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Barbados Government Announces Legalized Drinking Driving – As Long As You Have Your Licence With You


Drinking And Driving Still Legal in Barbados

Folks, we would love for someone to step up and prove us wrong… but we believe that even with the implementation of the new Barbados Road Traffic Act, it will still be legal to drive a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol level of, say, 180mgs…

… as long as the driver is carrying his new licence.

Are we wrong, Public Works Minister Gline Clarke?

UNDER the proposed new Road Traffic Act, persons will be required to travel with their driver’s licence and Certificate of Insurance or pay the penalty.In disclosing this to the House of Assembly last Wednesday, Public Works Minister Gline Clarke said…It is now compulsory, and you have 24 hours, if you do not have the licence on you to present it to the police.

The Minister was spelling out proposals to the new Road Traffic Act and said that if one contravened the Act, the fine was $500 or imprisonment for three months or both for not carrying your insurance certificate.

In addition, the power of the Transport Inspectors of the Licensing Authority will be increased. As a result, they will be entitled to carry out periodic checks on drivers to ensure that they are carrying their Certificate of Insurance, while operating their vehicles. This was formerly done by the police.

There is also a forthwith penalty for not carrying your licence, and in addition, on summary conviction, there is a fine of $2 500 or imprisonment for two years or both.

Minister Clarke emphasised “It is important to note, that when the Act is passed, persons must carry their driver’s licence on their person always.”

He re-iterated that the Licensing Authority was in the process of replacing the current licence book to a more modern and plastic driver’s licence which would make it easy to carry…

Read the balance of the article at Barbados Advocate here.

And by the way, Minister Clarke… Nice Mercedes!


Just make sure you carry your licence as we wouldn’t want to see you get a fine while driving your magnificent Mercedes sedan. Lovely car, Minister.

One thing though… We don’t think you have had much of a career outside of public service, so politics must pay very well these days. Yes, politics must pay very well indeed.

photo by Shona’s big brother J. We don’t know if anyone was drinking and driving in this particular road accident.


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