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Kid Nepro – Barbados Music Producer Assists Local Talent For Free.

It is always inspiring to see somebody helping others from the simple goodness of their heart. We heard a few good things about Steve Proto, the music producer from “Kid Nepro” music productions, so we thought we would let Steve tell you about his kind offer to local musical talent..

I’m a keyboard player, composer and producer originally from New York City and moved to Barbados about six years ago. Kid Nepro is a music software/production company that I founded in 1984. We sell “patches and digital samples” to musicians via mail order and over the internet. The musicians use the software to create songs, soundtracks and other creative stuff with.

Recently we have expanded into video, blogging and podcasting. I’m planning on producing some upcoming podcasts that will feature some local Barbados music and I thought I would let you know about it. I’m looking for local bands that are interested in getting their music heard by an international audience. I’m not looking for money or anything like that. I’m just interested in working with some of the many talented artists on the island.

Here are some links to check out…….

http://www.kidnepro.com (kid nepro homepage)

http://www.kidnepro.com/blog (blog and podcast)

http://www.kidnepro.com/KN/PickUp/newstuff.html (some of my music)

http://homepage.mac.com/kidnepro/iMovieTheater5.html (a recent video that I produced)

If you have any questions you can contact me via e-mail or give me a call at 420-4504.

All the best,

Steve Proto

Kid Nepro Productions


Editor’s Note: Hey… does the man look happy to be in Bim or what? Checked out some of his music…. I like it. Not bad for a …. oh, never mind!  😉

Sample song here.


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9/11 Kevin Cosgrove’s Last Words


On September 11, 2001, Kevin Cosgrove was at work in his office at the World Trade Centre.

Just in case you might have forgotten what happened, here is a recording of Cosgrove’s 911 call. I needed to listen to it, but I will never listen to it again.

Watch and listen to the end. Link here.

Kevin Cosgrove Memorial page. Link here

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