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Bermuda Looking Forward To Hiring 30 Barbados Police – Including Elite Anti-Terror Officers – And Nurses Too!

Barbados Prime Minister: “No Need To Panic…”

Excerpts from the Bermuda Royal Gazette (link here)…

Police numbers on the Island could soon be boosted by 30 new officers from Barbados, according to overseas reports.

With Bermuda’s top cop George Jackson currently in the Caribbean country on a major recruitment drive, the Prime Minister and Police chief of Barbados have both spoken out amid speculation that their country’s force is set to lose scores of officers.

Barbados Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin called on PM Owen Arthur to urgently tackle the issue of salaries and working conditions for his officers.
His comments came after media reports indicated that about 30 officers were planning to leave the force for Bermuda.

Reports suggested that some members of the Special Services Unit – which recently received specialised anti-terror training ahead of next year’s Cricket World Cup – were among the group planning to quit. Mr. Dottin indicated to The Nation that this issue was discussed when he met his Bermuda counterpart….

However, PM Owen Arthur, responding to his Police chief’s comments, told The Nation that the number of officers leaving the Royal Barbados Police Force was so small there was no need to panic.

Officers departing to work in Bermuda are nothing new, he was reported as saying, and added: “Barbados has always been a place where people have looked to for nurses, Police and so on.”

As part of the current recruitment drive, Bermuda Police Service is looking to hire 40 extra officers from Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Trinidad and the UK. …Governor Sir John Vereker has pledged to get the service up to its full strength of 469 officers by the end of October.

A Bermuda Police spokesman said he had no comment yesterday when asked about the reported influx of 30 officers from Barbados. He confirmed Mr. Jackson was still in Barbados on Police business.


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Barbados Economy Most Vulnerable – Moody Investment Service

Barbados economy at it’s most vulnerable
08-29-2006 STARCOM Network News

Barbados’ economy is probably more vulnerable today than at anytime since the turn of the century.

That’s according to Moody Investment Service, considered second only to Standard and Poors, as a Wall Street credit rating company.

It states that the vulnerability started to deteriorate since 2001. This was mitigated by the fact that a lot of foreign money here which can be withdrawn at anytime, is in the Financial Services Sector.

This is unlike other countries where the foreign dollars are in the higly speculative investment arena.

Our Take On This Story…

The Government of Barbados shouts from the rooftops and bangs pots in the street when a rating service makes even the slightest positive comment about the economy.

I wonder what Prime Minister Owen Arthur will say about this position by Moody’s?


Hi folks… We first had this article incorrectly titled with “Standard & Poor’s” instead of Moody Investment Service.

Our apologies.

Reminder to self… Proof read, Proof read, Proofo reda…

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Barbados Bathsheba Railroad Land – Who Really Owns It?

More “unusual circumstances” with another piece of land in Barbados. We only have so much land, and the skullduggeries and intrigue surrounding the acquisition and transfer of lands on this small island are legendary.

A letter from a BFP reader…

I read in the press recently that Sir Roy is outraged at hearing that the access to the old train line at Highrock, and inter alia, the acccess to the beach at Highrock, Bathsheba, has been blocked off by stakes driven into the ground.

This is of great concern to me. This is my home village. The train line is public property and has been every since I was crawling around on all fours. No other property owner along that coast has had the audacity to fence it off, or complain, because the locals have always used that line as a right of way.

It seems to me, that the new owners of “Culpepper” the property on the hill over looking Highrock, may have thought that this land belongs to them. The fact is, when Mrs. Marie Austin owned it, she knew it was not hers and never claimed it. She died and left if jointly for her five nephews and nieces, who put it on the market a few years back for $3.5 million US.

They claimed it was 3.5 acres, which was a surprise to many locals as it did not appear to be so much land mass. If, however, the heirs included the old train line as part of the property that would, of course, increase the acreage.

It would be interesting to know who did the survey for the sale, and if they were aware that the train line belonged to the public, or if the government is aware of this land grab by the new owners of ‘culpepper’.

