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Reuters News Published Many, Possibly Hundreds, Of Faked Photos – Bloggers Uncovered The Fakes


A Thousand Photos Withdrawn By Reuters

Reuters News has been caught red-handed publishing obviously faked photos of the Middle East war… and not just one or two photos either. Reuters has been forced to withdraw almost a thousand news photos from circulation.

PhotoShop Tricks Widely Used

PhotoShop tricks were apparently widely used to “enhance” photos – for instance, modifying a photo of an Israeli warplane to show it launching missiles when none were launched. Photos of “bomb damage” had bombed-out buildings pasted in from old photos. Smoke was thickened and pasted to “prove” attacks on buildings that never happened.

In another series of photos over a few weeks, an old lady was shown lamenting the destruction of her home in a certain village one day, and a week later the same old lady was shown in another village lamenting the destruction of “her home” – which was pasted in.

Another photo showed the apparent destruction of a bridge with a certain auto wrecked in the photo – but a week later the same “wrecked auto” appears in another picture… with the bridge intact!

“Victim” Dead One Minute – But Alive The Next

A Reuters photographer took photos of a dead “victim” being recovered from the rubble of a bombed out building – but an hour later the same photographer takes a photo of the “victim” who is now a “rescue worker”.


US News Fakes A Cover Shot

An “attack” by warplanes? Nope… a tire dump deliberately set on fire for a media photo-op – and AP & Reuters photographers knew the truth!

…and on and on and on.

Blogging Accountability

One of the constant mantras heard about blogs is that they are somehow too uncontrolled – operating without oversight or accountability – routinely publishing known lies to further political and social agendas. The Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, recently called for the regulation of blogs. (Link here)

Those of us who attempt to write serious blogs, and who garner a wide following know the truth: Our readers hold us accountable in a way that is simply not done with the “old mainstream media”.

If we publish something that is inaccurate, a reader will publish a public comment and hold our feet to the fire. If a blogger drops a “clanger” or puts up a misleading title by accident or (heaven forbid) by design – readers hold the blog accountable, and their comments and research remain online for all to see.

So how did Reuters – one of the largest news services in the world – get found out?

Bloggers. Bloggers noted the fakes and began to post, research and publish their findings.

So now, once again, another truth is revealed for all to see: the old media has been faking stories and serving their own political and social agendas for a hundred years – but now they can’t do so with the same impunity.

A word to Reuters, Dan Rather, CBS News and the rest of the old, tired media…

Welcome to the new media. You will be held accountable… and that goes for you politicians too.

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Caribbean Broadcasting Company To Embed AIDS – HIV Messages In Broadcasting

Yes – the CBC will broadcast AIDS-HIV commercials… but we aren’t talking about that. The CBC has committed to write AIDS-HIV messages into the plots and scripts of regular television programming in much the same way that marketers prominently place products such as beer and designer labels on shows.

From an article in USA Today online

On the morning of Sept. 13, the people settling into seats on the set of The Price Is Right in CBS’ Television City won’t be a studio audience. They’ll be some of the most creative producers and writers in Hollywood. Instead of Bob Barker, they’ll meet an HIV-positive magazine editor; a recovering, HIV-positive methamphetamine addict; and a mother whose 18-year-old son learned he was HIV positive when he tried to join the Air Force.

If the producers are moved by the stories they hear, they may transform scenes from these lives into story lines for any one of a number of shows on CBS and the CW Network, from Without a Trace to America’s Next Top Model…

…The upcoming CBS meeting reflects a broad shift in the way health experts convey information to the American public on a range of diseases, particularly AIDS…Today, health messages are routinely “embedded” into story lines of TV’s most popular entertainment shows, in much the same way that marketers prominently place products such as beer and designer labels on shows.

Caribbean Broadcasting Company Commits

…Next week in Toronto at the 16th International Conference on AIDS, Roedy, Kaiser and actor/activist Richard Gere will showcase a cluster of major media partnerships, involving some of the biggest entertainment companies in the USA, the Caribbean, Africa, India, Russia and Ukraine.

“We’ve committed to airing a 30-second ad every hour in the broadcast day and producing programming packages, (copy)right free, that we will exchange among ourselves,” says Allyson Leacock, general manager of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corp. in Barbados. “We’ll also have AIDS messages embedded in our broadcasting.”

Read the entire article here.

BFP Comments

Any plan executed today – be it flawed, incomplete or controversial – is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow. AIDS-HIV remains largely a behavioural disease, unlike say, a cold caught from the last person who sneezed in your face, but it is amazing that so many people remain ignorant as to how HIV is transmitted and how it can be entirely prevented in your life…

Don’t do needles, don’t let a grade school drop-out give you a tattoo or pierce your tongue (yuk!), don’t sleep with a gazillion people, use rubbers (there is an old term!) and…

… get circumcised guys. Male circumcision cuts down on transmission by over 60%.

But most of all… get you and your main squeeze tested, and then come straight home to their loving arms every night. Being faithful avoids so many problems.


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