Barbados Prime Minister Promises To Cut Back On Spending After Cricket World Cup!

Financial Analysts Believe PM’s Words

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Owen Arthur delighted the financial analysts in New York with his traveling dog and pony show. According to Standard and Poor’s spokesperson Richard Francis, the firm revised it’s outlook for Barbados from “negative” to “stable” – primarily on the basis of the Prime Minister’s words. (Nation News article here.)

What did Mr. Arthur say?

The PM said the government “planned to cut back on capital expenditure after the World Cup”.

Good idea, Mr. Prime Minister…

Yup… I also “cut back on capital expenditures” when I’ve blown my entire paycheque on women and beer and there’s no money left for food. Darn right I cut back!

The trouble is, the wallet is now empty and the bills keep on coming long after the pleasure of a few beer and a couple of cuddles is forgotten.

I wonder how long we will still be paying for Cricket World Cup after the last television camera is turned off?



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5 responses to “Barbados Prime Minister Promises To Cut Back On Spending After Cricket World Cup!

  1. Hants

    Famous lyrics.

    Don’t worry, bout a ting. cause every little thing, gonna be alright.

    Don’t worry, be happy.

    Keep going with Owen.

  2. Hants

    I wonder if the cutbacks will happen before or after the Elections.
    Standard and Poor should have asked him that.

  3. John

    Some more famous lyrics:

    I ent care if the cabin brek down

    Long as I get some where to lay down.

    Two more rums, and the cabin brekking down

    So we brek um down.

  4. John

    This might be part of a mastrer plan to increase accommodation for World Cup.