It would also be interesting to know what the plans are for the site and if these plans had anything to do with that ridiculous tourist trap that the government had proposed for the Beachmount pasture also at Bathsheba.


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Barbados Surprise Posted On Internet For World To See!

Ok ok…

It might be a slow news day around here – but for a little bit of fun (and to see how the world has changed when everybody and their brother now has the ability to post videos on the internet)…

… we point you to Linda at My Barbados Blog…

A globetrotting couple from Atlanta decides to vacation in Barbados, and they have posted their “Barbados Surprise” vacation on Travel Pod.

To make the trip more interesting, they also planned a surprise trip for two more relatives in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. The relatives, who live in New Orleans, had no idea where they were going until they reached the Atlanta airport.

Read the full article at My Barbados Blog (link here)

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Barbados Government Acts Quickly To Stem Rampant Television Piracy – But Forget About Medical Care, Environmental Legislation etc etc etc

The Government of Barbados moved quickly to make television piracy illegal. According to The Nation News, one in seven households on the island has a device to receive cable TV without paying for the service.

The point of the editorial though, is how quickly the government can move to produce legislation when it’s own revenue streams are attacked – but when it comes to health care and other concerns, hey – that’s something else…

Some excerpts from The Nation News

GOVERNMENT HAS the crucial responsibility to secure the well-being of its people in, among other things, important crises, the reinforcement of existing legislation as well as through creation of new laws or amendments. Special circumstances, unusual or unforeseen trends, occurrences, or, as in the case of Cricket World Cup, current events that concern the people, all indicate an overdue review of laws.

Case in point: the recent introduction of an amendment to the Telecommunications Act which stands as an example of the Barbados Government’s chosen reaction to special circumstances and/or unusual trends.

The amendment, titled the Telecommunications (Amendment) Bill 2006, comes as a direct result of fraudulent use by unscrupulous people of a device that gives non-subscribers the same access privileges as subscribers have, to the state-owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) cable television service.

The relative haste with which this amendment has been produced speaks to its urgency and vaunted legislative priority in the eyes of a Government which seems over zealous about imposing penalties…

It was sheer irony that on the same page on which news of the amendment to the telecommunications law was published, on August 1, the other published item informed: “Five hours and 55 minutes was how long it took some patients to get their prescriptions filled at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) yesterday.”

The two developments were obviously exclusive; nevertheless the contrast was too conflicting for keen readers not to observe….

Read the entire article at The Nation News (link here)


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Does Barbados Law Prevent Developers From Destroying Nearby Beaches To Enhance Their Own Beach?


Condo Developers Destroying Nearby Beaches

Sometimes I despair that our government will ever wake up to the fact that allowing huge corporations to do as they please with our natural resources is a prescription for disaster. Lately, we have been seeing more and more incidents of private developers selfishly building jettys and groins without a care in the world about the damage done to nearby beaches.

Problem At Mullins Bay

Our friends at Mullins Bay Blog are extremely upset about a large condo developer’s actions, and they have written an excellent piece called The Uglification Of Mullins Bay – a bit of which follows…

Shock of shocks, horror of horrors has unfolded on the northern end of the Mullins Bay area with the construction of four new groins (two pictured here) to create more beach area for a new multi-million dollar condominium development going up on the last large parcel of undeveloped beachfront in the area…

With government doing little or nothing to help control beach erosion on the west coast private developers have taken it into their own hands to hasten the destruction of what was once one of the best beaches in the area. Groins are ugly, don’t always do what they are supposed to do (trap sand), create obstacles to walking on the beach, and most importantly, contribute the destruction of beaches nearby…

…but whereas the few small home owners remaining in the area have to jump through hoops to get permission from “Coastal” to place a few rocks on the beach to stop their homes from falling into the sea, apparently the same rules do not apply to the “big boys”…

What Does Barbados Law Say?

Mullins Bay Blog charges that once again, the Government of Barbados has created a double standard – setting aside the rule of law for the rich developers at the long-term expense of our natural resources.

