Look Out Barbados! – Carson Cadogan Starts Blog

The Barbados King of Letters to the Editor, Mr. Carson Cadogan, has started a blog. One of Carson’s first articles concerns the poor state of the boyhood home of our famous son, Sir Frank Worrell.

An excerpt from the post Sir Frank Worrell…


The Barbados Government estimates that it will spend in the region of $135 million Barbados Dollars on the redevelopment of Kensington Oval, the Mecca of Cricket here in Barbados. This is all taxpayers dollars.

A couple of miles away right next door to the Empire Cricket ground is the dilapidated boyhood home of Sir Frank Worrell. Sir Frank Worrell one the greatest cricketers the world has known. In any country other than Barbados his home would be a shrine for all the world to see. His great skill with the bat was largely responsible for putting Barbados on the Cricket map. Even today long after his death he is still highly regarded in places like England, India and Australia to name a few places.

It is a national disgrace that this house is in this state of disrepair. The Barbados Cricket Association is doing nothing about the situation. Its President can be heard almost daily on the call-in programnes being an expert on everything. However he has not lift a single finger to help in the restoration of this very important home. What a shame!

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34 responses to “Look Out Barbados! – Carson Cadogan Starts Blog

  1. West Side Davie

    Good luck Carson!

  2. Pat

    I think some authority should repair the building or buy it from the owners, then fix it up, make it a tourist attraction and charge a suitable fee for a tour. They would definitely make their money back. Why are only old plantation houses considered “Bajan history” and worth viewing?

    If it is not furnished, they should repatriate some Bajan mahogany furniture or salvage it from the”antique shops” and give the tourists a real birds eye view of how he and his family lived.

  3. Sir Frank Worrell was my uncle. I never got to meet him but I heard how good he was. I wish I could have said good-bye before he past away but I was not born. I am his neice and I am 10 years old in the fifth grade just wondering how I can get one wish that my uncle would wish for and make his wish come true. Now my reply is that you guys leave the house the same in memory of Sir Frank Worrell so that when I visit next month I will be able to say this was my uncles house.

  4. Anonymous

    I did not know he was your uncle – I haven’t heard about you, but you’re far away, so that may explain it. My boyfriend is related to him – that’s all I know.

  5. Eileen Worrell-Mathurin

    Sir Frank Worrell is my cousin and I think he would want that building to stay as is. I dont know any of my family in Barbados and would love to met them one day. My grandfather was Edmund Worrell from Barbados. My brother was also named Frank Worrell after my cousin Sir Frank Worrell.

  6. Patricia Worrell

    To Eileen Worrell-Mathurin:
    My grandfather was also Edmund Worrell, from Barbados, but I do not live in barbados. Are you by any chance living in the Caribbean? (I also think Sir Frank, who my grandfather always told us was our cousin, would want the building to stay as it is.)

  7. Kathlyn P. Worrell

    Hi Patricia I was looking for someone with information on our (Eileen) grandfather Edmound Worrell. He moved to Trinidad and had my father Kortright Kilner Worrell and other children. We live in the St. Thomas Virgin Islands. If you have any information please notify me. Thanks.

  8. ac

    @carson cadogan
    So what if the taxpayers fix kensington oval .it belongs to them.
    Only if Sir Frank house is sold to the Government
    then and only then would the taxpayers be willing to fix it.
    Right now that is a family matter not a government matter.

  9. yah

    hi- my grandfather told us a long time ago that Frank Worrell was our cousin. Frank’s mother was my grandfather’s aunt. She left Jamaica when he was a little boy and moved to Barbados for work. She married into Worrell family some years later. Dont know that side of my family too well, so not sure of any more details.

  10. Lisa Worrell

    Hello! I came across this website purely by accident. My grandfather’s name was also Edmund Worrell and he migrated from Barbados to Trinidad. My father always told us that he thought that we were related to Sir Frank Worrell but he never knew the exact connection. Does anyone out there have information about his family tree?

