives and freedoms of Black people in American Ghettoes.

    I through places in New York Chicago and Michigan that made me wonder how people could be made to live in such squalor.

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  7. Anonymous

    Very touching story from Clive.

    Under the previous Batista American and RICH WHITE controlled Cuba, his mulatto would have been a well paid teacher while her beautiful Cuban sisters aged 10 t0 30 would mostly be hookers in the Unregulated Gambling Casinos.

    Bajans say “too far east is west” and Castro may have gone too far East but in a few years Cuba will be Capitalist again.

    I hope they will be better off than the millions Americans in Ghettoes and the Appalachians.

  8. Pat

    “Under the previous Batista American and RICH WHITE controlled Cuba, his mulatto would have been a well paid teacher while her beautiful Cuban sisters aged 10 t0 30 would mostly be hookers in the Unregulated Gambling Casinos.”

    And those over 30 would be begging on the streets, dressed in rags. None would be allowed in schools as they were reserved for the elites. The Batista government was a confirmed “racist” government, installed by The Americans who helped him overthrow the democratically elected government. Cuba fought hard for it Independence which it got from Spain in 1902 and the Americans meddled in its affairs and controled the economy from then, until Castro took over. This is what irks America.

    The blacks in Cuba today are better off under Castro. The whites and mulattoes may not like this, because now the playing field is level. Everyone earns the same, doctors, lawyers, teachers, cooks, waiters, truck drivers, etc. Why? Castro pays for all education to benefit all Cubans. Those working in hotels are better off as they are now allowed to keep their tips and get gifts from visitors. On one of my visits, I met a Dr. who had quit medicine to work as the pool boy at my hotel.

    In the Appalachians, I never thought I would see such poor arse, uneducated whites, in all of the USA. When you look at the rich USA you wonder how come these people seem to be forgotten in a corner of the country. Nobody in Cuba lives like those whites in the Appalachians. Cheese on bread! Shacks, and they have winters there. No indoor plumbing. Getting water from the river. Holy macaroni! I think they even eat dogs for food. I wont be surprised if they are in-breeders too.

  9. Hants

    Reverend Jesse Jackson once said that poor whites outnumber poor blacks in America.

    I still do not understand why the Rich Democratic USA allows this kind of poverty to exist in the Appalachians and in the Ghettoes.

    I believe that Balcks will suffer in Cuba if the Country becomes Democratic. The Whites in Cuba and Miami will get back land and property they previously owned and blacks will become the minimum wage workers.

  10. rightvwrong

    equality of poverty and absence of basic human rights cannot be tolerated under any dictatorship whether it be Battista or Castro—this is what happens when you have a handful of people running the government ( ie The new Republic ) to their own benefit and no free press

    What Mia and many others blissfully forget or choose not to recognise, is that her lifestyle is tolerated and accepted in a truly democratic country,
    rather than ruthlessy suppressed and terrorized under Castro—the hypocrisy and ignorance is frightening!!!!

  11. BFP

    In America, poverty is not an economic condition that can be solved by giving money to the poor.

    More than anything, poverty is hereditary. Unwed single motherhood is seen as an actual career choice – a viable economic option for underage, under educated girls.

    Want to give the kids a chance? Adopt “you breed ’em, you feed ’em” policies. Can’t feed ’em?

    Orphanage… where life skills are taught. Much better than letting illiterate teenagers perpetuate the social condition by example.

    My 2 farthings while in a grumpy mood.


  12. Crusty

    BFP Says:
    August 21st, 2006 at 6:55 am

    Adopt “you breed ‘em, you feed ‘em” policies.


    Wait, I thought I had this blogsite all sussed out.

    You know, anti-capitalist, anti-big business, anti-dictatorship
    whether by hereditary elite or by communist regime, pro-socialist,
    pro “look after the less able members of society”.

    Now I ehn’t so sure. 🙂