What is the story here? Can any readers advise what the law says about creating these jetties – whether Government approval is needed, and most importantly, whether the large developer mentioned by Mullins Bay Blog needs and has a permit?


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Licensing Prostitutes In Barbados – Government As Pimp

Caribbean Governments To Consider Licensing Prostitutes Who Have Hundreds of Sexual Partners Per Month.

Let’s see here… say, a thousand prostitutes licensed at fifty US dollars for the Cricket World Cup. But then, we’ll need the additional health, policing and regulatory infrastructure to monitor the industry. Taxes on the houses of prostitution. Inspectors. Doctors doing scheduled checks. Lab workers.

Yup. It could just work. I smell the flower of an entirely new tax base for Barbados here.

And… oh the fringe benefits for the inspectors!

SHOULD SEX WORKERS be licensed for the 51-day period of next year’s Cricket World Cup (CWC) in order to regulate their activity?

This question is soon to be considered by Caribbean governments.

It is one of the suggestions made at the two-day CARICOM/CWC 2007 Health Sector Sub-Committee meeting of regional health ministers which concluded on Friday at Savannah Hotel, Christ Church.

The proposal will be examined by a select committee.

Winston Williams, Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Health, told the SUNDAY SUN on Friday that the issue has to be examined in light of the possible influx of sex workers to the region for the event, and the impact this could have on the populations’ health.

“I have asked the question whether or not licences should be issued for that period of time to sex workers. We have to look at whether it should be legalised because it is a problem that is coming,” said Williams.

from The Nation News link here.

The people who want to reconstruct our society to their own very different vision most often do not wear their agendas on their sleeves. They frequently give very reasoned arguments why various laws and social conventions should be ignored – just for some specific worthy purpose. Just this once.

Their message is “Just put aside the rule of law for this one time. This one worthy purpose. It won’t do any harm if the bureaucrats ignore Parliament’s laws, rule of law, the will of the people and hundreds or thousands of years of cultural norms. Just this once.”

One little push at a time, one little change here and there – and society moves a little closer to the ideals of the Socialist Left.

The latest “little push” by the bureaucrats as they sip their martinis at the Savannah Hotel is a move by some to have Barbados and other Caribbean governments license prostitutes “just for the Cricket World Cup” on the pretense that pieces of paper will somehow ward off HIV and other diseases.

Language paves the way to many of these societal changes when leftist members of the media and government agencies change a word here and a term there to further a certain social agenda. Often, sympathetic media will adopt the terminology deliberately coined by one side of an issue – as a method of forwarding an agenda while continuing to provide the appearance of no bias.

Consider the terms “Prostitute” vs “Sex Worker”

“Sex Worker” legitimizes the people and the er, “profession” while “Prostitute” conjurs up a totally different perspective. Legitimate business person vs. diseased criminal.

It’s all in the words, you see. Same person, same activity – just different words.

“The term “sex worker” was coined by long time prostitutes’ rights activist Carol Leigh as a way to designate all those who work in the adult industry.” Online reference… International Sex Worker Foundation…

So when the media or government officials use a term coined by a prostitute to legitimize prostitution, whether they realize it or not, they are furthering a certain social agenda.

Words matter. Actions matter.

…and we are not fooled.


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Thanks, Sir Clyde


Sir Clyde Leopold Walcott: January 17, 1926 – August 26, 2006

Cricketer of the Year 1958, but so much more than Cricket.

The Nation News: A Legend Passes

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Barbados Death Boat – One Body Identified

“Diao Souncar Dieme” was His Name

“I would like to send to my family in Bassada (a town in western Senegal) a sum of money. Please excuse me and goodbye. This is the end of my life in this big Moroccan sea…”

…Note from Diao Souncar Dieme to anyone finding his body.

From Caribbean Net News…

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados: One of the 11 bodies discovered on a small yacht off Barbados four months ago has now been identified but there is as yet no word on burial arrangements for the men.

