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Airport Chaos In Barbados – But Our Thanks To Security, Police and Defense Personnel


How bad is it at the airport right now?

Shona’s little brother is driving taxi today and as of 4pm, he says that for every passenger he takes to the airport, he takes three away.

In short, people are giving up trying to get out today.

Never No Mind Folks – It Could Have Been Much Worse!

Yes, it could have been much worse if the plot by Muslim terrorists had not been discovered. Much worse.

So… relax. Leave the airport for another day. Go back to your hotel, sip some wine and book your dinner table early!

“Hey Boss, I Can’t Get A Flight Home… Honest!”

We can think of a lot worse things to happen than to be “Stuck in Barbados”.

photo courtesy of The Nation Newspaper (story link here)


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