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Barbados “Reverend” Joe Atherley Praises Anti-Christian Communists


Pretty Much Just What The Headline Says…

Communist China just “gave” Barbados a few million dollars in “military aid” – by coincidence just a few days after Barbados announced support for the Chinese Communists’ position that democracy in Taiwan should be destroyed and the country should be subjugated under Communist rule.

Here is how we see the whole sad affair…

“Money Talks – Jesus Walks”

As Minister of State “Reverend” Joe Atherley crawled on his belly across the floor to take the cheque from the Chinese General’s hand, he was heard to say, “Thank ye, Massa. Thank ye sooooo much, Massa. Never mind that the Chinese military kicks old ladies to death for speaking of Jesus. Thank ye, soooo much for the money, Massa”

“Good Dog!” said the Chinese General…

Caribbean360.com has the entire story – including the part where the Barbados Minister of State forgot about the Christian brothers and sisters who are being murdered daily by the ChiComs…

Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Reverend Joseph Atherley, said Barbados was highly appreciative of the Chinese assistance saying that “our openness as a small island state, provides serious challenges for us and we must rely on the BDF to help us meet some of these challenges.”

He lauded the Asian state for what he termed its “amazing socio-economic growth” and saluted its role in international affairs, particularly in “reducing tensions in Asia”. He said the future looked bright for Barbados/China relations.

Read the entire story here.

Photo: (Sitting at left) Minister of State Joe Atherley (Forget the “Reverend” title – we will never again address him as such) seated next to him is Major General Zhang Bangdong. (Standing from left), Permanent Secretary Randolph Straughan, BDF Chief of Staff Col. Alvin Quintyne, along with other members of the visiting Chinese delegation.

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Early Alert – Storm Forming – Headed For Barbados


Check The Batteries, Water, Food and Shutters Folks!

Hey… it is that time of year. This little fella is about 1400 miles southeast of Barbados, but the early track is pointing right at us and some projections indicate a CAT-1.

Caribbean360.com has the full story. (link here)

I believe that the phrase of the month is “Pray unceasingly”.

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