However, officials in Senegal, where it is believed the men came from, are expected to make a decision within the next few days.

It was 29-year-old Senagalese, Diao Souncar Dieme who was identifid following weeks of forensic investigations by Interpol teams in Barbados and in Senagal. Sources indicate that no other identifications were made.

read the entire story at Caribbean Net News here.

Previous BFP Death Boat Stories link here

Additional Online References For Diao Souncar Dieme

The Nation News – One of 11 dead Africans identified

The Raw Story – A tragic reminder of the slave trade

Times Online – Mystery of death boat that drifted 3,000 miles off course

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Barbados Should Ban Shell Oil and Associates From Offshore Exploration


“How much Bribe Money did Shell Oil have to pay to corrupt Barbados Government officials to gain a decade of immunity from prosecution?”

… from a reader’s letter to BFP


Shell Oil Pollutes – Then Flees Barbados To Avoid Accountability

For eleven long years, farmers and other citizens of Barbados have attempted to have Shell Oil clean up and compensate for thousands upon thousands of gallons of oil products that leaked over the years from Shell’s poorly maintained south coast pipeline.

It has been eleven years of the Barbados Government’s failure to hold Shell Oil accountable. How could any government that cared for the country and the people allow such a thing?

Barbados Government As Useless As T…. (oh, never mind!)

“Shell is no longer here it has been totally bought out by SOL and all the infrastructure”

“…The liability of SHELL for leaks pre sale still remain the responsibilty of the SHELL company. Which of course is no longer in Barbados or I believe any where in the Caribbean for that matter.”

William Duguid

Member of Parliament, Secretary General, Barbados Labour Party

Why didn’t the Government of Barbados encumber Shell Oil’s assets until they cleaned up the mess? Why did the Government of Barbados allow Shell Oil to sell it’s assets to another firm and then flee the jurisdiction to avoid accountability?

What is the Prime Minister’s excuse? Incompetence? Stupidity? Corruption? A combination of all three?

And please, don’t bother mentioning the Environment Minister! (As papa used to say “Better to throw away a broken tool. Then you will never again mistakenly believe that you have a useful one.”)

So Shell Oil polluted the ground water of a nation that has no laws against pollution, then sold their assets to a “shell” company and cleared out.

“How much Bribe Money did Shell Oil have to pay to corrupt Barbados Government officials to gain a decade of immunity from prosecution?”

I’d rather be told that Shell Oil bribed Barbados government officials than to think that our government and civil servants are just that stupid and incompetent. How about it, folks?

Now Oil Companies Want To Explore Off The Barbados Coast

GOVERNMENT IS LOOKING to award contracts by year-end for oil companies to drill in deep waters off Barbados…

“Barbados will start the award of bid blocks to drill in our deep shore marine space around the end of this year,”…

from The Nation News (link here)

Any companies even remotely associated with Shell Oil should be denied offshore oil exploration rights by the Government of Barbados. Will the lame duck government of Prime Minister Owen Arthur hold Shell Oil accountable?

Don’t hold your breath.

Previous BFP Articles On This Subjectclick here


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Barbados Fire Fighter Honoured in Chandler Arizona. Mayor Issues Proclamation.

Barbados fire official studies Chandler’s methods

Eugene Mulero
The Arizona Republic

Henderson Patrick, an elite firefighter from Barbados, is taking part in a first-of-a-kind exchange program in Chandler.

For the next month, the 44-year-old Patrick will familiarize himself with Chandler’s latest fire safety devices and train with local firefighters. His goal is to learn firefighting methods used in Chandler and other Southeast Valley cities, then share the skills with “probies” – probational or beginning firefighters – back home.

Patrick is here because his country is prepping all services for next year’s International Cricket Council World Cup matches in Bridgetown. The worldwide event is expected to draw some 50,000 athletes, spectators and tourists. The Fire Department is recruiting and training officers to be ready for the event.

