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Barbados PM Weds – Our Best Wishes For Mr. & Mrs. Owen Arthur


In the Nation Newspaper

TODAY is a very special day for Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

It’s the day he takes Julie Price, his former executive assistant, as his wife.

Anglican priest Reverend Peter Haynes of St Peter’s Parish Church will officiate at the ceremony which will be held at the Prime Minister’s official residence, Ilaro Court, Two Mile Hill, St Michael, at 5 p.m.

The 39-year-old bride, of Arthur Seat, St Thomas, is a former student of Springer Memorial Secondary School. Her mother is Velda Price.

The couple has a five-year-old daughter.

Today’s wedding is the second for Arthur, 56, who was previously married to Beverly Batchelor.

Our Wedding Gift To The Happy Couple

What can you give to a couple who have everything? That was the question we considered last night over a few Banks, and it was Cliverton who came up with the suggestion that received instant approval from all. Here it is…

Starting today, for one week, Barbados Free Press will not publish any articles that are directly critical of Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

Happy Honeymoon, Mr. & Mrs. Prime Minister!


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Carson Cadogan Goes Boizonga in Barbados!


You really disappoint me! Now Barbados”Free” Press is seeking to censor me. How courageous of you. Two words “why not?” and a url has thrown the white establishment into a feeding frenzy. All of your ranting and raving about how different you are is nothing more than hogwash. Your white brothers appealed to you and almost instantly you responded by censoring my two word comment and url. You people are really insecure no wonder you are so afraid of progress in the form of a Water Park in Graeme Hall. You are nothing but a coward afraid of different points of view. The only reason you are here is to maintain the status quo, the old boy network. Disgusting.


Carson C. Cadogan

Dearest Carson:

Everyone on the island knows that it is impossible to effectively censor or ignore Carson Cadogan. Much the same as the neighbour who insists on blaring rap music during the children’s nap time, there is little that one can really do!

But on our blog, we expect even Carson Cadogan to keep relatively on topic when posting links. We were discussing the waterpark, but instead of posting a link leading to a waterpark-related article, you took our readers to your “I hate the Jews” collection.

Fine. Hate the “joos” all you want Carson – but don’t expect us to let you drop your little bundles of hate anywhere around here.

And if that is censorship, so be it. You’ve got your own blog which we have listed on the sidebar.

Come to think of it, I haven’t visited your blog in a while, so I’ll have a look at it sometime next week to see if it still fits in with our policy of linking to blogs that primarily deal with Caribbean politics and small island life.


(And what’s with the “whitey” slur? Showing your inner heart, Carson? You haven’t a clue as to the colour of my skin or anyone else around here – but the true colour of your heart comes through “five by five.”)


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