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Mama Mia Mottley Worries In Barbados….Bloggers Topple Former Vice-Presidential Candidate Lieberman

The old news media is all abuzz with the story of how Joe Lieberman, former Democratic candidate for the Vice-Presidency of The United States of America, has been…

Toppled By Internet Bloggers

Reuters: Internet, activists help topple prominent U.S. Democrat”

ABC News: “Lieberman Blogged Down in Connecticut”

CBS News: “Meet Joe Lieberman’s Worst Nightmare – Bloggers”

Time magazine: The Unmaking of a Senator: How Bloggers Pulled It Off”

Information Week: “…Bloggers Shaped Connecticut Senate Race”

San Francisco Chronicle: “Bloggers Affect Election Outcomes”

Detroit News: “Upset Shows Blogs’ Influence”


“Mama Mia” Mottley Fears Barbados Bloggers

You can almost smell the fear behind Barbados Deputy Prime Minister “Mama” Mia Mottley’s recent call for regulation of blogs.

As reported in The Nation News (link here), and in previous Barbados Free Press articles (links below), the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados is calling for changes to our system of government – saying that call-in shows “will continue to predominate” and that internet blogs “marginalize…parliaments and cause disrespect (for the rule of law and institutions that keep our society safe,)”…

Welcome To The New Century, Miss Mottley!

In the past it was said that “freedom of the press only belongs to those who own one.”

Welcome to the new century – where ordinary people can now own a press on the internet. We can think of no more healthy development for democracy and for Barbados.


Marcus, Robert, Shona, Clive, Auntie Moses and the rest of the BFP family.

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And a Big Thank You To Linda at My Barbados Blogfor leading the way on this story.


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Caribbean Splash Waterpark – Excerpts From “Secret” Barbados Government Report

Anonymous BFP Reader Posts Secret Barbados Government Report

A Barbados Free Press reader calling him/herself “Concerned Resident” has posted excerpts from a “secret” Barbados Government report – an addendum to the Environmental Impact Assessment for the controversial proposal to build a Caribbean Splash Waterpark in the Graeme Hall watershed.

Various Barbados Government agencies were asked to comment upon the Environmental Impact Assessment, but to our knowledge, their comments have not been quoted in the Barbados media… and the addendum containing their comments is “unavailable” to members of the public.

Enter “Concerned Resident”, who posted the following in the comments section of our recent story Barbados Citizens Ramp Up Resistance To Ill-Placed Caribbean Splash Waterpark

Comment As Posted…

A lot has been said about the pros and cons of the proposed water park at Graeme Hall by residents of the area and other commentators. What is very interesting is what the Governments regulatory agencies had to say in their comments on the EIA done by the developer.

These comments were published as an addendum to the EIA and I have recently been able to get hold of a copy. Here are some excerpts from the addendum.

Comments by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) on Page 16:

“Generally the report was found to be unacceptable because little actual information was provided about the nature, magnitude and scope of the development’s potential impacts. In cases where impacts were assessed as significant or not significant, insufficient information was presented to provide a clear rationale for this assessment. The document provides information at the level of a scoping study, in that it identifies some of the issues and impacts that are likely to be important, but the level of information provided about these issues and impacts is not adequate for this to be considered to be a satisfactory EIA”.

Comments by Ministry of Agriculture on page 2:

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has not supported the application made by Caribbean Splash Inc……”
“The Ministry objects to the proposal”

Comments by the Government Environmental Unit on page 6:

“The ministry doers not support the conversion of agricultural land for this type of development. The Environmental Unit is of the view that a development such as this is not in keeping with the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources”.

On page 10: “Graeme Hall is a watershed area that is not fully understood from a hydrological standpoint. There is an assessment project that is currently being undertaken by the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) of the Ministry of Housing Lands and the Environment in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders on the hydrology of the swamp. The results of such a study will assist decision makers to better understand the dynamics occurring within this watershed so that they may better be able to coordinate developmental projects within the watershed area. The Ministry does not recommend placing a facility of this nature within the watershed area”.

These are just some of the comments made in the EIA addendum by Government agencies, agencies whose job it is to protect our environment and country. In the face of these comments will our leaders and relevant authorities still give the go ahead for this project in the proposed location?


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