This week Patrick toured Chandler’s training facilities, attended Homeland Security and other emergency training and interviewed administrators about the city’s operations.

So far he said he most admires the teamwork, initiative and communication he has seen throughout Chandler’s fire operations. Dangel said their first impressions of Patrick have been stellar.

“We’ve learned to admire Patrick for the love he has inside for firefighting,” Dangel said.

On Sept. 14, Chandler officials will issue a proclamation in Patrick’s honor. That day he’ll interact with students at the Chandler High School homecoming parade.

Read the entire article here.

Nice to see the powers that be sending our best to learn from other countries. The Royal Barbados Police Force could also benefit from more exchange programmes, but, alas… policing and public safety are not priorities for the Government of Barbados.

What was that about “Where your money is, so is your heart” ?

Who said that? Anybody know?


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Taking A Caribbean Cruise? Roll The Dice And Pray…


Going on a cruise? Better read the fine print…

Just because the cruise ship is scheduled to dock in Barbados or any other port, doesn’t mean that it will arrive there. And if the ship has some mechanical or scheduling problems that prevent it from reaching the advertised destination – you’ll be lucky to get any money back at all.

Last summer, passengers on a Royal Caribbean Cruises ship who thought they were heading for Bermuda ended up in Nova Scotia, Canada. Change of plans, you see!

The only people who win in that situation are the lawyers.

Why Not Just Visit Barbados?

Do you ever notice how the television commercials for Cruise Ships always show happy people engaging in activities off the ship? They never show sea-sick passengers throwing up in dinky cabins, or looking wishfully at a port that they only had 3 hours in. Even in the cruise ship commercials, all the fun is on the island!

Forget about Cruise Ships. Come to Barbados…

Stay at a lovely bed and breakfast for a whole lot less than a cruise, and enjoy a wonderful holiday on our island – without last-minute surprises.

Read the New York Times article: Maybe Barbados, Maybe Someplace Else

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Culture or Vulgarity? CBC Television Avoids Barbados Crop-Over

Did anyone notice anything about the television coverage of Crop-Over this year? More than ever this year, it consisted of facial close-ups of happy people.

What is the problem? Easy… The wide angle shots would have shown several hundred people simulating sex in public.

Let’s call this Crop-Over “dancing” by more than a few people what it really is… simulating sex acts in public. (And we’re not just talking a little bump and grind here, folks!)

Tony Best has written a piece in the Nation News. As always, he is right on the money. Read New York New York – No Dirty Dancing For NY Carnival

(Hey Tony… how many Banks Beer on a Friday night would it take to lure you away from the dark side?) 🙂


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Tony Blair’s Son Was Treated At Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados

Several versions of the story have appeared online, but it looks like Euan Blair, 22, is out of danger…

… meaning that he is no longer in the QEH. (CNN story here)

(Wonder if any birds visited him during his stay. No… not girls – real birds. They come and go from the rooms pretty well at will)

Earlier BFP stories about Health Care in Barbados…

Toronto TV News – Barbados Hospital “Squalid, Crumbling, Urine On Floor”

Barbados Eye Care in Cuba: What About Lion’s Eyecare Centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

If Barbados Needs Cuban Medical Help, Then We Are Really In Trouble

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Bermuda Police In Barbados To Steal Our Best And Brightest Officers

From The Nation News…

BARBADOS LOOKS SET to be hit by a further exodus of officers from the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF).

But while Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin said yesterday he only had knowledge of ten earlier resignations, sources said as many as 30 officers had indicated their intention to seek greener pastures in Bermuda.

In fact, Bermuda’s Commissioner of Police George Jackson, is scheduled to conduct interviews today at Hilton Barbados with police interested in working in that country, where the average pay of a constable is US$56 000 per year [equivalent to BDS$112 000]. A constable joining the RPBF makes about $23 000 a year…

continue reading at The Nation News here.

The Government of Barbados just doesn’t get it!

Rule of law and personal safety are foundational to any country that relies upon tourism as much as Barbados does. Without a highly trained, professional police force, we can kiss those tourist dollars goodbye.