  11. Joscelyn Worrell Jr

    I am told by my father that I am also related to Frank Worrell however, I am not sure exactly how. My father is Joscelyn Worrell Sr and His father is Altamont Worrell born in 1885 in Jamaica. I do not know anything else, but I was also told that his prior generation migrated to Jamaica from Barbad but not sure what generation.

  12. Joscelyn Worrell Jr

    Any assistance anyone on Connections to Altamont?

  13. Edmund Worrell

    I am from Trinidad. My dad was Clyde Worrell, and his mom was Helen Worrell. Just trying to see if anyone has information on that side of my family that I can learn.
    On the question of Sir Frank Worrell’s home, I think that it will only be a modest sum of money to fix a private home – we are not talking about building a stadium here – and the tourism income as well as (even more important) the sense of pride and historical continuity given to younger generations of Barbadians is something worth far more than the little money spent.
    I think there is an incompetence and stupidity competition that is being fiercely waged among caribean governments. This is Barbados’ entry submission. The Trinidad goverment however is probably in the lead. If the Barbadian government loses this contest, the Barbadian people win, and the Frank Worrell home will be preserved.

  14. Cherry Worrell

    I grew up not far from Sir Frank’s childhood home. I hope that my fellow Barbadians came to their senses and kept up the property. It is one of the fixtures I remember from my childhood. When I finally do get back it would be nice to see that everything hasn’t changed.

  15. Kathlyn P. Worrell

    Lisa was your father’s father name James Worrell?

  16. Lisa Worrell

    No Kathlyn. It wasn’t. Sorry.

  17. Lionel Worrell Jr

    Hi! I live in Cyprus (an island in the mediterranean) and I believe I’m related to sir Frank Worrell as well. My grandfather, also Lionel Worrell mentioned it once to his daughter in law, my mother, about being the brother of a famous cricket player before he died in the 90’s. My grandfather was from Barbados, then lived in lancashire for many years and had his family there. Sir Frank also has connections with lancashire. Whats very strange indeed was when I was 3 (I’ve just turned 20) I was also diagnosed with Leuchemia– same as sir Frank. If anyone can verify the connection? I’m very interested in my family history! Thanks!

  18. Kathlyn Worrell

    Lisa that is really a coincident that both of our grandfathers name is Edmound Worrell who moved to Trinidad. My grandfather Edmound married Maude Worrell. They resided in Tunapuna. Still trying to fine a start.

  19. Hello cousins; I am a Worrell from Panama in Central America. My grandparents were Charles and Elvina they migrated to Panama from Barbados to help in building the canal. Charles and Elvina left Barbados with a few of his brothers ;their wives and some chidren. I am trying to find out the names of those brother;and the names of their parents..Could any one in Barbados help me?Could I write to someone or place in Barbados? I was also told that Sir Frank Worrell was a cousin of mine.Thank You C.W.

  20. Hi my husband name is percy worrell he is the great grandson of frank and I would like to meet some of the worrell’s from barbados and all around.if u would like to get in contact please e-mail me at nanancp1@yahoo.com.I think this could be a good begining to a family tree. And everyone can speak.what I do know is it is a lot of mr.frank worrell family out here. We live in brooklyn,ny.

  21. edmund worrell

    To the Worrells from Panama: My father’s father – from bits of family gossip – died while helping to build the Panama canal. I wonder if the Panama Canal authority has a list somewhere of the people who died, mostly from yellow fever and probably of influenza too, while building the canal. They may also have pay records, which can also help as it may show when the person started working – and hence give an approximate time for when they immigrated to Panama to work – and maybe even a birthday. Since you are in Panama you should check it out and post ANY news about ANY Worrell that you can find, as you will no doubt be helping someone out of the many of us here on this site.

  22. My family also has heard stories that we are related to Sir Frank Worrell. We don’t know what the connection is. We only have info about the Worrell family (from Barbados) from about 150 years ago. We are searching for people who can fill in the gaps. Does anyone know the names of Athelston Worrell’s father or grandfather?

