New US Ambassador To Barbados Mary Ourisman “Cute, Blonde” …and Hot


And Her Hubby Gave Almost Half A Million Bucks $US to George Bush Republicans…

From the Washington Post article Next Stop Barbados!

She’s cute, she’s blond, she’s Texan, and yep, it’s finally official: Mary Ourisman is going to be the ambassador to Barbados.

The wife of car tycoon Mandy Ourisman is a high-profile figure on Washington’s social and cultural scene; Laura Bush attended her 60th-birthday party in February. The White House formally announced the nomination last week, months after word leaked out that President Bush had tapped her for the job. The Caribbean postings are often reserved for political appointees with ties to the Republican Party — the Ourismans have donated $443,620 to GOP candidates and committees since 1999.

Like a good nominee, Ourisman is keeping mum until confirmed, but her husband says, “She’s on cloud nine — she’s very honored. And I’ll be supporting her and going with her.” They’ll be leaving homes in Washington, Palm Beach, and Jamaica for the ambassador’s residence on the west coast of the laid-back island nation, where their pals will undoubtedly pour serious bucks into the tourism industry. “Remember, in Barbados the prime minister walks down Broad Street and pushes his own trolley in the market — without security,” says Roy Morris, editor at Barbados’s Daily Nation newspaper.

If confirmed, Ourisman will become not only “Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary” to Barbados (population 265,000) but will also represent the United States in St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Lots of drinks with little umbrellas in her future!

She Is How Old? !!! 

The Washington Post article says she be 60 years old… ‘an dat be a 2005 photo from Washington Life magazine! (link here)

Do all them Texan womanys look like that at 60? Get me ma travel agent on de phone now!


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15 responses to “New US Ambassador To Barbados Mary Ourisman “Cute, Blonde” …and Hot

  1. Shona

    Marcus Davidoff

    You be in BIG TROUBLE now! Where you gonna sleep tonight? Huh?

  2. Eve

    Ha!! How much is real and how much is plastic?! Esp. from Texas!!!! Not all of us in the US subscribe to this image!!! You keep it real Shona – we love ya!!!

  3. is called a bucket load a makeup man

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  5. agboola

    i need name of ambassador in babdors

  6. That’s actually a pretty bad picture of her. Sadly I managed to forget to take any at the ceremony or following cocktail party…

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  9. Marcus/BFP,

    How does that saying go again? Old fowl does still boil a good soup!

    The Bystander.

    P.S., she doesn’t look that bad at all!

  10. No-name

    She maybe cute bit she is way out of her depth! Saw her in an interview and it was obvious she cannot even articulate the rationale for USA ‘s foreign policy in relation to Cuba…..

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  14. I want to become an ambassador of Barbados.