Reclaiming Land in Barbados… Why Not?

Carl Moore writes some ideas in the Nation News…

* Reclaim land and make Barbados’ land mass bigger. The Japanese do it all the time. We did it almost 50 years ago when we built the deep-water harbour and filled in 90 acres right out to Pelican Island.

Why not create more Barbados land from the sea? If our land is so valuable, sure.

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3 responses to “Reclaiming Land in Barbados… Why Not?

  1. Jane

    We are already doing this to protect the coastline in some areas. This is well worth looking into.

  2. Anonymous


    Go look at Google Earth at the amount of land reclaimed for the deep water harbour back in 1960 or therabouts.

    It is about 90 acres I am told.

    The whole of Barbados is 106470 acres so this reclaimed land is pretty insignificant if not paltry when compared with the whole.

    However, its importance is very high.

    While on Google Earth, look at the quarries which dot the island and from which the material to reclaim land will probably come.

    The amount of land to be created from the sea is of an insignificant amount and is only justified if its use can support its cost of production. The deep water harbour was built because it made economic sense to build it.

    When Govt takes up 500 acres up at Apes Hill and rezones it golf and housing for the rich and famous, it is highly unlikely that we could then reclaim an equivalent amount of land from the sea that would replace what government has given up in our name.

    Its cost per square foot would rise into the ether.

    We need to accept what we have and find a balance with our natural environment. Colin Hudson often talked and demonstrated the footprint we need to sustain our lifestyle. It was several times the size of Barbados.

    I think the message he tried to communicate was that we are out of balance with our natural environment.

    Our ancestors found a balance that worked for them, we need to find one that works for us.

    Why not encourage Bajan settlers to go to Guyana and take up the vast land resources of the interior.

    CSME should be able to accommodate this.

  3. Lex

    The interior in Guyana is lived in by Amerindians, it’s not uninhabited land waiting for you to exploit it.