Very shortsighted on the part of the Owen Arthur government – who find lots of cash available for pet projects, cricket and fancy golf courses… but force the public safety branches to rely upon handouts from Communist China.



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Louisiana School Bus – Black Children Forced To Give Up Seats To White Children

From the “Some things never change” files…

COUSHATTA — Nine black children attending Red River Elementary School were directed last week to the back of the school bus by a white driver who designated the front seats for white children.

The situation has outraged relatives of the black children who have filed a complaint with school officials.

Superintendent Kay Easley will meet with the family members in her office this morning.

Continue reading the story in Shreveport Times

It never ceases to amaze me. When are people going to learn that everybody bleeds red?

And I do mean, everybody.


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Shell Barbados Pipeline Leaks Still Not Cleaned Up

A BFP reader points out that nothing is settled yet regarding the Shell pipeline leaks…

I am a victim of shell oil leaks and I am mad as hell with the situation. Shell admitted that their lines were leaking from 1994 and not 1995. Their figures showed over 300 thousand gallons of jet fuel .

Three Ministers of Agriculture have presided in their ministries, since this oil leak into the ground water. The Prime Minister came to office in 1994. He knew about it and did nothing. Where is CERO on this matter of such a magnitude?

Farmers and their extended families are suffering from the negligence of Shell and the Government of Barbados.

Previous BFP Articles On The Shell Pipeline Leaks…

Barbados Environment Ministry Has No Shell Oil Pipeline Leakage Records!

Barbados Pipeline Rupture: Consequences For People, Not For Shell Oil

Burst Shell Oil Pipeline – Oil Heading For Barbados Coast


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Honeymoon Ends For “Golf Mad” Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur


We said we would give the Prime Minister a week of peace – without mentioning words that upset him – words like “accountability”, “conflict of interest” or “Mia Mottley”.

The week’s grace is well past, but as a last gesture, we present this article from England… and, yup – they called Owen “Golf Mad”.

I wouldn’t know… never been invited out to Sandy Lane course myself…

From Barbados to Brum for a honeymoon

Aug 22 2006

By Poppy Brady, Birmingham Mail

Photo: Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur with his wife Julie

WHO needs Barbados as a honeymoon haven when you can enjoy those first days of married bliss right here in Birmingham?

That’s exactly what Owen Arthur, the Prime Minister of Barbados, opted for after marrying his bride Julie on the Caribbean paradise isle only a week ago.

Instead of enjoying an exotic honeymoon location together they boarded a plane for Britain and are now basking in the warmth of a real Brummie welcome.

“It is marvellous to be here and Birmingham is a charming city,” said Mr Owen, who arrived in the city yesterday with his new wife and their six-year-old daughter Leah.

I know your weather hasn’t been too good recently but we’ve had a real warm welcome from the Birmingham people.

“We arrived here on Friday and left your Prime Minister Mr Blair enjoying his holiday in Barbados away from the hurly burly of British politics.”

Golf-mad Mr Arthur said this was his second visit to Birmingham. His first trip was in 2002 when he watched Tiger Woods in action at the Ryder Cup, staged at the Belfry.

He admitted that his marriage coincided with an earlier planned trip to Britain to promote a Barbados export goods and services exhibition in London.

But he added: “It’s a coincidence that my wife and myself are here right now but we’re delighted. Britain is as good a place as any to have a honeymoon.”

Mr Arthur was given a VIP reception at Birmingham Council House by council leader Mike Whitby and leading figures from the African Caribbean community including Pastor Calvin Young from Aston Christian Centre. Later he met a group of Barbadian nationals for dinner.

Coun Whitby said: “I would like to congratulate Mr Arthur on his recent marriage and commend his inspirational choice of honeymoon location.

“The African Caribbean population of Birmingham has, for many years, played a key role in helping to build the economic, social and political strength of the city. Their culture provides a colourfully distinct flavour to modern life.”


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