  23. To Nicole, Edmund and Marie;Hello glad to be in contact . Sorry Edmund I am in Brooklyn, New York; not Panama .I am still trying to find out the names of my grandfather Charles Worrell brothers( Marie ) You could help out with this part. I found some information in the slave records but Iam unable to find out the name of Sir Frank Worrell Grandparents. Keep in contact. Thank You C.Y.W.

  24. Nicole

    My name is Nicole- I am related to Frank worrell (distantly) and was wondering if I could find his family tree anywhere to find how we were related… I know he was related to my grandfather .. And that is a great honour .. I don’t know anyone on my granddads side unfortunately since I have only met my grandad a few times and never really spoken of his family/ ancestors .. It would be wonderful if someone could possibly help me find such information

  25. Nicole

    this is also a bit of a long shot.. but marie.. i dont suppose you dad is called paul? or you are related to a lloyd worrell? bit of a long shot i know and kinda unlikely but wanted to ask!

  26. 202

    It’s kind of shocking how many people are looking for answers like me… I too am related to Sir Frank Worrell.. I think He is the kin of one of my grandmothers siblings… She died recently( I didn’t know her) my dad was 16 ( my age) when Sir Frank died…I mentioned my grandmother just in case anyone else heard o a relative dying. Ps I live in Canada.

  27. Anonymous

    We need to hold a family reunion to find answers to all our questions. As far as I see we are all connected in some way.

  28. 209

    The problem with that idea is we are all over the world; we would need a central location for this. The Worrell Family of old had many children . I have found some in South Carolina that I am in touch with. The Worrell’s had a reunion in 2010 ; check the web site and see if they are having any more at this time. It would be good to compare traits because I am told that we look a lot alike in height, built and features. If only we could connect the first names to each other.I am still trying to find out the names of my grandfather Charles brothers and sisters. Charles was born in 1881 in Barbados and his father was called Clarence , This goes into slavery time in Barbados history. Will continue to check the site for feed back. Bye and God Bless always.

  29. 87

    Excuse me 209. My mother is Camilla Worrell, she’s responded several times on this site, but I don’t think she saw your post. Her father was George Worrell, his father was Charles Worrell born in Barbados in 1881. My mother’s first cousin is Clarence Worrell he was named after his father who was also named after his father.Charles left Barbados in 1910 and went to Panama along with several family member. Some of the family members returned to Barbados after the Canal was built and some stayed. For whatever reason those in Barbados & Panama did not keep in immediate contact. Yes the Worrell’s share features from a space between his/ her two front teeth to their cheeks etc. Please contact me so we can explore further.

  30. Eucil Worrell

    Hi I am sibling to Eileen Worrell and Kathlyn Worrell. From what we have been told, Sir Frank Worrell is our cousin. Our brother is also named after him. I also would like to see his house remain the same as a historic site in honor of his legacy that he has left behind.

    Eucil Worrell

  31. Simona Worrell

    Hello my father was the cousin of Frank Worrell. His name was Julien De Courtney Worrell. He was born August 21st 1917, in the parish of St. Peter, Barbados, in a little village known as Indian
    Ground. He was raised by his mother, the late Loveina Worrell who was the mistress in the plantation house. His father, the late Cornelius Gill was the owner of the plantation house. He was the last of five children, De Coursey(big allan), Roy, Zipporah and Eleaza ( aka Sonny Lou) all deceased. Our immediate family is very small and I would like to know of any possible relations out there. Thanks much.

  32. Paul Worrell

    Hello my name is Paul Worrell. My father’s name is Lloyd Worrell and he was related to Sir Frank Worrell. He also has a brother called Errol Worrell. Lloyd & Errol were born in the parish of St. Peter. I too would like to here from any possible relations. Thanks

  33. Good Morning: Could someone tell me the name of Sir Frank Worrell grandparents that seems to be the connection we all need