Barbados is Dangerously Close to Being A One-Party State.

One of our readers, Trueblue, seems to take issue with our caring at all about the DLP’s lack of effectiveness and posted this comment to the Barbados Free Press article Barbados Labour Party Says Roads Are Improving – DLP Says… Well, Nothing Really…

BFP: do you publish what the DLP says about the economy? Do you publish any of the House comments carried in the newspaper? Where do you want the DLP to say it: on your site?

Lets be real. The people elected the BLP not the DLP. And gave them 23 seats – before Mascoll did his nonsense – so why should the DLP be in the equation?

To which the Barbados Free Press editor replied…

Hi Trueblue

Our main point again and again is that the DLP has no online presence and haven’t been able to arrange something as simple as putting up their website in the last year.

The DLP or somebody should be in the equation as we are becoming dangerously close to becoming a one-party state – with all the associated dangers to personal freedoms.

The BLP’s conduct in the last year has been proof enough that too much power corrupts.

Now, a reader points us to a Nation Newspaper article Jones: Not Easy Being In Opposition. An excerpt…

“…the extensive control of persons in strategic positions in other media houses; governments’ utilisation of departments of communication and information; the positioning and repositioning of the governing party henchmen and hench-women in strategic decision-making positions; and the manipulation of state resources to their advantage, thus allowing for an even greater thunder of voice”.

“In this environment,” Jones said, “the voices of others are significantly drowned out. People then clamour for a greater voice from the parliamentary opposition without realising that the opposition can sometimes face insurmountable odds, particularly when it follows traditional methods of appealing to the people.

Our Message To The DLP: Quit Whining, Put Up A Website, Work Harder

These DLP guys and gals should leave the whining to us until they at least take advantage of existing opportunities to connect directly with the electorate.

Will somebody please give them the US$7.99 per month that it takes to have a website hosted?


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18 responses to “Barbados is Dangerously Close to Being A One-Party State.

  1. Hants

    Barbados is currently a 1 party state because it has a majority Government with a “Decisive ? leader”.

    The DLP in opposition has no power. I hope that the BFP will help to provide a de facto opposition to the BLP’s shenanigans as was done with the waterpark etc.

    Hopefully the DLP website will be running soon

  2. william duguid

    Why do they need 7.99 free webhosts are out there.
    Just a littlle time to put together a site they do not even need software.
    They are just indifferent to the use of this media.
    They will have one up soon though I understand with all the bells and whistles.

  3. william duguid

    This island currently has three political parties. Admittedly one party is tending to attract the more electable candidates and has been in Government for a lengthy period of time but we are by no means headed to a one party state as in the absence of a very stong and poorly organised opposition the media and other members of society and non governmental organisations and unions have done an excellent job in holding the Government to the highest of standards.

  4. Hants

    William, your candidates are no more electable than the DLP candidates.

    Your party is riding a wave of good fortune and a very supportive media.

    You will win the next election because Barbados will have a super heated economy (CWC2007), and nobody changes a government during an economic boom.

  5. Biscoe

    Finally, I agree with a BFP proposition. No not the tired one-party state card – an old political trick used by Opposition parties to gain votes through the fear factor. I mean about the DLP whining and doing little else.

    I remember when the BLP had only three members in Parliament. No whining from the “Three Blind Mice” then. They practically controlled Parliament with the quality of their debates in an era when CBC gave them no air time, unlike now when you can see Opposition Parliamentarians on MY TV with regularity. They worked hard and their voices were heard.I guess it helps when you are united and have the backing and resources of your party behind you.

    So give me a break Jones and get on with it.

  6. RRRicky

    Well said Biscoe! Well Said BFP!

  7. Disposable Arts

    Addressing what “duguid“said about there being free web hosting. To be honest, the idea of the DLP using free hosting is simple, it will look shitty, most of those sites have some long ridiculous names which goes directly in front of your sites name e.g. You do see where I’m going with this right?

    The DLP is just stupid. How can they even start to think, that people will actually trust a party whom can’t keep their members under control to lead a country? Yea, Barbados is sure on the path of becoming a “one-party state” but not due to the “wins” of the BLP, but the constant “f**k ups” of the DLP.

    (computer tech for hire/apprenticeship!)

  8. Wake up and smell the coffee! Barbados has been a one party state for a while now.

  9. ross


  10. Hants

    Ross, the word Dictator is very “strong”. It may come under censorship by Mia.

    I prefer to think of Ohwhen as a Decisive Leader who “calls his own tune”.

  11. Hants

    the latest news on the Labourparty Blog says we are all wrong. Go read the “excellent report”.

  12. Hants

    Also go and read S & P’s report which starts.

    ” Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services revised its outlook on Barbados to stable from negative. Standard & Poor’s also affirmed its ‘BBB+’ long-term foreign, ‘A-‘ long term local, and ‘A-2’ short-term currency sovereign credit ratings on Barbados. According to Standard & Poor’s credit analyst Richard Francis, the change in outlook reflects a fiscal adjustment that is currently underway. This is expected to lead to a small surplus of 0.2% of GDP in the 2007 calendar year, up from a deficit of 0.9% (including the large surpluses of the National Insurance Scheme) in 2006, as capital spending — much of which is associated with the preparation for the 2007 World Cup Cricket–tapers off. This improvement is expected to lead to gradually lower net general government debt.

  13. Hants

    $4b credit spree
    Read it in the Nation today.

  14. Trueblue

    Thanks for the BFP response. I agree with some of what you said. But do you remember that the DLP once had a blog site – even before BFP – and it got “intercepted” by others and had to be shut down. I hope this doesn’t stop them from getting back there. On that point I agree with you.

  15. Trueblue

    By the way, I made that point because it demonstrates the extent to which William distorts the truth once again. I am a little concerned about his cavalier propensity for this. It is a bad, bad trait.

  16. Hants

    Trueblue, remember that William is a Politician and has to spin some issues. We should give him some “leeway” until closer to the elections.

    So far he has been good for this blog.

  17. From all indications the DLP has regrouped and the reality is that the BLP can feel it. The DLP is on the move up – see for yourself –